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What is a Murphy Bed Twin?



A Murphy bed twin is a special type of folding bed designed to maximize space and storage. True to its name, the Murphy bed twin features a standard twin-size mattress measuring 38″ x 75″, the same dimensions as a regular stand-alone twin bed frame.

When closed, a Murphy bed twin folds vertically into a cabinet or closet, completely hiding the mattress and bed structure. It conveniently “disappears” during the day to free up a living area. Then at night, you can pull the bed down horizontally to sleep.

Key Features of Murphy Bed Twins

  • Folding design – Folds vertically to conceal the bed
  • Twin mattress size – Accommodates standard 38″ x 75″ twin
  • Vertical storage – Stores bed in an upright position
  • Space saving – Great for small rooms and apartments
  • Easy to open and close – Smooth, simple mechanics

Murphy bed twins allow small living spaces to double as guest rooms or home offices without sacrificing full-time access. Keep reading for an in-depth guide on sizing, costs, styles, and more!

Murphy Bed Twin Sizes and Dimensions

When shopping for a Murphy bed twin, the first thing to get clear is what size mattress it holds. Nearly all models on the market accommodate a standard twin size:

  • Twin – 38″ x 75″

This offers enough sleeping space for one child or petite adult while remaining compact for tight spaces.

Some Murphy bed twin models come in slightly smaller dimensions for very small rooms:

  • RV Twin – 36″ x 75″
  • Slim Twin – 30″ x 75″

Consider Your Room Size

When deciding which twin Murphy bed size to choose, evaluate your room dimensions. Measure both the depth and width of the space you plan to install it in while closed and open.

The folded cabinet/closet depth must have enough clearance for the bed to fold up without obstruction. Ensure ample width for pulling the open bed horizontally without hitting walls, furniture or windows.

Cost of Murphy Bed Twins

Purchasing and installing a ready-made Murphy bed twin represents a significant upfront investment. But in the long run, the space and design flexibility provided make up for the initial cost.

Price Range

  • Basic – $600 to $1,000
  • Mid-Range – $1,000 to $1,500
  • High-End – $1,500 to $2,000+

Expect to spend an average of around $1,200 for a high-quality Murphy bed twin with a mattress.

Factors Affecting Cost

  • Materials – Wood type (pine, oak, etc) and quality. Metal hardware upgrades.
  • Size – Wider and deeper units cost more.
  • Design features – More complex mechanisms, storage, and hardware increase price.
  • Brand – Leading manufacturers like Wilding Wallbeds or Clei command higher prices.
  • Mattress – Providing your own helps lower the total package price.
  • Delivery and installation – Pricing rises if not DIY.

Murphy Bed Twin Assembly and Installation

Murphy bed twins come in both ready-to-assemble (RTA) and professionally installed options.

Choosing RTA helps lower cost, but has a more intensive DIY assembly and installation process. Professionally installed units guarantee proper setup yet cost more upfront.

DIY vs Professional Installation

DIY Murphy Bed Twin Setup

  • Lower cost
  • More flexibility in location
  • Requires tools, construction skills and elbow grease!
  • Risk of incorrect assembly harming safety

Professional Installation

  • Precision measurement and setup
  • Warranties against defects or improper install
  • Built-in cabinetry/trim work capabilities
  • Much higher labor costs

If going the DIY route, carefully read all instructions before starting. Have helpers for holding pieces steady and lifting. Expect the installation process to take 8+ hours.

Securing to Wall is Crucial

All Murphy bed twins must be securely fastened to studs in the wall with the provided hardware.

When open horizontally, the pull of gravity creates enormous leverage against the hinges and pistons. Proper lag bolt anchoring prevents the bed from falling onto occupants.

Don’t skip this vital safety step!

Tips for Smooth Assembly

  • Use stud finder to locate studs for install
  • Carefully organize hardware and parts
  • Follow torque specs tightening bolts
  • Check pistons/hinges for tight alignment
  • Test open/closing multiple times once installed

Take it slow and double-check your work. A meticulous Murphy bed twin setup results in years of solid performance.

Where to Buy Murphy Bed Twins

Murphy bed twins are sold through:

  • Online retailers
  • Local specialty stores
  • Direct from manufacturers

Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of each purchasing avenue…

Online Retailers

  • Convenience – Easy to research multiple brands and models anytime.
  • Availability – Large online inventories with year-round stock.
  • Price – Lower overhead costs than brick-and-mortar stores.


  • No ability to see/test units in person before purchase
  • Potential for damage during shipping

We recommend web retailers like Wayfair, Cymax, and Hayneedle for budget-friendly selection.

Local Specialty Stores

  • Try before you buy – Test the open/close mechanism in real life.
  • Qualified installers – Store may include professional assembly.
  • Support down the road – Established neighborhood dealer for parts/service.


  • Very limited inventory to choose from
  • Typically higher retail costs

Search for consignment furniture or custom cabinetry contractors in your region.

Direct Murphy Bed Manufacturers

  • Customization – Fine-tune dimensions, features, materials, etc.
  • Quality – Direct factory-level construction.
  • Warranties – Stronger support policies direct from the brand.


  • Lead times around 8 weeks or longer
  • Higher cost than pre-made retailer units

Top manufacturers like Wilding Wallbeds and Clei make superb Murphy beds to order.

Customer Reviews Are Key

When evaluating any prospective Murphy bed twin, carefully read customer feedback on the:

  • Ease of assembly
  • Smooth opening/closing
  • Durability of materials
  • Responsiveness of manufacturer

This helps avoid lemons and discover the most recommended models worth your investment.

Murphy Bed Twin Mattress Considerations

Since Murphy beds fold vertically, finding a properly sized mattress is imperative for both safety and comfort.

Dimension Guidelines

  • Depth: 6 to 8 inches
  • Width: Twin (38”)
  • Length: 75”

Slimmer mattresses prevent clearance issues when folding upright. However sufficient thickness provides essential cushioning.

Too wide or long overhangs the bed frame opening leading to mattress sagging, damage, and instability. Carefully measure mattress dimensions before purchase.

Mattress Firmness Preference

Murphy bed twins work with any universal comfort preference:

Choose your favorite firmness based on sleeping position (side, back, stomach) and body type. A medium density appeals to most.

Mattress Materials

Consider your budget and durability needs when selecting inner mattress construction:

  • Foam – Affordable, lightweight yet shorter lifespan
  • Innerspring – Bouncy support with faster sagging over time
  • Latex – Greatest resilience but higher cost

Accommodating Single Sleepers vs Couples

The compact twin size of most Murphy beds naturally fits solo adults or kids better than partners sleeping together. Consider adding a twin XL mattress for slightly more room if two people sharing.

Murphy Bed Twin Cabinet Options

An enclosing cabinet around the folded Murphy twin bed boosts both visual appeal and functionality.

Storage Cabinets

Integrated cabinets maintain clutter-free aesthetics while storing items out of sight. Useful for maximizing limited square footage.

Horizontal cabinets above/below are the easiest to access. Side cabinets blend better decor-wise but provide less storage access once the bed is down.

Design Styles

murphy cabinet exteriors include varied materials and looks:

  • Wood veneer – Classic warmth and elegance
  • Laminates – Affordable, durable laminated finishes
  • Painted/stained wood – Custom colors suit any decor

Contemporary, transitional, and traditional cabinet doors cater to specific interior design tastes.

Customization Opportunities

For a fully tailored Murphy bed twin, many brands offer customized sizing, materials, features, and storage options. Prepare for extended lead times and higher prices when going full custom.

Pros and Cons of Murphy Bed Twins

Let’s examine the various benefits and potential downsides of investing in a Murphy bed twin:


Space Saving

  • Fully eliminate the need for a permanent bed in the room
  • Multipurpose area usable all day

Cost Effective

  • Comparable to purchasing bed plus cabinetry
  • May increase resale value

Comfort and Safety

  • Quality rest with a real mattress
  • Kids less likely to fall than bunk beds

Stylish Versatility

  • Adapt room to suit changing needs
  • Sophisticated, built-in design aesthetic

Easy to Use

  • Simple folding operation
  • Quickly convert room purpose

Potential Downsides

Upfront Cost

  • Major investment over regular bed
  • The complex installation further adds the cost

Access Challenges

  • Must fully open to access storage
  • Cabinetry reduces floor space

Size Limitations

  • Not ideal for taller sleepers
  • Tight fit for two people

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Ensure hardware remains securely tightened
  • Mattress may wear faster with folding

Murphy Bed Twin Alternatives

If upon further consideration a folding twin Murphy bed doesn’t seem the right solution, consider these other space-saving options:

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds stash an extra mattress on rollers or casters underneath your existing bedframe. Simply roll out at night when needed for guests.


  • Less expensive
  • Low profile


  • Still takes up floor space
  • Storage underneath inaccessible

Wall Beds or Pull-Down Beds

Vertically folding wall beds operate similarly to Murphy beds, but feature simpler, stationary designs mounted to the wall.


  • Comparable vertical storage
  • Lower cost
  • Wider size options


  • Less integrated cabinetry
  • Needs more clearance to lower

Sofa Sleepers

Classic sleeper sofas convert living spaces into guest beds. The back cushions fold down internally revealing a mattress.


  • Multipurpose seating
  • Familiar convenience


  • Mattresses notoriously uncomfortable
  • Mechanisms prone to breaking

Your Guide to Finding the Best Murphy Bed Twin

We hope this comprehensive guide gives you complete confidence in selecting your ideal Murphy bed twin solution!

Key takeaways:

  • Folding twin murphys maximize room versatility
  • Consider room dimensions, features, budget, and style
  • Proper installation for safety is mandatory
  • Quality twin mattress ensures sound sleep
  • Storage cabinets add functionality

Measure carefully, read buyer reviews, and enjoy years of reliable service from an informed Murphy bed twin purchase.

This clever bed innovation lets you make the most of your valuable square footage!

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