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5 Tips for Buying Wayfair Twin Mattress for Your Needs



When it comes to finding the perfect twin-sized mattress on a budget, Wayfair is one of the top online destinations. With a massive selection of twin mattresses at every price point, Wayfair makes it easy to find deals on high-quality beds for guest rooms, kids’ bedrooms, dorm rooms, RVs, and more.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which Wayfair twin mattress is right for your needs and budget. This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know, from available sizes and types of twin mattresses sold on Wayfair to key features to compare, average pricing, reviews of top-rated models, and tips for setting up your new bed.

What Sizes Are Available for Wayfair Twin Mattresses?

Wayfair offers twin mattresses in two standard sizes:

  • Standard twin size – 38″ x 75″. This is the most common twin size sold. Perfect for single sleepers.
  • Twin XL – 38″ x 80″. The “XL” stands for “extra long”. Great pick for taller teenagers and adults around 5’9″ and over.

In addition to standard twin and twin XL mattresses, Wayfair also sells all other standard mattress sizes such as full, queen, king, and California king. So they have plenty of options if you decide to size up or down.

Types of Twin Mattresses Sold on Wayfair

Wayfair offers an extensive selection of different types of twin mattresses so you can find the ideal comfort, support, and pricing. The top types sold include:

Memory Foam Twin Mattresses

  • Contour to the body and relieve pressure points exceptionally well. Great for side sleepers.
  • Leading memory foam brands sold at Wayfair include Zinus, Lucid, Linenspa, Best Price Mattress and Wayfair Sleep.
  • Memory foam regulates temperature fairly well, with many options now featuring cooling gels or other technologies to reduce heat retention.

Hybrid Twin Mattresses

  • Offer a coil core combined with foam comfort layers for the best of both worlds – bounce from the springs and pressure relief from the foam.
  • Many hybrids have zoned coil layers to target the hips/shoulders versus other areas.
  • Top hybrid twin brands available from Wayfair include Sealy and Serta.

Innerspring Twin Mattresses

  • Traditional spring/coil mattresses without foam overlay. Very affordable but has less pressure relief.
  • Great option if you’re on a tight budget or want a super firm, supportive twin bed.
  • Leading innerspring twin brands sold at Wayfair include Zinus, Linenspa, and Lucid.

Cooling Twin Mattresses

  • Feature cooling gels, copper, graphite, phase change materials, and other innovations to pull heat away from the body.
  • Ideal choice if you sleep hot or live in a warm climate. Prevent sweating and overheating.
  • Top cooling twin brands available from Wayfair include Weekender, Modern Sleep and Wayfair Sleep.

Now that you know about the main types and leading brands of twin mattresses sold on Wayfair, let’s compare the key features to pay attention to as you shop different models.

Key Features to Compare With Wayfair Twin Mattresses

Carefully comparing specs and details will help you select the best twin mattress to meet your sleep preferences and health considerations within your budget.

Firmness Level

Wayfair twin mattresses are available in a wide range of firmness options from ultra soft to extra firm:

  • Soft – Best for side sleepers. Cradles shoulders and hips.
  • Medium – Appeals to the widest range of sleepers. Balances comfort and support.
  • Firm – Excellent for back and stomach sleepers. Provides even alignment with less sinkage.

Pay attention to the stated firmness rating as you shop different mattresses to find the sweet spot for your sleep position and preferences.

Mattress Height/Depth

Twin mattresses on Wayfair typically range from 6 to 14 inches thick. Thinner models tend to be very firm basic innerspring beds while thicker mattresses include more foam for enhanced comfort and pressure relief.

If you use a twin bed in a bunk bed or trundle, make sure to pay attention to depth so it fits properly in the frame. Standard twin bunk bed mattresses are often 6 inches.


Many twin mattresses sold on Wayfair feature certifications for:

  • Materials safety
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental Health

Top certifications to look for include:

  • CertiPUR-US – Validates foam is made without dangerous chemicals
  • GREENGUARD Gold – Strict standards for low emissions
  • OEKO-TEX – Confirms textiles met safety thresholds

Certified beds provide assurance the mattresses meet strict standards for safety and health.

Sleep Trial Period

One of the best perks of buying a mattress online from Wayfair is getting to test out the bed risk-free at home during an initial trial period.

Wayfair twin mattress sleep trials typically range from:

  • 100 nights
  • 120 nights
  • Up to 365 nights (full year)

If you decide you don’t like the mattress during the trial, Wayfair offers free returns with full refunds. Some brands may charge return shipping fees or restocking fees.

What’s the Average Price for a Wayfair Twin Mattress?

Wayfair twin mattress prices

As one of the largest online furniture sellers, Wayfair is able to offer exceptionally low prices across its entire catalog – including twin-sized mattresses.

In general, twin mattress pricing on Wayfair includes:

  • Budget models under $150 – Basic innerspring or thinner all-foam beds
  • Mid-range twins from $150 to $400 – Bulk of models, a wide range of types
  • Premium twins over $400 – Higher-end foam, hybrid, and latex beds
  • Frequent sales and closeout deals on twin mattresses, with savings over 50% off MSRP

So you really can find an excellent twin mattress on Wayfair whether you want to spend as little as possible or splurge on a top-of-the-line model for enhanced comfort and support.

Below are reviews of some of the top-rated Wayfair twin-sized mattress models across different categories and price points.

Reviews of the Best Wayfair Twin Mattresses

1. Zinus Cooling Copper Hybrid Twin Mattress

Category: Cooling hybrid twin mattress
Price Range: $$ (Mid-range)

The Zinus Cooling Copper Hybrid strikes an outstanding balance between cooling comfort and support. It combines copper-infused memory foam that pulls heat away from the body with individually wrapped coils that respond to your body shape with targeted relief. An exceptional value hybrid pick.

Zinus Cooling Copper Hybrid twin mattress
  • Key Features
    • Copper-infused memory foam and cooling gel keeps the surface cool
    • Hundreds of responsive pocket coils offer dynamic support
    • The firm feels ideal for back and stomach sleepers
    • Foam and coils certified safe for indoor air quality
    • 100-night risk-free trial

2. Sealy Response Essentials Twin Mattress

Category: Basic support innerspring twin
Price: $ (Budget buy)

As one of the top legacy mattress manufacturers, Sealy offers exceptional quality and materials even with their more affordable essentials line. The Sealy Response innerspring is an ultra-firm, supportive pick ideal for toddler beds, bunk beds, RVs, and dorm rooms while costing much less than the average mid-range twin.

Sealy Response Essential twin mattress
  • Key Details
    • Ultra firm feel with dense coil layer
    • Strong edge support for full use of the mattress
    • Made in the USA
    • Heat-tempered coils and high-density foam for durability
    • 10-year limited warranty

3. Wayfair Sleep 6″ Firm Innerspring Mattress

Category: Budget basic twin mattress
Price: $ (Under $100!)

As Wayfair’s entry-level house brand mattress line, the Wayfair Sleep 6″ twin proves you don’t need to sacrifice comfort, spinal alignment, or quality even with a mattress under $100. It provides exceptional support as a firm twin mattress for kids or guest beds.

Wayfair Sleep budget firm innerspring twin mattress
  • Top Features
    • Extremely affordable at under $100
    • Super firm feel with tight top coil layer
    • Lightweight but still durable
    • Ideal for bunk beds, RVs and dorms
    • Oeko-Tex certified materials

Beyond these top 3 twin recommendations, Wayfair offers dozens of additional highly rated twin mattresses spanning other leading brands like Linenspa, Lucid, Zinus, Modern Sleep, and more. Carefully compare features, specs, available sizes, policies, and reviews to determine the optimal Wayfair twin mattress for your budget and sleeping needs.

Now let’s explore popular buying considerations for twin-sized mattresses.

Who Should Purchase a Wayfair Twin Mattress?

Twin mattresses from Wayfair are excellent options for:

  • Guest bedrooms – Maximize space with a narrow twin.
  • Kids’ rooms – Start kids on the right mattress as they transition from crib to bed. Many parents start small with a twin and size up over time.
  • College dorm rooms – Most dorms utilize standard twin XL beds. Easy to set up and transport.
  • RV owners and tiny home dwellers since every inch matters with limited space. Lightweight too.

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Wayfair’s twin mattress selection and policies.

Answering Common Questions About Wayfair Twin Mattresses

Are Wayfair mattresses any good?

Yes, Wayfair offers exceptional mattress quality and value across leading brands and price points. As the world’s largest online furniture seller with extensive global shipping infrastructure and supply chain relationships, Wayfair can offer mattresses that rival top brands for considerably less.

How long do Wayfair mattresses last?

With proper care, rotation, and protection with a mattress cover, most Wayfair twin mattresses will last 6-8 years on average. Higher-density foam and hybrid beds may last over 10 years.

Can you try a Wayfair mattress before buying it?

While Wayfair does not currently offer in-store mattress testing, they provide 100-night (or longer) risk-free at-home trials on all mattresses so you can fully evaluate the bed once delivered. If you don’t like it, returns are free.

Does Wayfair offer white glove delivery?

White glove delivery is available for an added fee in most regions of the US. This includes bringing your new mattress up flights of stairs and removing packaging debris. Makes setup a breeze.

Can I return a Wayfair mattress if I don’t like it?

Yes, every Wayfair mattress comes with a risk-free home trial for 100 nights or longer. If you don’t like the mattress during the trial, contact Wayfair and they will schedule free pickup and issue a full refund. Some fees for return shipping or restocking may apply to certain brands.

5 Tips for Buying a Twin Mattress on Wayfair

Follow these top tips for stress-free shopping for twin mattresses on Wayfair:

  • Carefully measure your available space (frame, bunk bed, etc) and compare to mattress specs for perfect fit.
  • Read buyer reviews sorted by recent and relevance to see detailed first-hand feedback.
  • Take advantage of closeout and open-box sales for the best deals on twins.
  • Explore Wayfair’s outlet for returned models at discounts over 50% off.
  • Use live chat or call their mattress experts for personalized guidance on finding your ideal twin.

Once you’ve selected the perfect Wayfair twin mattress for your needs, let’s cover the key steps for unboxing and setting up the bed for maximum comfort and longevity.

Setting Up Your New Wayfair Twin Mattress

Carefully prepping and setting up your new Wayfair twin mattress will ensure you enjoy the bed for years to come. Follow these best practices:

Unboxing and Expansion

When your twin mattress arrives compressed and vacuum sealed in a relatively small box, carefully unpackage it in the room where you plan to use the bed following the included instructions. Most foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses will fully expand to their intended height within 24-72 hours.

Using a Mattress Protector

Protect your investment right away with a snug-fitting, breathable waterproof mattress protector. Guards against spills, stains, and damage while allowing airflow.

Adding a Twin Mattress Topper (Optional)

Soften the surface feel by adding a plush mattress topper such as memory foam, down alternative, or latex. Easily customize comfort preferences.

Twin Mattress Frame Options

Make sure you have ample support beneath the twin mattress with a bed frame or bunk bed frame made for the mattress’s height and dimensions. Consider adjustable bases for customized positioning.

Getting Comfy Twin Sheets

Dress the bed in cozy, breathable twin sheets for the perfect finishing touch. Percale or eucalyptus sheets work well for hot sleepers while flannel is ideal for winter.


I hope this comprehensive guide helped you learn all about the top types, leading brands, buying considerations, pricing, and setting up instructions for Wayfair twin-sized mattresses.

The right twin allows kids, students, guests, and family members to sleep comfortably at an affordable price while maximizing limited space.

With extensive choice across materials, comfort options, support, safety certifications, and sizes – along with exceptional value plus risk-free at-home trials – Wayfair is undoubtedly the top online destination for quality twin mattresses.

Carefully evaluate your needs, space requirements, and budget to select the ideal twin mattress from Wayfair to enjoy better rest for years to come. Want to size up eventually? Many popular Wayfair mattress brands come in all standard mattress dimensions when the time is right.

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