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Full Size Murphy Bed – Benefits, Cost and DIY Installation Guide



A full size Murphy bed is a foldable bed that can be stowed vertically or horizontally inside of a wall to save floor space when not in use. Unlike traditional beds that take up a permanent footprint in a room, Murphy beds can quickly fold up and transform an area for other multi-functional uses.

Murphy Bed Dimensions

  • A standard full-size mattress measures 54 by 75 inches (137 x 191 cm).
  • This provides enough room for one adult or two small children.
  • Full beds take up significantly less space than queen (60” wide) or king-size beds (76” wide)
  • When folded up into the wall, a full Murphy bed has a depth of 12-14 inches.

How Do Full Size Murphy Beds Work?

Murphy beds utilize a metal frame and hardware kit that allow the bed to smoothly fold up into a closet or empty wall space. Common mechanisms include:

  • Piston lifts: Allow you to easily lift the bed up manually using piston power
  • Hydraulic lifts: Use hydraulic oil systems to gently lift or lower with a button push or switch
  • Chain lifts: A chain pull system lets you lift the bed vertically

The mattress folds or flips with the frame so that only the front face is visible when closed. Murphy beds are secure firmly with locking brackets to prevent any safety hazards.

Murphy Bed Design Styles

Full Murphy beds come in simple metal frames, but can also have wood panels, cabinets, or shelves for a built-in customized look. Styles range from:

  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Shabby chic
  • Traditional
  • Industrial

You can integrate full beds into cabinetry for a polished built-in or keep it simple with just a metal frame.

Benefits of Choosing Full Size Murphy Beds

There are many practical advantages to selecting a full size Murphy bed over a traditional stationary bed frame:

Space Saving

  • Fold up out of the way when not being used
  • Frees up floor area for other uses like an office, play area, yoga, etc.
  • Perfect for small rooms, apartments, vacation cabins, etc.


  • Full-size hardware kits start under $300
  • Premade full Murphy cabinet beds around $1200+
  • More budget-friendly than larger queen or king beds

Flexible Room Uses

  • Alternate room between bedroom and living area
  • No need for a permanent dedicated bedroom

Easy Installation

  • DIY-friendly with basic tools
  • Most kits install in under 2 hours


  • Easy disassembly for moves
  • Take with you to new homes

Whether you need a guest bed, kids’ bed, or primary bed for small spaces, a full Murphy offers versatility that traditional platform beds cannot.

Typical Features and Styles of Full Murphy Beds

Beyond basic full metal frames, Murphy beds come in a variety of configurations with useful features:


  • Vertical: Fold up into a tall narrow cavity
  • Horizontal: Fold across into a short wide cavity

Optional Features

  • Lighting: reading lights or sconces
  • Power: Outlets, USB charging ports
  • Shelving: side cabinets, bookshelves
  • Mattresses: memory foam, hybrid, innerspring
  • Bedding: Matching sheets, duvets, pillows


  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Shabby Chic
  • Industrial

Consider how you will use the room and bed to determine if cabinetry, lighting or other upgrades are worthwhile.

Where to Place Full Murphy Beds

One of the best aspects of full size murphy beds is their versatility to transform different rooms based on your needs:

Guest Rooms

Free up floor space when not hosting visitors. Leave out accent chairs or office space for other uses.

Studio Apartments

Make a small unit workable with a daily bed that tucks away.

Kid’s Bedrooms

Use for older children that only need basic full-size. Save room for play areas.

Vacation Homes

Add extra sleeping capacity without an intrusive permanent bed.

Multi-Purpose Areas

Fold up the bed when prepping the room for movie nights, exercise area, etc.

Tiny Bedrooms

Fit a usable full bed into a petite bedroom without dominating space.

Get creative with room conversions to determine the best spot to install your full Murphy.

Important Measurements and Planning for Full Beds

Proper planning and measurements are crucial when installing full Murphy beds to ensure proper clearances and operation.

Overall Dimensions

  • Measure the wall width at the insertion point
  • Ensure at least 83 inches wide for a horizontal full bed
  • Account for baseboards and moldings depth

Wall Height

  • Measure height from floor to ceiling
  • Ensure at least 60 inches height for clearances
  • More height allows taller headboards

Depth Clearance

  • Measure exact room depth with folding clearance
  • Typical depth is 12-14 inches when folded up
  • More depth allows the integration of cabinets around the bed

Electrical Planning

  • Place outlets to power lights
  • Make sure wires reach to switch locations

Accurate planning prevents costly returns or modifications down the road.

Costs of Full Size Murphy Beds

Pricing for full Murphy beds depends on size, features, accessories and more:

Hardware Kits

  • Start around $275 – $325
  • Higher end pistons $800+

Premade Cabinet Beds

  • From $1200 – $4000+
  • More for solid wood over veneers

Add-Ons Costs

  • Lighting fixtures $100-$300
  • Storage cabinets from $300
  • Mattresses $200-$1000

DIY Savings

  • Save 50% building your own frame
  • Requires woodworking skills and tools

Delivery & Installation

  • Shipping freight $100+
  • Professional install $300+

Budget Murphy beds focus on a basic metal frame and mattress. Splurges add enhanced lifts, fine wood and integrated storage.

Saving on Your Full Murphy Bed Purchase

Here are great tips to save money when investing in a full size folding bed:

Buy Online Direct

  • Cut out showroom markups
  • Factory direct brands pass savings

Simple Frame Design

  • Skip complex cabinets, lighting etc.
  • Easy DIY basic install

Buy Mattress Separately

  • Use existing mattress initially
  • Upgrade later if needed

Take Accurate Measurements

  • Prevent costly returns and exchanges
  • Confirm room layout first

Shop End-of-season Sales

  • Late winter and summer sales
  • Open box specials from returns

The Murphy Bed Buying Process

Ready to invest in a full-size folding bed system? Here is an overview of the end-to-end process:

Gather Key Measurements

  • Bed insertion point width
  • Room height, depth
  • Folder footprint sizing

Choose Vertical or Horizontal

  • Vertical is better for shallow rooms
  • Horizontal suits have wide short bays

Select Exact Size

  • Full, queen, twin, king
  • Double the mattress fits the frame

Pick Styles & Finishes

  • Colors: white, wood tones, black
  • Materials: metal, solid wood, veneers

Choose Optional Features

  • Storage, lighting, charging ports
  • Headboards, side tables

Buy Necessary Hardware

  • Hydraulic lift vs. piston systems
  • Assembly brackets and hardware

Purchase Mattress

  • Existing, new, or custom cut

Schedule Delivery Timing

  • 2-6 week build times common

Doing your homework with precise measurements ensures a smooth install.

Professional Installation Vs. DIY Murphy Bed Projects

You can either DIY your full Murphy bed project or hire a professional based on your skill level:

DIY Tips

  • Have an assistant for the build
  • Watch vendor YouTube tutorials
  • Allow a full day to install
  • Use your smartphone-level app
  • Take breaks to prevent frustration

Complexity Factors

  • Heavy bed and hardware lifting
  • Getting alignments perfect
  • Integrating lighting and moldings

Professional Services

  • Installation assistance $300+
  • Handyman or carpenter hourly rates
  • Review vendor license and insurance

If tackling DIY, don’t be afraid to call in help if needed during the build. Having an extra set of hands prevents injury and mistakes.

Conclusion – Full Size Murphy Bed

Full size Murphy beds provide the perfect blend of space savings plus comfort compared to cramped twin beds or bulky kings. When folded up, rooms transform into flexible multi-purpose areas. With prices starting under $

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