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High Density Foam Mattresses – Benefits, Considerations, and Top Picks



A high density foam mattress offers exceptional support and alignment for years to come. But what exactly makes these mattresses different than standard options?

In this ultimate guide, we’ll break down the key benefits of high density mattresses, considerations for choosing density, and provide reviews of the top high density mattress options based on foam type, sleeper needs, and budget.

What is a High Density Foam Mattress?

High density foam mattresses contain viscoelastic polyurethane foams with densities measuring over 4 pounds per cubic foot. The higher the density, the more compact and sturdy the foam’s cell structure.

This translates to enhanced support, less heat retention, and increased mattress longevity compared to low-density foam (under 3 pounds density).

But not all high density mattresses are the same. Let’s explore the different types of high density foams used:

What Exactly Does High Density Mean for Mattress Foams?

Density measures the weight of one cubic foot of foam, indicating the quality and performance. Standard polyurethane foam often uses 1 to 1.5-pound density foam, while cheap memory foam mattresses start around 2 to 3-pound density.

High density foam mattresses utilize extra-dense foams:

  • 4 to 5 pound density offers a balance of support, pressure relief, and affordability
  • 5 to 7 pound density provides excellent back support plus pressure point relief
  • 7+ pound density delivers unmatched support and the highest degree of durability

Higher foam density retains less heat and rebounds quicker than low density options. This prevents you from sinking deeply into the mattress and feeling “trapped.”

Density alone does not determine firmness, but it does impact durability and prevents softening over time. Even if two mattresses with the same density have different firmness levels, the denser option should outlast a standard density version long-term.

Types of High Density Foam Used in Mattresses

The four main types of viscoelastic foam found in mattresses include:


  • The most affordable visco foam option
  • Has some heat retention issues with lower density
  • Highly durable with a density of over 4 pounds

Memory Foam

  • Conforms closely to the body for pressure relief
  • Heat-trapping potential, especially low density
  • Lasts over 7 years with 5+ pound density

Latex Foam

  • Naturally derived or synthetic latex
  • Bouncy, responsive feel
  • Cool, breathable texture
  • Exceptional durability over 10 years

Gel-infused Memory Foam

  • Integrated gel beads pull heat away
  • Provides close contouring like memory foam
  • Added costs over traditional memory foam

Each foam has pros and cons regarding temperature regulation, pressure relief capabilities, expected usable lifespan, and value.

High density rating across any foam type enhances durability substantially for lasting comfort and support.

Benefits Of High Density Foam Mattresses

Let’s explore why you should consider upgrading from a standard-density mattress to a high-density option:

Why Choose a High Density Mattress?

Exceptional Support and Alignment

Denser mattresses retain their shape better long-term rather than sagging excessively over time. This allows them to keep the spine properly aligned overnight for exceptional support. Those with back pain should consider a high density option.

Improved Pressure Relief

Along with support, high density memory foam and latex conform closely to cushion joints and sore spots. The material recovers faster than lower density to relieve trapped feelings.

Less Sagging or Sinkage Over Time

All foam softens with use, forming impressions matching the sleeper’s body. However, high density foam regains its shape quicker and resists deep impressions better through the years. This maintains comfort and support.

Longer Lasting Durability and Stability

The compact cell structure of quality dense foam retains stable qualities with minimal deterioration for over a decade, even with nightly use. With proper care, some last over 15 years.

Density Recommendations by Sleeper Weight:

Sleeper WeightDensity Needed for Support
Under 130 lbs4 lb +
130 – 230 lbs5 lb +
Over 230 lbs6+ lb

In other words, lightweight people can often get by with 4-pound density, while heavier individuals need at least 5 pounds for proper reinforcement.

Best High Density Foam for Different Sleep Positions

Those with certain dominant sleep positions benefit more from high density posture support:

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping sinks the midsection deeply, arching the back awkwardly all night. The extra dense foam prevents this by supporting the torso without excessive sinkage.

Side Sleepers

The widest areas of the body press into the mattress on the side. High density memory foam cushions pressure points like the shoulders and hips while keeping the spine straight.

Back Sleepers

High density reinforced the midsection to prevent hammocking of the lower back. The added density also prevents sagging to keep everything aligned as you rest on your back.

Combination Sleepers

If you change positions overnight, high density foam keeps you properly supported regardless of whether you wind up on your side, stomach, or back.

The conforming properties of dense memory foam work especially well to alleviate pressure points for strict side sleepers. However, the deep contouring can make moving positions harder for combination sleepers.

Cooler Sleep Temperature Regulation

Heat retention stands as the most common complaint against all-foam mattresses. However, high density foam contains a tighter cell structure, so less heat gets trapped within the material. Air flows better through the tighter composition.

Higher density models like the Amerisleep AS5 also integrate advanced cooling measures like a breathable cover, airflow pockets, and conductive foam for heat dispersion to help regulate temperature. So you don’t have to sacrifice a cooler rest by choosing extra dense comfort.

Considerations When Choosing a Density

Density plays a role in mattress performance, feel, and value. Along with the many benefits outlined already, also keep these density considerations in mind:

Firmness and Support Level

As a general rule, higher density foam feels firmer and more reinforced directly upon lying down. Therefore, companies often pair high density with softer comfort layers for a balance of cushioning and support. This allows the mattress to feel medium or slightly firmer than average.

However, density does NOT always translate directly to firmness:

  • A 3-pound density soft memory foam can feel more than a 2-pound medium-firm poly foam due to material differences.
  • Mattress layers and construction determine overall firmness feeling more than just density rating alone.

Regardless of whether a high density mattress feels plush or firm, the quality materials provide lasting reinforcement and resist sagging or impressions over time.

In other words, focus first on finding your ideal comfort and support levels. Then verify the mattress utilizes dense foams to prevent excessive softening through years of use to maintain that desired feel.

Cost and Budget Factors

It’s no secret that quality materials cost more. Therefore, expect to pay around 15 to 25% more for a high density mattress over standard options.

For example, many online mattress-in-a-box models use 3 pounds per cubic foot foam or less in their construction to hit budget-friendly price points. Upping to 5-pound density could raise costs by a couple of hundred dollars. High-end brands like TEMPUR-Pedic with advanced memory foams over 5 pounds density often run $2,000 and beyond.

That said, a higher price tag reflects a worthwhile investment in this case. Going the budget route often saves money upfront only to need replacement years earlier when cheaper foams lose integrity faster.

The exceptional durability of quality high density mattresses offsets costs over a 10 to 15-year lifespan. Paying more now earns you a better night’s rest longer-term.

Weight Needs Based on Body Type

We brush on this above, but further clarify mattress density recommendations based on sleeper weight:

Lightweight (under 130 lbs): Virtually any density over 3 lbs meets durability and support needs for smaller bodies. No need to splurge on ultra-high density.

Average Weight (130 to 230 lbs): Aim for at least 5 pounds per cubic foot density for the essential support layers. This prevents premature wear in high-pressure zones.

Heavyweight (over 230 lbs): Extra-dense materials become vital for adequate resilience and reinforcement. Look for 6+ pound foams to prevent you from “bottoming out” and maintain spinal alignment.

Heavier individuals exert excess force on a mattress, compressing foams past a workable point prematurely if the density is too low. Using the right density for your body type extends usable mattress life by years.

Off-Gassing, Odors, and Certifications

Off-gassing refers to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which produce a “new mattress smell.” Exposure to these gases and particulate matter can cause irritation for sensitive individuals.

All polyurethane foam emits some VOCs during production. So expect a minor odor initially when unboxing any bed-in-a-box mattress. Dense foam off-gasses less than lower quality foams.

Seeking certifications like CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD ensures foams underwent testing for minimal VOC emissions. Models meeting certification limits make the best mattresses for off-gassing with lowest odor potential.

Allow your mattress to fully air out for 48 to 72 hours if any initial smells concern you. The mild “new foam” scent should fade quickly.

Best High Density Mattress Reviews

Now for the mattress shopper’s favorite part – picking the best high density mattress for sleeper needs!

We compiled top-rated options for memory foam fans, eco-conscious buyers, sleepers wanting advanced cooling, and those on tighter budgets. All contain dense foams over 4 pounds density for exceptional support you can rely on through years of quality rest.

Best High Density Memory Foam Mattress – Amerisleep AS5

Mattress Type: Memory foam \ Density: 5.3 lb + 7.5 lb regions \ Standout Features: Advanced memory foams for unparalleled pressure relief, zoned support system


The Amerisleep AS5 delivers the perfect balance of soft, body-conforming memory foam and ultra-dense support foam for proper spinal alignment. It works wonders to relieve pressure point aches without ever feeling “stuck.”

Five distinct foams craft a zoned support design with reinforced areas under the shoulders, back, and hips paired with more cushioning at the head, feet, and sides. This cradles joints in all sleeping positions without sagging.

Key Highlights

  • Bio-Pur Memory Foam (4 lb): Enhances breathability as the comfort layer while contouring gently like classic memory foam. Certified low in VOC emissions.
  • HIVE Transition Layer: Adds zoned reinforcement matching contours of the body.
  • Bio-Core Support Foam (7.5 lb): The high-density base foam reinforces the bed’s structure in the mid-section preventing sagging or soft spots. Certified for durability.
  • Cooling Cover: The soft-touch cover feels cool to the touch and allows significant airflow to dissipate body heat.
  • 20-Year Warranty: All Amerisleep foam mattress models are backed by lengthy 20-year coverage to protect your investment.

Thorough support meets cloud-like comfort thanks to high density memory foam construction. With advanced pressure relief and cooling measures, the Amerisleep AS5 works wonders for all sleeping positions.

Best Organic High Density Mattress – Avocado Green

Mattress Type: Latex Hybrid \ Density: 1,414 coils + 5.5 lb latex foam layers \ Standout Features: GOLS organic certified foams + materials, eco-friendly construction


The Avocado Green mattress pairs over 1,400 recycled steel support coils with twin layers of GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex foam. The design offers responsive support with eco-friendly, high density materials.

Bounce, breathability and temperature regulation stand out thanks to the latex, wool, and cotton construction. The plush or firmer latex layers allow customization for personalized comfort.

Key Highlights

  • Organic Wool & Cotton: Quilted cover is sustainably sourced and hand-tufted for quality.
  • 5.5 lb Dunlop Latex: Two customizable latex layers provide conforming pressure relief or a firmer feel.
  • Durable Coil Unit: Over 1,400 recycled steel coils reinforce the structure without sagging.
  • 25-Year Warranty: All materials and workmanship are covered extensively, reflecting exceptional expected durability.

For those wanting an all-natural, eco-friendly mattress made responsibly from high quality materials built to last, Avocado Green is a standout choice.

Best Cooling High Density Hybrid Mattress – WinkBeds EcoCloud

Mattress Type: Hybrid \ Density: 755 coils + foam layers \ Standout Features: Heat dispersing copper gel and latex layers

Overview The EcoCloud hybrid pairs reinforced support coils with advanced cooling foams like copper-infused gel and ventilated Talalay latex. This prevents heat buildup for exceptionally cool, comfortable rest.

It feels medium to medium-firm, suiting back and stomach sleepers who need extra spinal support along with superb pressure point cushioning. The dense foams provide lasting durability and structure.

Key Highlights

  • Copper Gel Foam: Phase-changing copper gel pulls heat away from the surface while cradling pressure points in all positions.
  • Talalay Latex: Perforated latex allows significant airflow to help regulate temperatures.
  • Zoned Pocketed Coils: Foam-encased nano coils provide customized zones of support exactly where needed.
  • 120-Night Trial: Test out the advanced cooling and support live in your own bedroom for over 4 months.

For those wanting responsive support from hybrid springs paired with superior cooling comfort materials, the WinkBeds EcoCloud satisfies needs for years to come thanks to high density construction.

Best Budget High Density Foam – Nolah Signature 12

Mattress Type: Foam \ Density: 4 lb comfort foam + 7 lb high-resilience base foam \ Standout Features: Flippable firmness options, durable construction at discounted price

Overview The Signature 12-inch model from Nolah Sleep packs high-density comfort and support foams at a price that beats the competition by hundreds.

Flippable firmness paired with improved pressure relief compared to memory foam caters to wide-ranging needs. Hot sleepers stay cool thanks to the proprietary AirFoam comfort layer.

Key Highlights

  • 4 lb Nolah AirFoam®: Signature patented foam alternative sleeps cooler than memory foam while supporting the body.
  • 7 lb High-Resilience Base: Reinforces the bed’s structure and prevents sagging.
  • Foam-Encased Edge: Bolstered foam edges allow the use of the full mattress surface without roll-off.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Nolah offers extensive replacement coverage unmatched by competitors.

For shoppers wanting reputable high-density materials without paying luxury brand prices, the competitive pricing on the Signature 12 makes this quality foam mattress an unmatched budget-friendly value.

Conclusion of high density foam mattress

Finding the Best Match Based on Your Needs

Prioritizing high density foam construction ensures whichever mattress you choose retains supportive qualities and comforting cushioning for over a decade or more.

Focus first on finding your ideal comfort preference between body-conforming memory foam, responsive latex foam, or buoyant yet reinforced hybrid designs. Then examine density and durability ratings to filter choices to models providing long-lasting, restorative rest tailored to your sleeping position and body type.

The small extra investment upfront in quality dense foams prevents the need for a replacement years earlier. Give your body the deep restorative sleep it deserves without disturbance by choosing reliable high density mattresses made to last.

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