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Murphy Bed with Sofa – The Ultimate 2-in-1 Space-Saving Furniture Guide



Murphy beds have been around since the early 1900s as a smart space-saving solution for small homes. The classic Murphy bed folds vertically into the wall, with just a cabinet left showing when closed. Murphy beds with sofas take this space-saving concept even further by integrating a sofa underneath or beside the folding Murphy bed.

What is a Murphy Bed with Sofa?

A Murphy bed with sofa is a two-in-one piece of furniture that functions as both a bed and a sofa. It is essentially a comfortable sofa that has a bed hidden inside that can fold down or flip open when needed.

The sofa cushions and backing flip up, fold, or slide out of the way to reveal the Murphy bed when it’s time to retire for the night. During the day, the Murphy bed easily retracts and disguises back into the sofa for relaxing, entertaining guests, or just freeing up space.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one sofa bed combo: With both bed and sofa in one piece, it takes care of two needs while saving space.
  • Folding cabinet bed design: The mattress is secured to a metal frame that retracts vertically or horizontally into a cabinet.
  • The sofa is not a pull-out: The couch is a fixed sofa, not a mattress pulled out from under-bed cushions. This allows for a more sturdy sofa with cleaner visuals.
  • Comfortable sleep + sit experience: Provides cozy sofa by day, and comfortable mattress by night.

5 Key Benefits of Murphy Beds with Sofas

Murphy beds with sofas offer unique advantages over traditional Murphy beds or sleeper sofas alone:

1. Save Space

  • Reduction of furniture pieces needed by combining bed and couch.
  • More floor space is freed up during the day when the bed is closed inside cabinetry built into the sofa.

2. Multifunctional Design – Bed + Sofa

  • Serves double duty – comfortable place to sleep + functional couch for living space.
  • No need for separate beds or awkward sleeper sofa mattresses.
  • Perfect for studio apartments, tiny homes, spare rooms, RVs, vacation cottages, and multifunctional spaces.

3. Easy to Open and Close

  • Smooth retracting mechanisms allow anyone to effortlessly fold the bed in and out.
  • Gas springs or lever systems are available for light lift assistance.

4. Budget-friendly Costs

  • As multifunctional furniture, costs can be significantly less than purchasing a bed and sofa separately. It’s one investment instead of two.
  • Prices very based on size, materials used, and additional options selected. See the Cost and Considerations section for price ranges.

5. Customizable Style Options

  • Many choices are available for sofa shape and mattress sizes to fit spaces big and small.
  • Variety of upholstered colors and wooden finish options to match any décor.

So if you’re working with a small space like a studio, a Murphy bed with sofa provides the space-saving solution for a guest room, home office, or primary bedroom.

The Mechanics Behind Murphy Beds with Sofas

Murphy bed with sofa combinations utilizes clever designs that allow smooth transitions between bed and sofa positions.

Here’s an inside look at how they work:

Folding Cabinet Mechanism

A metal framework allows the mattress to flip open or retract closed into a cabinet built into the sofa’s structure. The mattress framework is securely hinged to cabinets alongside, behind, or underneath the sofa.

Vertical models have cabinets behind the sofa where the mattress pulls down vertically, similar to a classic Murphy bed.

Horizontal models have under-sofa storage with cabinets allowing the mattress to extend out horizontally from the bottom of the sofa.

Counterbalance Systems

The bed mechanism typically uses counterbalance springs, gas springs, or levers which make it easy to lift the heavy mattress up or gently pull the bed frame back down again. This allows even just one person to smoothly transition the furniture between sofa and bed positions.

Secured to the Wall

For safety, the Murphy bed with sofa must be securely bolted to studs in the wall with provided hardware. This keeps the heavy piece stable and prevents any risk of falling over. Installing to the wall also allows for built-in cabinetry designs.

Main Styles of Murphy Beds with Sofas

There are two main designs of Murphy beds with sofas – differentiated by the placement of the sofa in relation to the retractable bed frame.

Horizontal Murphy Beds with Sofa Underneath

This style has the sofa located directly underneath the bed, which folds horizontally from underneath the sofa cushions and backing when opening. It slides back underneath when closing.

  • Takes up less floor space since the bed hides under the sofa footprint.
  • Efficient use of vertical room space.
  • Easy one motion to pull the bed out.

Vertical Murphy Beds with Sofa Side-by-Side

In this model, the sofa sits beside the Murphy bed which folds down vertically behind the sofa backing.

  • Tend to be more affordable and simpler mechanism.
  • Sofa can be larger with more seating since bed is positioned adjacent to couch.
  • Feel like more of a sofa focus with the bed secondary.

Both styles are great space-saving solutions. The right one for your space depends on room size, how many people need to sit on the couch regularly, and personal priority between prominent sofa or easier bed access.

Sofa Styles That Pair with Murphy Beds

To match any design aesthetic, murphy beds with sofas allow choices on the sofa shape and size:


The perfect option for small spaces. Seats 1-2 people comfortably. Easy reach to bed behind the loveseat.

Sectional Sofas

Sectionals can curve around corners or create L-shapes. Great way to divide open-concept studio rooms while fitting beds discreetly into one section.

Standard Sofas

Can seat 3+ people depending on length and depth. Most affordable option. Great for frequently used living spaces that need extra seating.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds with Murphy beds give option for second bed if needed, good for accommodating overnight guests. Easier to open than pull-out sleepers.


Futon frames allow adjustable backrests for lounging or sleeping surfaces. The Murphy bed provides a more comfortable permanent bed used daily. Futon mattresses are lighter than sleeper sofa mattresses, and easier to lift when opening a Murphy bed.

Customizing Your Murphy Bed with Sofa

One great benefit of Murphy bed and sofa combinations is the abundance of custom options to fit your personal style:

Upholstery Colors + Fabrics

Choose from hundreds of fabric types and upholstery colors to match your decor – from elegant microfibers to durable family-friendly polyester. Custom upholster the sofa pieces that best fits your personality.

Wood Finishes

For wooden sofa frames, select your preferred finish like classic Walnut, weathered Gray Barnwood, or sleek Black Lacquer. There are options from rustic to modern to match any room.

Mattress Types

Choose your ideal mattress makeup and size to pair with your Murphy sofa bed for the right comfort level. Available in memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, latex and gel-infused options.

Storage Drawers

Some models offer handy pull-out drawers built right into the base of the sofa for storing sheets, blankets, pillows, or anything else out of sight.

Shelving Units

Other customizable options include open shelves which can substitute armrests or accent the sides of a sectional Murphy couch. Great for books, plants, and accent decor pieces.

Murphy Bed with SofaPrice Range*
Smaller Size (Twin/Full)$1,200-$2,500
Medium Size (Queen)$1,800-$3,000
Larger Size (King) w/ storage drawers added$2,500-$4,000

*Prices vary based on materials, brand, and custom options selected like added storage.

As you can see, Murphy bed with sofa combinations allows you to really make the piece your own within reasonable budget ranges.

Costs and Things to Consider

Here are a few things to factor in when deciding if a Murphy bed with sofa is right for your space:

Typical Price Range

As shown in the chart above, you can expect to invest $1,200 to $4,000+ for a Murphy bed with sofa combination. Of course, prices increase for larger mattress sizes, better quality materials, more robust mechanisms, and add-ons like integrated storage drawers.

Room Size

First, make sure you have enough open floor space for the unfolded bed length. Measure to ensure room not only for sleeping but also access pathways with the bed open.

Primary Bed or Guest Use

Consider how often the bed will be used for sleeping vs. sofa seating. If Murphy bed will be pulled out daily as your main bed, invest in a thicker, better-quality mattress. If more occasional guests use, a lighter, cheaper mattress may suffice.

Build Quality

This investment is more expensive than a traditional sleeper sofa. But the quality is worth it long-term. Be sure to assess the bed strength, ease of opening/closing, sofa construction, and durability of frames and moving parts. Sit and sleep test display models when possible.

Investing in a quality piece made from sturdy hardwoods with soft close hinges, smooth track systems, and natural upholstery fabrics will pay off for years of daily use.

Top Brands for Quality and Durability

Here are some of the top brands producing exceptional Murphy bed and sofa sleep systems:

Wilding Wallbeds

  • Handcrafts custom Murphy beds made sustainably from solid North American hardwoods.
  • Natural, non-toxic finishes and premium quality mattresses.
  • Sofa beds are available in contemporary and transitional frames plus over 200 fabric choices.


  • Hundreds of Murphy sofa bed options across styles, sizes, and materials at affordable direct-to-consumer pricing.
  • Streamlined ordering process with home delivery included.
  • Free shipping over $35 and generous return policies.


  • Known for modular customize-able sofas combined with horizontal retractable Murphy beds underneath.
  • Trendy styles and fabrics made for smaller urban spaces.
  • Convenient home delivery; easy DIY assembly.

BenchMade Modern

  • Midcentury and contemporary Murphy sofa beds are handmade in the Los Angeles factory.
  • Custom everything – hardwood frames, upholstery fabrics and colors, premium steel mechanisms.
  • Exceptional quality and warranties ensure enduring enjoyment.

When investing in a Murphy bed with an integrated sofa, be sure to assess the quality of craftsmanship, safety, ease of use, warranty coverage, and brand reputation from past customers. An excellent Murphy sofa bed should provide years of reliable functionality.

In Summary – Murphy Bed with Sofa

Murphy beds with sofa combinations are the ultimate transformable, two-in-one space-saving furniture investment for living large while being small.

You can conveniently customize the upholstery colors, wooden finishes, sofa size, and mattress selections to perfectly match your personal style and space needs. Plus take advantage of possible added storage drawers for even more function.

This versatile Murphy sofa bed furniture gives you a comfortable, stylish sofa by day for lounging or working and a cozy place to sleep by night – all in a consolidated piece designed thoughtfully to maximize the use of floor space.

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