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The IKEA Murphy Beds – Sizes, Styles, and Design Tips



A Murphy bed is a space-saving solution that folds vertically or horizontally into a cabinet, closet, or wall when not in use. IKEA offers a variety of stylish and affordable Murphy beds that maximize room versatility without sacrificing comfort or quality. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know, from sizing and design options to proper installation and decorating ideas.

What is an IKEA Murphy Bed?

An IKEA Murphy bed is a foldable bed that tucks away neatly when not in use, instantly freeing up floor space. Murphy beds were patented in 1900 by William L. Murphy and have seen a resurgence in recent years as people seek to maximize small living areas.

IKEA offers a wide selection of Murphy beds in various sizes, styles, and price points to suit any budget or design aesthetic. Their innovative beds fold vertically or horizontally into a closet, wall, or pre-assembled cabinet, instantly transforming rooms from bedroom to living space.

Benefits of an IKEA Murphy Bed

IKEA’s Murphy beds provide several advantages:

  • Save space – Folding up frees floor space for other uses like guest seating, yoga area, office space, or play area.
  • Affordable – Quality beds for budget-friendly prices, starting under $400.
  • Easy to install – Many units come with clear instructions and necessary hardware.
  • Modern styling – Sleek builds blend in with any decor from farmhouse to contemporary.

With an IKEA Murphy bed, you don’t have to compromise on comfort to enjoy the space-saving functionality. Their mattresses provide ergonomic support and pressure relief while hidden bed frames keep linens tidy.

IKEA Murphy Bed Sizes, Styles, and Designs

IKEA offers Murphy beds for rooms of any size. From compact twin models to roomy queen sizes, you can find a unit sized perfectly for your dimensions and sleeping preferences.


Twin – Perfect for home offices, small apartments, or kid rooms

  • Narrow frame takes up less floor space
  • Fits most rooms with a minimum width of 6 1/2 feet

Full/Double – Accommodates single sleepers wanting more room

  • Wider than twin-size
  • Fits in a room with an 8-foot width

Queen – Ideal for guest rooms or master bedrooms

  • Roomy for single/couples
  • Fits rooms over 10 feet wide

King – Not currently offered but custom may be available


Vertical – Bed lifts straight up and folds parallel to the wall

  • Conserves depth space
  • Needs higher ceilings

Horizontal – Bed folds down and tucks under the cabinet

  • Preserves overhead space
  • Requires cabinet depth

Design Elements

Color/Finish Choices – Available in various colors like white, black-brown, gray, and wood tones

Storage Options – Many feature shelves, drawers, or clothing rods

Mattress Options – Select from spring, foam, or hybrid mattresses

Accessories – Add lighting, curtains, safety rails or bedding

Top IKEA Murphy Bed Models

BRIMNES Bed frame with storageTwinVertical w/storage$549
HAUGA Utvikling wall bed frameFullHorizontal$799
BRIMNES Bed frame w storageQueenVertical w/storage$799

How to Choose the Best IKEA Murphy Bed

With so many options, it helps to evaluate your space and needs to select the ideal IKEA Murphy bed.

Consider Size

Choose a twin for single sleepers or small rooms. Full/double fits single people wanting more space. Queen comfortably fits couples, and is preferred for master bedrooms.

Measure Room Dimensions

A vertical Murphy bed needs upright clearance when open, while a horizontal version requires enough floor depth when folded down. Compare room dimensions to Murphy bed specs. Allow for at least 16 inches of clearance around the unit.

Manual vs Automatic Operation

Manual units require you to lift the bed up and pull it down. Automatic versions convert with a press of a button but tend to cost more.

Vertical or Horizontal

Vertical is preferred if ceiling height clearance is not an issue. Horizontal conserves overhead space but needs adequate floor depth.

Ease of Assembly

Many Murphy beds snap together simply with basic hardware and clear instructions. But ease of assembly varies, so check reviews and specs to ensure your DIY abilities are sufficient. Consider professional installation for more complex units.

Where to Place Your IKEA Murphy Bed

One benefit of a Murphy bed is the flexibility to use it in non-bedroom spaces when folded up during waking hours.

Primary Bedrooms

Free up floor space for other furniture or activities when the bed is not in use. Just lower at night.

Home Offices

Accommodate overnight guests without sacrificing the office space needed for your remote job or studies.

Living Rooms

Convert living room into guest suite whenever friends or relatives visit. Maximizes room versatility.

Guest Rooms/Kids’ Rooms

Make room multi-purpose for play, work, or lounging during the day and sleeping at night.

Guidelines for Positioning

  • Place close to electrical outlets for lamps, alarm clocks, etc.
  • Allow space to walk around three sides for making the bed
  • Keep 16 inches minimum clearance on all sides for opening/closing
  • Earmark space for bedding/pillow storage if no drawers built-in

IKEA Murphy Bed Assembly and Installation

Many IKEA Murphy beds can be tackled as a DIY project with basic skills, tools, and manpower, but more complex builds may require hiring a professional.

Step-by-Step Assembly

Clear instructions with numbered steps walk you through the process, often using illustrations. From snapping slats in place to securing hinges, pistons, and handles, IKEA guides you through assembly and includes the hardware needed.

Tools/Hardware Needed

Provide your own basic toolkit: hammer, screw gun, measuring tape etc. Necessary fasteners, cam lock screws, pistons, and custom handles come packed in the box. Ensure no parts are missing by taking inventory first.

Installation Guidelines

You’ll insert bottom and side panels first, then attach vertical beams or top cross bars that hold the bed frame. Bed sections get lifted into place and pivot bars get mounted. Finally, headboards, handles, and safety rails go up. Have an assistant for heavy lifting.

Safety Tips

Set up the bed fully before use, ensuring all screws are tightened securely. Engage the safety latch when the bed is upright so it does not slam down unexpectedly. Show children proper use. Place nightstands far enough away to avoid tipping when the bed is lowered/raised.

Troubleshooting Issues

Mattress too large? Check the dimensions and opt for a slightly smaller mattress. Bed keeps closing? Adjust piston resistance. Bed squeaks or doesn’t close evenly? Make sure it’s completely square and on a level surface. Trouble locking the bed open? Adjust latch alignment.

Decorating and Styling With an IKEA Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed seamlessly blends into room decor when closed yet still needs cohesive styling like any bed.

Design Ideas When Bed is Up

  • Hang curtains to hide the bed
  • Use a closed bed as a sofa backdrop
  • Turn the space into a reading nook with a chair
  • Create a station with a desk, shelves
  • Leave open for minimalist style

Design Ideas When Bed is Down

  • Add lighting sconces or hanging bedside lamps
  • Incorporate color with bedding, pillows
  • Fold down the table between bed and sofa
  • Add plants, and art above the headboard
  • Use the same curtains to frame bed that hides it when closed

Small Space Design Tips

  • Stow extra bedding inside the cabinet beneath the bed
  • Opt for a narrow nightstand with minimal surface area
  • Consider under-bed storage bins on casters
  • Attach sconces to the wall instead of table lamps
  • Limit additional furniture to keep the area around the bed clear

Stylish IKEA Murphy Bed Room Ideas

Farmhouse Chic

  • Distressed wood murphy bed
  • Floral bedding and curtains
  • Woven rug and pendant lighting

Midcentury Modern

  • Murphy bed with clean lines
  • Patterned bedding and orange pillows
  • A round mirror and sculptural floor lamp

Urban Industrial

  • Concrete-look murphy bed
  • Exposed brick wall and piping
  • Plate steel cabinets as nightstands

IKEA Murphy Bed Reviews and Recommendations

These three beds consistently earn over 4 out of 5-star ratings for ease of assembly, functionality, and quality.

FLEXIS Storable twin murphy bed★★★★✩250+Vertical twin w/mattress fits small spaces
HAUGA Utvikling wall bed frame★★★★☆150+Horizontal full bed offers storage shelves
BRIMNES Bed frame w storage★★★★☆180+Queen cabinet bed great for guest rooms

Best Vertical Murphy Beds

STRANDMON, SOLGUL, and PACEC beds fold up vertically to conserve floor space.

Best Horizontal Murphy Beds

KONGSTRUP, HAUGA beds fold down to tuck under existing closets or custom cabinetry.

Best Cabinet Bed Combos

BRIMNES and MALM storage beds combine space-saving Murphy beds with storage cabinet bases.

Best Budget Murphy Beds

MULIG, SILDRE beds offer money-saving options under $500 without sacrificing quality.

Conclusion – IKEA Murphy Bed

An IKEA Murphy bed allows you to reimagine spaces by folding out a comfortable, guest-ready bed while freeing up valuable square footage when stowed upright. With quality construction, reliable performance, and budget pricing, IKEA’s vast selection ensures you can find the right fit for your evolving spatial needs and personal style.

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