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Murphy Bed with Couch – The Ultimate 2-in-1 Space-Saving Furniture Guide



Introduction to Murphy Bed with Couch

A murphy bed with couch is the ultimate space-saving solution for small spaces. This ingenious furniture combination merges a fold-up murphy bed with a comfortable couch, allowing you to have both sleeping and sitting areas in one compact unit.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about murphy beds paired with couch seating, including the benefits, costs, sizes, best brands, and frequently asked questions.

What is a Murphy Bed with Couch Combination?

A murphy bed with couch refers to a unit that has both bed and couch built together. It is essentially a vertical murphy bed that folds up into the wall, but it has a sofa underneath that pulls out into a seating area when the bed is folded up.

This 2-in-1 furniture combo allows you to get double the function out of a compact space. The folding murphy bed feature gives you a comfortable mattress to sleep on at night, while the couch offers seating for yourself or guests during the day when bed is tucked away.

Benefits of Murphy Beds with Couches

There are many excellent benefits to choosing a murphy bed couch combination:

  • Saves space – Perfect for studio apartments, small bedrooms, offices, guest rooms, and other tight spaces. Reduces need for separate bed and couch.
  • Convenience – All-in-one seating and sleeping solution is great for multipurpose rooms. Easy to transition spaces.
  • Multifunctionality – Makes even the smallest room usable for both living and sleeping. Convert room from bedroom to living room easily.
  • Cost – More affordable than buying a stand-alone couch and murphy bed. It’s one investment instead of two.
  • Adds functionality – With the couch, even a bedroom can be used for sitting, reading, working, etc when bed is not in use. Murphy bed with couch combinations are extremely versatile for transforming tiny spaces and letting you get double-duty out of your available square footage.

Differences Between Standalone Murphy Beds

While a standard vertical murphy bed folds up into the wall for storage, there are some key differences when a sofa is added to create the murphy bed-couch combo unit:

  • Has built-in seating – The addition of a couch, loveseat, or sofa adds much-needed sitting to a murphy bed. This allows for hanging out, working, or lounging in the room.
  • Takes up more space – With the couch inclusion, even when closed, the unit is larger and deeper than a basic murphy bed. But it takes up less room than separate furniture pieces.
  • Higher price – Due to both bed and seating materials being included, the murphy bed couch combination costs more than standalone murphy beds.
  • Heavier – Accommodating both bed and couch makes this a bulkier and heavier unit overall compared to just a mattress and bed frame. Professional installation is often recommended.

Even though the dual murphy bed costs more and takes up a bit more square footage, the Couch functionality and space-saving design make it worthwhile for apartment, guest rooms, and more.

Design Styles of Murphy Bed Combinations

One benefit of the murphy bed and couch combo is you can find styles to match just about any design aesthetic. Models are available in these popular looks:

  • Contemporary: Modern, crisp lines, neutral colors, minimalist style
  • Transitional: Incorporates both modern and traditional styles, neutral tones
  • Traditional: Classic sophisticated style with ornate details, wood finishing
  • Farmhouse: Light and airy vintage charm, wood or metal frames
  • Mid-Century Modern: Retro flair, low profile sofa, neutral upholstery

With options ranging from sleek modern to classic sophisticated, you can coordinate a murphy couch bed with many decor styles. Consider your room’s current design when choosing model.

Murphy Bed Couch Materials

Murphy bed combinations utilize a variety of quality materials to construct both the folding bed component and the couch or sofa underneath. Here are some details on common materials used:

Upholstery Fabrics

  • Linen, cotton, polyester blends
  • Faux leathers like vinyl or PU leather
  • Performance fabrics like acrylic or polyester microfibers

Wood Finishes for Frame

  • Cherry, espresso, white oak wood veneers
  • Black or white laminates
  • Painted finishes in custom colors

Metal Frames

  • Steel with powder-coated paint in black, bronze, and silver colors
  • Aluminum frames for lighter-weight

Mattress Materials

  • Polyurethane, memory foam or latex foam mattresses
  • Pocketed coil, Bonnell coil, or continuous coil spring mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses that combine foam and springs

Using high quality thick cushions, reliable opening/closing hardware, and comfortable mattresses ensures durability and luxury in the compact two-in-one bed couch combo.

Who is it Good for?

This space-conscious furniture innovation is ideal for quite a few situations:


  • Studio and 1-bedroom units with limited space
  • Renters lacking separate bedrooms

Guest Rooms

  • House guests when spare room functions as office/gym/etc
  • Vacation homes and rental properties

Tiny Homes

  • Small mobile homes, RVs, modular homes
  • Maximizes usable square footage

Dorm Rooms

  • Bed, couch, and desks in compact dorm spaces
  • Comfort + seating for hanging out

Multipurpose Rooms

  • Home offices that double as guest bedrooms
  • Dens used as kids’ playrooms + sleep space

The murphy bed couch combo transforms rooms for various needs, making it perfect for maximizing underutilized nooks and tight spaces that demand both sitting and sleeping capacities.

What to Look for When Buying

If you’ve decided that the murphy bed sofa combination fits your space perfectly, here are the top things to evaluate when making your purchase:

⛓️ Sturdy lifting mechanism – Make sure the folding mechanism that opens and closes the bed is high quality and durable. It should glide up and down smoothly without much effort. Low quality hardware leads to breakdowns.

🛏️ Mattress comfort + support – Don’t sacrifice a good mattress! Choose at least a 4-5 inch thick memory foam or quality spring mattress for durability and sleep comfort.

🚽 Couch seating capacity – Ensure the couch is roomy enough and well-constructed to handle sitting multiple guests if needed. Check frame, cushion density, and fabrics.

Customization options – Many companies let you select wood stain colors, fabric types/colors for upholstery, mattress upgrades, and tailored sizing during ordering.

📃 Warranties – Search for at least 1 year of warranties on hardware operation and fabrics. Lifetime guarantees on frames are best.

⚙️ Easy to assemble – Murphy beds are heavy and challenging for 1 person to install alone. If professional assembly isn’t offered, look for simpler modular construction.

Vetting the vital components like smooth mechanics, cozy mattress options, and custom fabrics ensures your investment piece looks beautiful and lasts for years while fitting your lifestyle.

Top Brands and Manufacturers

Several furniture companies specialize in high-quality murphy bed and sofa combinations made to maximize small living spaces. Here are some top-rated brands carrying folding bed couch models:


  • Quality: Longstanding company, reliable mechanisms
  • Style: Contemporary, urban modern designs
  • Price: $1,500 – $2,800
  • Sizes: Twin, full, queen available


  • Quality: Innovative Italian designs, customization available
  • Style: Mostly modern, some classic available
  • Price: $4,000+
  • Sizes: Twin, full, queen options

Resource Furniture

  • Quality: Creative high-end transformer furniture
  • Style: Sleek ultra-modern aesthetic
  • Price: $3,800+
  • Sizes: Full, queen


  • Quality: Affordable models, budget-friendly pricing
  • Style: Range from modern to farmhouse
  • Price: $1,200 – $1,800
  • Sizes: Twin, full, queen


  • Quality: Reliable hardware, lower priced
  • Style: Mostly modern, simple Scandinavian designs
  • Price: Under $1,500
  • Sizes: Full, queen sizes

This list provides excellent murphy sofa bed options across varying price points and designs. Evaluate warranties, customizations available, shipping costs, and professional installation options offered when selecting a model that fits both your space and budget.

Costs and Budgeting

Since the Murphy couch bed combination essentially gives you two quality furniture pieces – a bed and a sofa – fused together, you can expect to pay a higher price than a basic standalone Murphy bed. Here is an overview of cost considerations:

Price Range

  • Entry-level Murphy sofa beds start around $1,200
  • Mid-range models cost $1,500 – $3,000
  • High-end custom pieces run $3,000 – $4,000 or more

Customization Costs

Upgrading to larger sizes, premium mattresses, and custom fabrics will add cost. E.g.:

  • King-size unit over queen-size
  • Natural latex mattress over foam
  • Mahogany wood over laminate

Professional Installation

Due to weight and moving parts, hiring pros for assembly generally ranges $300-$800 depending on location and unit size.

Accurately measure your space first when budgeting. Having to return a too-large model that doesn’t fit or forgetting installation fees in the estimate leads to headaches. Careful planning allows reveling in your exciting new multifunctional space!

FAQs about Murphy Beds with Sofas

Q: How much weight can a Murphy bed with a couch hold when opened?

A: Most models can accommodate around 600-800 lbs when opened. But double check weight limits on specific models before purchasing.

Q: What mattress sizes are typically available?

A: From twin XL to California king, multiple mattress sizes fit Murphy sofa beds. But full, queen, and split California beds are most common.

Q: Do murphy beds with couches require professional installation?

A: Some companies include expert assembly with delivery fees. But DIY-savvy customers can often install their own Murphy couch bed if they have help lifting it and follow the included directions carefully.

Q: Can I use regular sheets and bedding on the Murphy bed portion?

A: Yes, standard sheet sets, mattress pads, blankets, and comforters made for home beds work perfectly fine due to standard mattress sizes.

Q: Can I still sit on and use the couch when the Murphy bed is open?

A: Unfortunately no – since the Murphy bed opens down vertically over the couch, it blocks access to sitting on the sofa when the bed is in use. Murphy beds close up vertically when not sleeping.

Conclusion – murphy bed with couch

With versatile seating plus sleeping capacity packed into one compact, customizable piece, the innovative Murphy bed and couch combination maximizes room functionality in limited-space dwellings or guest rooms.

Spending more upfront on a space-saving all-in-one murphy couch bed pays dividends for years by letting you get double duty out of a single area. Your streamlined solution transforms from sofa spot into a dreamy bedroom and back again within minutes.

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