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The Molblly Queen Mattress Review – Why It’s One of the Best Queen Mattresses



The Molblly Queen mattress has become one of the most popular bed-in-a-box options for couples looking for a quality queen-size mattress. As a leading direct-to-consumer online mattress brand, Molblly combines premium materials with competitive pricing and convenient shipping.

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover all the key details potential buyers want to know about the Molblly Queen mattress including:

  • Key features and benefits
  • Size dimensions and feel
  • Construction materials and quality
  • Firmness level and support
  • Cooling properties
  • Certifications for safety
  • Shipping, returns, trial period, and warranty

By the end, you’ll understand why the Molblly Queen mattress stands out as such a great choice among today’s bed-in-a-box brands and if it’s the right pick for your needs.

An Overview of Molblly as a Company

Founded in 2018, Molblly has quickly become one of the fastest-growing online mattress brands. What sets them apart is their focus on value – using high-quality materials without the outrageous price tags of many direct-to-consumer competitors.

Molblly cuts out brick-and-mortar retailer markups by selling directly from their own website and shipping factory direct to the customer. They then pass significant cost savings on to buyers. Materials like foam and pocket springs are sourced from leading global suppliers at lower prices negotiated by buying in bulk.

Many new online mattress companies just focus on cutting costs as much as possible, resulting in lower-quality components prone to premature sagging and impressions. Molblly goes the other direction – investing in premium, durable materials to ensure years of comfortable support and longevity.

Molblly’s business model has clearly resonated during their short time in the market, as they’ve quickly expanded their product line from the flagship Molblly mattress to five total mattress models today that suit a range of needs and budgets. However, the original Queen Molblly mattress remains their #1 top seller.

Why Customers Love the Molblly Queen Mattress

The Molblly Queen mattress provides everything you could want in a quality queen-size mattress:

  • Premium foam and pocketed coil construction
  • Enhanced cooling from gel infusions
  • The ideal balance of soft comfort & support
  • Outstanding edge support
  • Minimal motion transfer for couples
  • Durable edges that maximize surface area
  • Free shipping & easy setup
  • 100-night trial period
  • 20-year warranty

With innovative engineering and the finest quality components, the Molblly Queen mattress checks all the boxes as the ideal choice for most sleepers seeking the best value queen mattress.

Customers confirm it provides the plush comfort needed for side sleeping, the back support preferred for back sleepers and stomach sleepers while keeping cool all night. Plus the individually wrapped coils add great bounce and ease of movement for amorous couples!

Size and Dimensions of a Queen Mattress

Before diving into what makes the Molblly Queen mattress so great, let’s go over standard queen mattress dimensions so you know what to expect:

  • Width – 60 inches
  • Length – 80 inches
  • Total surface area – approximately 60 by 80 inches or 4800 square inches

Queen mattresses like the Molblly offer ample width for couples to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped or crowded. The expanded length also leaves over a foot of extra leg room compared to a full-size mattress.

Here’s how the Molblly Queen compares in size versus other common mattress sizes:

SizeDimensionsSurface Area
Twin38” x 75”2850 in2
Full53” x 75”3975 in2

Queen | 60” x 80” | 4800 in2 | | King | 76” x 80” | 6080 in2 | | Cal King | 72” x 84” | 6048 in2 |

While a king mattress may work for some master bedrooms, the queen provides plenty of room to stretch out in most cases without taking up as much floor space.

Taller people over 6 feet may still want to size up to a king mattress or California king for maximum leg room. But for anyone under 6 feet tall, the Molblly Queen mattress offers the ideal blend of generous personal space along with great value.

What’s Inside the Molblly Queen Mattress?

The premium quality construction of the Molblly Queen Mattress really sets it apart from cheaper knock-offs using low-density foams prone to sagging and impressions.

Molblly engineers their mattress with 3 high-performance layers:

1. Plush Top Comfort Foam Layer

  • 3 inches of gel-infused memory foam.
  • Adaptive material molds to body contours.
  • Gel absorbs and dissipates body heat.
  • Creates cushioned comfort without sag.

2. Zoned Transition Support Layer

  • 2 inches responsive poly foam.
  • Firmer under the trunk, softer at the shoulders.
  • Targeted pressure relief.
  • Maintains healthy spine alignment.

3. Durable Support Base

  • 6 inches of pocketed steel coils.
  • Individually encased coils.
  • Limit motion transfer across the mattress.
  • Reinforced perimeter for edge support.
  • High-density foam rail along sides.

This advanced 3-layer design provides the cushioning comfort you want from memory foam along with the resilient bounce, support, and cooling airflow you get from the hundreds of individually wrapped pocket coils.

Bound together in a durable flexible cover, it’s this clever combination of the best mattress technologies that make the Molblly Queen so universally comfortable.

Balancing Soft Comfort and Firm Support

Finding a mattress with the right balance of cushioning comfort and underlying back support can be difficult when buying online. Thankfully, Molblly designed their Queen mattress to appeal to the widest range of sleepers with a right-down-the-middle feel.

With many foam mattresses, you sink too deep into overly soft materials that provide poor spinal support as they compress. The hybrid design of the Molblly Queen avoids this by using responsive latex-like polyfoams that gently conform without making you sink like quicksand.

Underneath the pressure-relieving top foam is a sturdy support core of resilient pocket coils to keep everything stable and aligned. This springy base reinforces the entire mattress while facilitating airflow to control temperature.

The end result of this hybrid design is a feel right in the middle of the firmness scale – not too soft, not too firm. Suitable for all major sleeping positions whether you sleep primarily on your back, stomach, or side.

The balanced medium feel and cushioning pressure relief should work well for any partner combinations – no matter your shapes, sizes, or preferences. Far superior to a basic innerspring mattress, air mattress, or rigid memory foam block.

Supportive and Bouncy Hybrid Design

Here’s a closer look at how the hybrid construction of foam and pocket coils in the Molblly Queen delivers an exceptional sleeping experience:

Responsive Memory Foam Layer

The plush 3-inch memory foam comfort layer gently contours around your body. This creates a “floating” sensation that perfectly cushions pressure points like shoulders and hips.

Rather than sinking too deep into the mattress, the responsive structure provides ergonomic shaping without compromising support for your spine.

And unlike basic memory foam that absorbs and traps heat, Molblly infuses cooling gel into their foam to help regulate temperature all night long.

Zoned Transition Layer

A 2-inch transition layer provides targeted reinforcement under the trunk while remaining softer under the shoulders. This zoned structure aligns your spine and eases tension by reducing pressure.

The quick-response polyfoam also increases airflow to keep the mattress breathable and moisture-free.

Individually Wrapped Coils

The 6 inch pocketed coil base reinforces the entire structure while preventing excessive sinkage into the mattress. This creates the perfect balance of contouring gentle cushion with sturdy underlying support.

Each coil is individually wrapped to follow the contours of your body independently. This isolates motion transfer when your partner changes position or gets in and out of bed so you don’t feel any disturbance on your side.

The hundreds of tall coils also facilitate maximum airflow to dissipate heat and keep airflow and breathability high – even in the hottest summer months.

Reinforced sides provide outstanding edge support so you can comfortably sleep to the edge without compression or roll-off sagging. This allows you to maximize the entire surface area which is ideal for couples.

The responsive springy feel from the coils also facilitates movement and repositioning so active couples can move easily during intimacy or changing positions.

Overall the hybrid design provides phenomenal comfort, support, and cooling for an exceptional night’s sleep!

Specialized Cooling Technology

A common complaint with solid memory foam mattresses is heat retention causing sticky, sweaty nights. Ditching memory foam may seem like the only solution for hot sleepers.

Fortunately, Molblly built proactive cooling elements right into the design of their Queen mattress:

  • Gel infusions in the memory foam pull heat away from your body.
  • Perforations in the foam layers maximize airflow.
  • A breathable woven cover increases air circulation.
  • Pocket coils dissipate heat and moisture.

Together this innovative cooling technology ensures you sleep cool and comfortable without getting overheated.

The hundreds of pocket coils make the biggest difference. They facilitate constant airflow while the permeable fabric cover increases ventilation.

For those in hot climates or anyone who struggles to stay cool during the night, the Molblly Queen guarantees temperature regulation and moisture control all night long!

What Certifications Does the Molblly Queen Have?

With buyers more concerned than ever about product safety and quality verification, Molblly makes all testing and compliance information readily transparent:

CertiPUR-US® Certified

This rigid testing program administered by independent labs certifies:

  • Durability: Foams retain 90% shape with no impressions deeper than 0.5 inches
  • Performance: Bounce back to full height in minutes. Good airflow.
  • Emissions: Certified low VOC emissions for indoor air quality.
  • Content: Foams are analyzed and shown to have no PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals lead, mercury or other harmful materials.

By earning the voluntary CertiPUR-US® seal, Molblly demonstrates its commitment to better materials and processes.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification

This verifies that Molblly foams meet some of the world’s most rigorous standards for low emissions of VOCs into indoor air. So sensitive groups like children and the elderly can rest assured.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

OEKO-TEX puts all fabrics and materials through comprehensive testing at all stages. This confirms the Molblly cover fabric contains no trace of chemicals or substances at levels that could be harmful.

Between these stringent certifications and transparent reporting, customers can feel confident the Molblly Queen mattress offers safe, non-toxic quality.

Delivery Experience and Trial Period

One advantage of buying a mattress online is how convenient the shipping process is. Molblly offers free no-contact delivery in just 2-7 business days.

The Molblly Queen mattress arrives compressed into a surprisingly small box that’s easily carried and maneuvered upstairs, around corners, down hallways, and into the bedroom.

Simply unbox the mattress and it will rapidly expand and take shape after removing the outer plastic packaging. No assembly is required and you can sleep on it the same night without any chemical or off-gassing odors.

Molblly also makes setting up risk-free with their 100-night trial period. If you don’t like the mattress for any reason, you can return it hassle-free during the trial for a complete refund.

With exceptional customer experiences like fast shipping, easy self-installation, and a lengthy return window, it makes trying the Molblly Queen mattress completely risk-free.

Molblly 20-Year Limited Warranty

Molblly stands behind its quality with one of the strongest warranties in the online mattress industry. Their 20-year limited warranty guarantees against:

  • Indentations or sagging greater than 1 inch – Twice the depth versus other brands
  • Manufacturing flaws in the foam materials
  • ZIPPER quality or other workmanship defects

If any above issues arise, Molblly will repair or replace your mattress so you don’t need to worry about durability or premature breakdown of materials.

Normal increases in softness and expansion of the foams over time are not covered. Damage from misuse or improper support like a weak foundation also voids the warranty. Be sure to use a compatible bed frame or foundation designed for memory foam mattresses.

Why Customers Recommend the Molblly Queen

When reading through customer reviews and forum discussions analyzing mattresses, the Molblly Queen receives rave responses across the board.

Buyers praise the exceptional comfort balancing plush softness with underlying support. This creates enjoyable cushioning without excessive sinkage that can cause misalignment.

Most reviewers describe the feel as medium firmness – ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers. Customers also highlight the responsive bounce from the hybrid spring construction that prevents feeling “stuck.”

Perhaps most importantly for couples, the Molblly Queen receives outstanding marks for limiting motion transfer. Many customers switched to Molblly after their old spring mattress caused sleep disturbance whenever their partner moved in bed. They confirm the Molblly ‘s foam encasement around the individually pocketed coils successfully isolates all movement. No more waking up when your partner gets in and out of bed!

Hot sleepers also consistently rate the Molblly Queen’s advanced cooling properties very highly. The amped-up airflow through the breathable foams and ventilated coils sleeps much cooler than solid memory foam. Even in hot summer weather, it helps manage sweatiness and overheating.

Customers agree – if you want an affordable yet highly advanced medium-feel mattress offering premium comfort and support, the Molblly Queen should top your list!

Ready to Experience the Molblly Queen Mattress?

After learning all about the Molblly Queen mattress hybrid design, features, and real customer experiences, you can see what sets it apart from other online mattress brands.

If you want to feel the plush yet supportive comfort and experience cooler sleep for yourself risk-free, visit Molblly.com and use code MLQ150 to save $150 off your mattress purchase.

You’ll also receive free no-contact delivery in just 2 to 7 days plus a 100-night trial period to truly evaluate if the Molblly Queen is your dream mattress.

Sleep well and stay safe!

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