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Hush Mattress Reviews – Unbiased Guide on Models, Prices, and More



Finding the optimal mattress can be a confusing and stressful endeavor. The sheer options when it comes to materials, brands, prices, and features are overwhelming. Should you choose memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, or latex? What about firmness, sleep trials, and warranties? It’s a lot to weigh when making a significant investment in your sleep health and comfort.

This guide focuses on Hush mattress models – exploring honest owner experiences, construction quality, comparisons, and final recommendations to determine if these affordable all-foam direct-to-consumer mattresses should make your shortlist.

What Makes For An Excellent Mattress?

Before evaluating Hush beds specifically, let’s review key factors that affect overall mattress performance. As you assess any bed:

  • Consider your sleep position (side, back, stomach, combination). This determines what firmness and support levels will be optimal.
  • Factor in your body type and weight. Those over 230lbs require thicker comfort layers.
  • Note any health conditions like back pain or arthritis that impact pressure relief needs.

Beyond personal sleep preferences, prioritize these performance criteria:

  • Responsiveness and support – spinal alignment with minimal sagging
  • Pressure relief – conforming comfort at shoulders and hips
  • Motion isolation– minimal disruption from sleeping partners
  • Temperature regulation – sleeps cool and breathable
  • Durability and protection – lasts over 7 years with a strong warranty

The right mattress seamlessly combines all these aspects while staying within your budget. Next, we’ll see how Hush mattresses stack up on these criteria.

Hush Mattress Pros

Overall, verified buyers agree Hush mattresses excel in these areas:

  • Quality foam construction using dense support layers and reinforced edges limit sagging issues other budget foam mattresses struggle with. The reinforced perimeter also makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • Above-average motion isolation is a perk for couples or those sharing the bed. The close-conforming foams absorb movement to prevent disruption.
  • Cooler sleep compared to many all-foam competitors, a huge asset during warm weather. The gel infusion and breathability help regulate sleep temperature.
  • Strong value proposition as cheaper options cut serious corners. While not the absolute lowest cost, Hush avoids thinly padded beds that wear out quickly.

So what downsides do owners report with these beds?

Hush Mattress Cons

The most commonly cited drawbacks include:

  • A uniform firmness profile that provides great support for back and stomach sleepers but is often too rigid for strict side sleepers. Those wanting a plush feel should consider a thicker comfort layer.
  • Long-term durability concerns emerging after the 3-4 year mark, likely stemming from weaker quality control versus luxury brands.
  • A focus on online sales means no widespread retail presence for testing before buying. However, those near urban areas can check for showrooms.
  • Shorter warranties averaging 10 years versus other online brands boast. However, given foam degradation and the affordability factor, this seems reasonable.

Now that we know the pros and cons reported by real owners, let’s break down Hush mattress Construction, policies, and comparisons in detail for those seeking a new mattress.

Hush Mattress Lineup

ModelMaterialsFirmnessThicknessPrice (Queen)
Hush ClassicMemory FoamFirm: 8/1010″$549
Hush CoolingGel Memory FoamMedium Firm: 7/1012″$799

Hush Mattresses Reviewed

Hush offers streamlined choices without complicated hybrids or latex options. Let’s review how these straightforward beds compare.

Hush Classic Mattress

As the affordable flagship, this firmer all-foam model suits those wanting essential basics rather than luxury frills.

  • The 2” memory foam comfort layer cradles the body with close contouring and ample cushioning. However, some report it feels excessively dense.
  • A 2″ transition foam prevents sagging and diffuses weight. But doesn’t allow as much repositioning ease as latex or springs.
  • The 6” high-density base foam equates to better stability and edge support than cheaper brands using 4” cores. But may amplify heat retention over time.

In all, if you sleep predominantly on your back and stomach or require ample support for a heavier frame, the Hush Classic does the trick. However, rigid foam construction doesn’t work for strict side sleepers.

Biggest Perks

  • Firm support
  • Affordable
  • Reinforced edges

Potential Drawbacks

  • Not for side sleepers
  • Dense foams sleep warm
  • Some off-gassing

Hush Cooling Mattress

Seeking pressure relief with added cooling benefits? The upgraded Hush Cooling mattress goes beyond basic using these enhancements:

  • A 2″ gel-infused memory foam comfort layer aids heat dissipation while cradling pressure points. But may feel excessively conforming for some.
  • 1.5″ foam transition layer balances cushioning with responsiveness.
  • 2 layers of ventilated support foam (6.5” total) improve airflow throughout. But the edges don’t feel quite as stable.

With additional cooling elements plus a less rigid feel, this works better for side sleepers needing ample pressure relief from hips and shoulders. Hot sleepers also gravitate towards the added gel infusion and airflow. However, the softer construction lacks the reinforced stability and firm support back/stomach sleepers often require.

Biggest Perks

  • Cooling gel foam
  • Cushioned pressure relief
  • Better for side sleepers

Potential Drawbacks

  • Less reinforced edges
  • Retains some heat
  • Needs rotating

Both Hush mattress models offer perks like responsiveness, isolated motion, and strong edge support relative to price. However, they skew on the firm end of the spectrum, best suiting back sleepers above 130 pounds. Heavier weights also appreciate the dense construction although cooling could improve. With unbeatable return policies and above-average warranties given lower costs, choosing Hush mainly comes down to the preferred feel.

How Hush Compares

We’ve reviewed what owners like (and don’t) about Hush mattresses. How do they compare to other direct-to-consumer all-foam brands, especially when looking for the best cooling mattress or the best Canadian mattress?

Vs Casper – Hush beats original Casper foam models on price while Casper excels on zoning, reputation, and widely available trial options.

Vs Leesa – Similar overall foam feels but Leesa edges out on pressure relief for side sleepers. Expect closer conforming from Hush.

Vs Tuft and Needle – Comparable prices but T&N uses more responsive, bouncier foam layers with better heat dissipation.

Vs Zinus – Hush avoids the premature sagging and odor issues found in some budget Zinus options. But specialty models like the Green Tea Mattress could compete.

Vs Purple – No model can match Purple’s patented gel grid and heightened airflow. But Purple costs much more.

While Hush competes closely with mid-range brands, a lack of specialty foams or robust cooling elements prevents matching the performance of leading innovation-focused companies in creating the best cooling mattress. However, if you want an affordable memory foam mattress feel, Hush equals much pricier competitors.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Choose Hush?

Hush makes an ideal pick for:

  • Hot sleepers want better heat dissipation than basic memory foam.
  • Couples needing minimal nighttime disruptions.
  • Budget shoppers seeking quality construction without needless features.
  • Heavier individuals require solid support in a box.
  • Back and stomach sleepers want a uniformly firm surface.

However, Hush likely won’t satisfy:

  • Strict-side sleepers need ample pressure relief.
  • Those seeking robust warranty protection. 10 years falls short of luxury brands.
  • People who prefer a bouncy, responsive feel. Hush lacks latex or coil layers.
  • Those wanting zoned foam supports with different areas of firmness.

Buying a Hush Mattress – What To Know

One benefit of direct-to-consumer online brands? Exceptional sleep trials and warranty coverage. Here are key Hush Mattress policies regarding the perfect mattress:

Shipping – Free, compressed mattresses ship via FedEx taking 2-6 days. White glove delivery runs $199, ensuring your new mattress and bed frame are set up perfectly.

Returns – 100-night trial for exchanges/refunds. Only need to test 30 nights before returns.

Warranties – 10 years (average), covering defects but not comfort preferences or indentations under 1.5 inches.

Discounts – Rotate seasonal sales around 20% off plus referral savings. Bundles with accessories are available.

While buying a mattress online has risks, Hush offers free returns within 4 months. Feel free to test out a model if intrigued but unsure.

Mattress Recommendations?

Looking for the best mattress that sleeps cool and offers the perfect balance of comfort and support? Look no further than the Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress.

This innovative bed-in-a-box mattress is designed with Hush Iced Cooling Tech to ensure you stay cool throughout the night. The Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress also comes with a free mattress protector and two dream pillows, making it a great value for those interested in purchasing a mattress.

If you prefer a firmer mattress, the Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress may be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a mattress.

With so many mattress companies and brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Consider checking out reviews like the Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review to see if this mattress meets your needs.

The Helix mattress is another popular option that is known for its customizable options for couples who share a bed.

FAQ – Hush Mattress Reviews

Q: What is the Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress?

A: The Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress is a premium mattress that combines the support of pocketed coils with the comfort of memory foam for a restful night’s sleep.

Q: How does the Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress perform in terms of cooling?

A: The Hush Arctic Luxe Mattress is known for its cooling technology, especially with the Hush Iced feature that helps regulate temperature throughout the night.

Q: Are there any FAQs about the Hush mattresses?

A: Yes, you can find a range of frequently asked questions about Hush mattresses on their website to address any queries you may have.

Q: Can you recommend the Hush Arctic Luxe mattress for a good night’s sleep?

A: Many customers highly recommend the Hush Arctic Luxe mattress for its comfort, support, and best cooling properties, providing a great sleep experience.

Q: What makes the Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress stand out among other mattress options?

A: The Hush Arctic Luxe Hybrid Mattress stands out for its combination of pocketed coils and memory foam, designed to offer a perfect balance of support and comfort.

Q: Is the Hush mattress designed to sleep cool?

A: Yes, the Hush mattress is made with cooling technologies such as Hush Iced and Arctic Luxe Hybrid to ensure a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Q: Where can one buy the Hush mattress and explore customer reviews?

A: The Hush mattress, often considered one of the best Canadian mattresses, is available for purchase online, and you can find detailed customer reviews on the company’s website to help guide your decision.

The Bottom LineHush Mattress Reviews

Hush Mattresses earn their reputation for affordable quality. Back and stomach sleepers need firm support to maintain alignment – exactly what Hush Classic and Cooling models prioritize through dense memory foam layers. Pressure relief could improve, but reinforced stability prevents excessive sinkage.

Compared to other budget direct-to-consumer picks, Hush excels at responsiveness, stability, and motion isolation crucial for undisturbed nights. While warranties fall slightly short of high-end brands, policies like 100-night trials even out the proposition.

For the sleeper needing a supportive, conforming foam feel without extra contours or padding, Hush makes a strong pick. Don’t expect luxury additions but the essential performance matches beds double the cost, making it a contender for the original mattress in value. Prioritize sleep position and body type over flashy features. For hot-sleeping couples on a budget, Hush checks the boxes.

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