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Get the Most From Your Space with a Murphy Bed Couch



Murphy bed couches, also known as wall bed couches or fold-down couch beds, are innovative space-saving furniture pieces that combine a comfortable couch with a bed that folds compactly into the couch frame. With space at a premium in apartments and small homes, Murphy bed couches provide the ability to transform any room into a guest bedroom easily.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about Murphy bed couches, including the types, mechanisms, mattresses, pros and cons, costs, and considerations for choosing and installing them. Whether you’re limited on space or want an easy way to accommodate overnight guests, read on to learn why a Murphy bed couch may be the perfect solution.

What Is A Murphy Bed Couch?


A Murphy bed couch is a couch with a bed built inside of it. The bed folds vertically or horizontally into the frame of the couch, reducing it into a compact sofa when not in use. The user can then easily unfold the bed from inside the couch when needed for sleeping. This allows a space to function as both a living area with a couch and a sleeping area when the bed is extended.

Difference vs Standard Murphy Beds:

Standard Murphy beds fold down from a cabinet or wall directly into a sleeping position. Murphy bed couches incorporate the bed into a usable couch so the space can serve multiple purposes instead of sacrificing space for just a bed.

Difference vs Sleeper Sofas:

Sleeper sofas utilize mattresses folded within the couch cushions that are pulled out horizontally into a sleeping position. Murphy bed couches contain beds that fold down vertically from the frame for easier unfolding access without having to move furniture or remove cushions. The mattresses are also thicker and more comfortable.


  • Saves space in studios, apartments, small homes
  • The couch functions normally when the bed is not in use
  • Easy to convert a room into a guest room whenever needed
  • More comfortable to sleep on than sleeper sofa mattresses

Space Saving:

  • Fold vertically or horizontally into frame
  • Much less bulky than queen size sleeper sofas
  • Similar footprint to loveseat or small couch when closed
  • Often customized to maximize space for room

Types of Murphy Bed Couches

There are two main types of mechanisms for murphy bed couches – vertical and horizontal models.

Vertical Murphy Bed Couches

Vertical lift: The bed folds vertically into a cabinet at the base of the couch frame, extending to lift out when opened. Cabinet height dictates thickness and comfort of mattress.


  • Thicker mattresses, similar to standard bed
  • Easier to open into sleeping position
  • Couch back remains stationary


  • Generally take up more floor space

Horizontal Murphy Bed Couches

Folding couch: The mattress folds horizontally into the back of the couch frame, pulling down from the top to extend flat.


  • Compact, lies flush against wall when not in use
  • Tend to be smaller custom made couches


  • Thinner mattresses than vertical lift
  • Entire couch back opens down to become bed

Size Options

Murphy bed couches come in full, queen, and king mattress sizes. Queen is most common for balancing sleep space with room dimensions. Always measure space before choosing!

  • Full – Best for office spaces or kid rooms
  • Queen – Compromise for modest living spaces
  • King – Ideal for primary beds in master bedrooms

Murphy Bed Couch Mechanisms

The transition mechanisms for murphy bed couches allow them to easily convert between couch and bed positions.

User-Friendly: Mechanisms are designed for easy unfolding into a bed and folding back within the couch frame by a single person. Very lightweight to lift.

Smooth Opening: The beds are counterbalanced with springs and hydraulic lifts that make unfolding almost effortless. Assists lifting process and prevents slamming.

Safety Features: Locks, straps, and fail-safes prevent the bed from accidentally closing while in use and secure it while closed in couch position. Provides stability.

Murphy Fold Out Couch Mattresses

Murphy bed couches contain specialized mattresses designed to fold within couch frames.

Custom Sizes: Mattresses come in sizes to perfectly fit the couch bed frames. Thinner horizontal models vs thicker vertical cabinet beds.

Comfort: Great improvements in comfort over standard sleeper sofa mattresses. Combinations of memory foam, latex foam, pocket springs provide more support.

Types: Many foam, spring, and hybrid mattress options available. Consider needs for sleeping comfort vs easy foldability.

memorial foam – moldable, pressure relief

Latex foam – contouring support, bounce

Pocket springs – traditional spring feel

Hybrid – memory + pocket coils

Pros and Cons of Murphy Bed Couches


  • Save space – Only extend bed when needed. Frees up room for other uses instead of a permanent bed.
  • Easy conversion – Quickly unfold into a comfortable guest bed. No moving furniture or removing cushions.
  • Comfortable – Far superior mattress comfort compared to sleeper sofa beds.
  • Multifunctional – The couch is a usable everyday living space unlike murphy beds folding out of a wall.


  • Price – Murphy bed couches cost more than regular couches in the $1,500+ range. But can replace need for guest bed.
  • Maintenance – Mechanisms may require occasional maintenance after heavy long-term use.
  • Weight limits – Consider weight-bearing capacity before purchasing based on needs. Typically 500-700 lbs.

Murphy Bed Couch Styles and Designs

Murphy bed couches are available in a wide selection of couch styles with customizable options.


  • Contemporary
  • Mid-century modern
  • Classic leather
  • Space saving loveseats


  • Hundreds of fabric types and colors
  • Wood frames and finishes
  • Hardware options for handles and legs
  • Accent details – nailheads, tufting, storage


  • Fabric
  • Faux leather
  • Blends

This allows murphy bed couches to fit seamlessly within any designed interior motif and color palette.

Costs and Budgeting For a Murphy Bed Couch

Price Range

  • $1,500 – $3,500 is average
  • Under $1,500 -ypically lower quality
  • $4,000+ for high end customized

Cost Impacts

Size – King size is most expensive, followed by queen size and full

Materials – Leather, exotic woods increase cost over fabric and pine framing

Mattress upgrades – Hybrids cost more than standard foam

Mechanism – Horizontal folding may be less than vertical

Special features – Added storage, USB ports

Tips for Setting Budget

Consider it an investment that can offset need for guest room or permanent bed in a multifunctional space. Calculate costs over 5-10 years rather than upfront purchase price alone.

Focus spending on better quality mechanisms and thicker mattresses since you keep a couch longer than a mattress. Cheaping out results in a worse user experience short and long term.

Measure precisely and get quotes before committing to a budget number. Unexpected customization work charges can inflate costs.

Where to Buy Murphy Bed Couches

Murphy bed couches can be purchased through:


  • Direct from specialty murphy bed manufacturers
  • Mass market retailers like Wayfair, Ikea
  • Overstock liquidators

Physical Stores

  • Murphy bed and furniture stores
  • Mattress stores
  • Custom furniture builder showrooms

Custom Couches

  • Work with carpenters and upholsterers
  • Modify existing couches

Shopping online provides the widest selection and easiest price comparison. But viewing in person helps evaluate build quality, fabric choices etc.

Combining customization with an affordable clearance frame and mattress from mass retailers can provide best of both worlds – affordable pricing with tailored fit.

Considerations For Choosing and Installing Murphy Bed Couches

Measure carefully – Every inch counts for fitting a bed. Consider room traffic flow too.

Weight limits – Loadbearing weight limits for walls and flooring. Will weights fluctuate in other rooms? Vertical may have higher weight tolerances.

Professional install – Unless very experienced with complex furniture, hiring a carpenter to install is best for functionality and safety assurance. Try to use the original manufacturer.

Usage – The frequency bed will be opened and the weight of users can impact mechanism durability. Inferior quality has shorter lifespans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Murphy Bed Couches

How difficult is it to open and close a murphy bed couch?

With smooth hydraulic lifts and counterbalancing, murphy bed couches fold down and retract with light pressure. The mechanisms enable a single user to easily unfold the bed into a position ready to sleep on within seconds. Closing simply requires lifting the bed lightly upwards for the mechanics to wind the bed back into the couch frame and secure it.

What thickness of mattress do murphy bed couches use?

Horizontal – 5-7 inches thick since they fold fully in half within the couch framing. Enough for comfort.

Vertical Lift – 7-10 inches for a more robust spring bed feel. Some cabinet models fit up to 12-inch mattresses.

Do I need professional installation?

We strongly recommend professional installation by murphy bed specialists for all murphy bed couches unless you have extensive experience with complex furniture assembly and wiring electronics. There are too many components – framing, mechanical lifts, bed carriages, pistons, sleeping surfaces, hardware etc along with electronics that if assembled incorrectly will lead to non functional and unsafe conditions. Most quality manufacturers provide experienced installers.

What are the weight limits?

On average murphy bed couches have weight capacities between 500-700 lbs per bed. But the limits vary greatly by model based on lift types, mattress sizes, and framing so check your specific product specs carefully. Vertical lift models tend to handle more weight than horizontal fold-down beds. Consider your needs not just for individual sleepers but also for activities that may put excess weight on the frame temporarily.

Can I add storage options to integrate murphy bed and storage?

Yes, specialized storage units like dressers, shelves, and cabinets can be combined as one furniture piece with the Murphy bed couch either vertically or horizontally built into them. This allows you to save space in a compact footprint while also gaining storage for items you need quick access to like clothing, books, linens, and electronics when the bed is not pulled down for sleeping. Popular in kids’ bedrooms and dorms!

We suggest around 2 feet of clearance on all sides surrounding a murphy bed couch horizontally when opened. Vertically for the height, most manufacturers’ designs extend about 6 feet when opened so measure 7 feet to be safe from floor to ceiling. Building codes may vary based on location.

Do Murphy Bed Couches Require Maintenance?

Maintenance is generally low for Murphy bed couches compared with regular beds needing mattress rotations or turnings that are harder to do with built-in designs. Most maintenance involves occasional tightening of bolts if rattling develops after repetitive openings along with checking pistons and chains have enough lubricant. Signs of excess wear and tear should prompt the replacement of parts for optimal safety by the manufacturer’s licensed repair person.

Conclusion – Murphy Bed Couch

Murphy bed couches merge comfortable seating and sleeping accommodations within a singular piece of furniture. Allowing small spaces to transform instantly into a guest bedroom, they provide the ultimate flexibility and functionality. With simpler storage than a sleeper sofa and more comfort than a futon, murphy bed couches are an excellent option for apartment dwellers, tiny homeowners, AirBnB hosts, and micro-living spaces.

We hope this guide gave you all the details needed to decide if a murphy bed couch meets your home and budget needs. Please browse smarter space saving furniture ideas in our other articles to make the most of every inch across every room!

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