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Transform Compact Spaces with the Ultimate Murphy Bed Cabinet Guide



A Murphy bed cabinet is a specialized cabinet that allows a bed to fold up vertically or horizontally into the cabinet to save space. Unlike a regular bed that takes up a fixed spot in a room, a Murphy bed can fold up and conceal the mattress within a cabinet built into a wall or freestanding unit.

Murphy beds are perfect for small spaces since they can convert a bedroom or any room into a multifunctional area. When the bed is folded up, the room can be used as a living room, office, gym, or anything you need. Here are some key benefits of Murphy bed cabinets:

  • Save floorspace – Bed folds into cabinet to free up area for other uses
  • Multifunctional rooms – Use the space for living, working, exercising, etc.
  • Easy to open and close – smoothly fold down at night and up in the morning
  • Customizable cabinetry – Integrate storage, shelves, desks, and more

Murphy bed cabinets allow you to get the most out of your available space. They seamlessly convert between a bedroom and other functional rooms as needed.

Different Types of Murphy Bed Cabinets

There are a few main types of Murphy bed cabinet configurations:

Vertical Cabinets

Vertical Murphy beds fold the mattress up from the bottom vertically into a tall, narrow cabinet. The cabinet takes up less floor space against a wall, though it requires high ceilings.

Horizontal Cabinets

Horizontal Murphy beds fold the mattress horizontally into a wider, shorter cabinet with doors that close to conceal it. This type works better in rooms with lower ceilings.

Additionally, Murphy bed cabinets come in a variety of different materials and finishes such as:

  • Wood – Oak, maple, birch, etc.
  • Laminate – Durable, inexpensive
  • Metal – Powder-coated steel, aluminum

Wood Murphy beds tend to provide a more upscale, built-in custom cabinetry look. Metal and laminate cabinets offer budget-friendly options.

Standard Murphy Bed Cabinet Sizes

Murphy bed cabinets come in standard mattress sizes:

Twin38″ x 75″
Full54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
King76″ x 80″
  • Twin and full Murphy beds work well for single sleepers looking to maximize space
  • Queen beds accommodate couples with moderate space to spare
  • King Murphy beds provide maximum sleeping space but require more floor area

Consider your room dimensions, sleep habits, and budget when selecting a standard Murphy bed size. Custom sizing is also available.

How Much Weight Can a Murphy Bed Cabinet Hold?

An important consideration is making sure your Murphy bed cabinet can safely support the weight of your mattress and sleepers.

On average, Murphy bed cabinets support:

  • Twin/Full – 300-400 lbs capacity
  • Queen – 500-600 lbs capacity
  • King – 600-800 lbs capacity

Exceeding the weight capacity can damage the bed lifting mechanism or cabinet over time. Those with heavier mattresses should install reinforced cabinets rated for more weight. Box spring mattresses often weigh more than foam or platform beds.

Murphy Bed Cabinet Features

Beyond just storing a bed, many Murphy bed cabinets integrate premium features:


  • Bi-fold – Two panels that fold in half for compact storage
  • Pivot – Rotating single panel that swings open vertically
  • Sliding – Panels glide side-to-side on a track

Adjustable Shelves

Great for storing bedding inside the cabinet when closed.


Integrated lamps, sconces, or accent lighting.

Storage Cubbies

Extra storage for clothing, accessories, and more.

Locking Mechanisms

Locks to secure valuables stowed inside the cabinet.

Caster Wheels

Wheels to easily move a freestanding Murphy bed unit.

Integrated lighting, storage, locking doors, and other upgrades make Murphy beds even more functional.

Designing Your Murphy Bed Cabinet Area

To successfully incorporate a Murphy bed, you need to carefully plan the layout of your space:

Measure Cabinet Fit

  • Account for room dimensions, doors, windows, etc.
  • Allow for required clearance around the bed when open


  • Leave 2-3 feet around 3 sides for making the bed
  • Enough height for bed to lower fully open

Multifunctional Space

  • Design the area for other uses besides sleeping
  • Integrate related features like storage

Getting accurate room measurements ensures your Murphy bed cabinet and mattress will fit the space. Planning how the room will be utilized beyond just fitting the bed is key as well.

Murphy Bed Safety Tips

While novel and space-saving, Murphy bed cabinets do present some safety considerations:

  • Securely anchor the cabinetFirmly attach to multiple wall studs
  • Don’t exceed weight limits – Can cause mechanical failures
  • Make sure the bed is fully open – Before any activity on the bed
  • Check mechanisms periodically – Tighten loosening joints over time

Proper installation and operation help ensure your Murphy bed cabinet functions smoothly for years. Always follow manufacturers’ guidelines for safety.

Costs of Purchasing Murphy Bed Cabinets

Murphy bed cabinets come in a wide range of prices depending on size, materials, and features:

SizeCabinet OnlyWith Mattress/Installation
  • Budget steel models are the cheapest
  • Custom wood cabinetry with high-end features can get quite pricey

Those with woodworking skills can save by building their own Murphy bed cabinet for half the price.

Top Places to Buy Murphy Bed Cabinets

Murphy beds can be purchased:

  • Online – Direct from manufacturers or through specialty Murphy bed retailers
  • Local cabinet shops – Custom built to your space and design
  • Murphy bed showrooms – Test models in person before purchasing

Buying online tends to offer cheaper prices, while local cabinet builders provide custom sizing and features. Try before you buy at a specialty Murphy bed showroom.

The Murphy Bed Cabinet Installation Process

Installing a Murphy bed takes advanced DIY skills or hiring a professional. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Attach cabinet frame securely to wall studs
  2. Mount slide rails and bed frame
  3. Install gas springs to help lift the mattress
  4. Attach cabinet doors and trim pieces
  5. Test opening and closing mechanism
  6. Finish cabinetry and decor details

If the unit ever becomes difficult to open or close, the hinge mechanism likely needs adjustment.

Total Murphy bed installation time can take 20-40 hours. Those without carpentry experience may prefer hiring an installer.

Design Ideas for Around Your Murphy Bed Cabinet

A key advantage of Murphy bed cabinets is using the space for more than just sleeping. When folded up, integrate other functional fixtures and furniture nearby:

  • Bookshelves – Enclose the bed with shelving on adjacent walls
  • Desks – Convert the area into a compact home office
  • Sofas – Create a sitting room or living space
  • Entertainment centers – Make a guest media room

Get creative with morphing your Murphy bed nook into other useful spaces!

Maintaining and Caring For Your Murphy Bed Cabinet

While the folding mechanisms do the heavy lifting, some periodic maintenance helps a Murphy bed cabinet function smoothly:

  • Check cables – Replace any worn cables immediately
  • Lubricate – Use white lithium grease on slide tracks and moving parts
  • Adjust doors – Tighten hinges if doors sag over time
  • Touch-up paint – Use matching paint if the cabinet gets scuffed up

Give your Murphy bed a quick checkup yearly to address minor issues before they become bigger problems. Tighten any loose screws or hardware.

Conclusion – Murphy bed cabinet

Murphy bed cabinets are the ultimate solution for maximizing unused space in small homes and apartments. They seamlessly convert from a sleeping area into a multipurpose living, working, or lounging space within minutes. With some advance planning and a properly installed reinforced cabinet, Murphy beds can greatly increase how you can utilize room dimensions.

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