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Finding the Best RV King Size Mattress for Bedroom



Living in an RV, camper, or motorhome often means limited space. While RVs vary greatly in size and layout, many have a master bedroom large enough to accommodate a king-size mattress.

Upgrading to a king can provide more comfort and luxury during your travels. King RV mattresses allow couples to sleep closer together without feeling cramped. They also provide enough room for kids or pets to cuddle up and join you.

But finding the perfect king-size RV mattress involves some special considerations regarding size, construction, and installation in order to fit your RV bedroom properly. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from dimensions to mattress types to top-rated brands on the market.

What Size is a King Mattress in an RV?

The standard dimensions for a king size mattress are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. However, RV mattresses may be a few inches narrower or shorter to accommodate tighter spaces.

Here are the common sizes to know when mattress shopping for an RV:

  • Standard King – 76” x 80”
  • Short King – 76” x 75”
  • Long King – 76” x 84”
  • Olympic Queen – 66″ x 80″
  • RV King – 72” x 75”

Measure the length and width of your RV’s bed platform before committing to a new mattress. Having the precise dimensions will ensure your chosen king mattress fits properly. Even an inch or two of difference can leave an uncomfortable gap or make it impossible to get the mattress down halls and around corners.

Many RV mattress manufacturers now offer king sizes tailored specifically to recreational vehicles, with shorter or narrower proportions. An RV short king of 72” by 75” gives just enough extra wiggle room while maximizing comfort.

Benefits of a RV King Size Mattress

More Comfortable for Couples

Traveling as a couple in an RV often means sharing smaller living quarters. Choosing an RV king mattress over a queen allows spouses or partners to sleep closer without compromising comfort. The 6 extra inches of width provides more space to stretch out.

Accommodate Kids or Guests

A king size bed provides plenty of room for kids to crawl in with mom and dad after a scary nightmare. Grandkids visiting for a weekend getaway can also pile in for late-night stories or cuddles. Some luxury RV king mattresses even convert to two twin beds for versatility.

Utilize Large Bedroom Spaces

Upscale fifth wheels and motorhomes often have master bedrooms designed to house a standard residential king mattress. Installing a plush king allows you to take full advantage of these large spaces for a decadent night’s rest.

Lay Completely Flat

RV queen beds often have rounded corners or gaps next to walls. This can cause you to sleep at an angle or curl up. An RV king-size mattress utilizes the entire flat surface, allowing your body to fully extend and align properly for maximum comfort.

RV Mattress Construction Types

Recreational vehicle mattresses need to meet different standards than regular beds. The confined spaces, humidity, temperature extremes, and frequency of movement in an RV require mattresses made of durable materials that resist mold, bacteria, sagging, and breakdown.

But RV mattresses should still feel comfortable! Here are the most common types of mattresses used for RVs:

Foam Mattresses

Foam is the most popular choice for RV beds because of its conforming comfort and compression abilities. RV foam mattresses contain materials like:

  • Memory Foam – The highest quality RV mattress foam. It conforms closely to the body, and provides pressure relief, yet regains its shape. More expensive but very comfortable.
  • Latex Foam – Made from rubber tree extracts. Naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Bouncy, buoyant feel.
  • Polyfoam – The most affordable foam option. Varying densities provide different feels, from firm to plush.

Innerspring Mattresses

Traditional innerspring mattresses use metal coils or springs to provide cushioning. Models made specifically for RVs include:

  • Bonnell Coils – Hourglass-shaped springs tied together for a consistent sleep surface. Most budget-friendly option.
  • Pocketed Coils – Individual fabric sleeves reduce motion transfer between springs. More contouring.
  • Continuous Wire – Long single piece of steel wire coiled into rows. Unique feel but durable.

The coils in RV mattresses are shorter and more flexible than residential beds. This allows bending around tight corners as you install or remove it.

Air Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses offer versatile thickness. Simply add or release air to make it taller or shorter as needed. Easy to store. But prone to punctures.

Mattress Toppers

For a quick and budget option, use a memory foam, latex or wool mattress topper to soften an existing RV mattress. Toppers compress easily for storage and add extra cushioning.

Important Factors for Choosing an RV King Mattress

Choosing which construction type feels most comfortable is a personal decision. But there are a few key criteria RV mattress shoppers should consider:

  • Dimensions – Confirm your king mattress will properly fit the length and width of your RV bedroom’s flat platform or frame before purchase.
  • Adaptability – Choose durable materials that hold up well in temperature extremes from subzero nights to hot summer days.
  • Mold Resistance – Closed quarters and humidity cause mold and mildew. Seek out antimicrobial and hypoallergenic materials.
  • Weight – Heavier mattresses are harder to install and remove from tight spaces. Prioritize lighter foam over standard springs.
  • Thickness – Make sure your chosen depth allows closing storage under bed platforms. Too thick and lids won’t shut.
  • Spinal Alignment – Your RV mattress should keep the spine neutral. Combination sleepers need contouring and pressure relief at shoulders and hips.
  • Motion Isolation – When one partner moves or gets up, minimal transfer across the mattress allows the other to keep resting.
  • Durability – RV life means frequent packing up. Compressible foams regain original shape better long-term than coil springs.
  • Ease of Cleaning – From muddy hikes to late-night snacks in bed, choose water and stain-resistant outer covers for quick wiping.

Use this checklist when evaluating king size RV mattresses to find the right balance of comfort, support and practicality.

12 Best King Size RV Mattress Reviews 2023

The following RV mattress reviews summarize the top-rated king-size mattress options for RVs and campers in 2023. Based on firsthand testing from RV experts and experiences from real owners, I compiled pros, cons and specifications for each to help you select the perfect model.

1. Best Luxury RV King

The Dream Mattress Ultimate Hybrid $1,799


  • Hybrid latex foam and pocket coils
  • Zoned ergonomic support relieves pressure
  • Naturally cooling latex and breathable cover
  • Handles along sides for easy positioning
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams


  • Heavy – hard for one person to move
  • Luxury price point


  • Height: 10”
  • Firmness: Medium, 6.5/10
  • Sizes: RV Short King 72″ x 75”

The Dream Mattress uses 3 inches of conforming Talalay latex foam over 7 inches of fabric encased coil springs to provide an ideal balance of contouring softness and support for proper spinal alignment. With superior cooling from latex and airflow between the pocketed coil layers, this indulgent mattress will transform small RV quarters into a luxurious oasis.

The responsive latex and ergonomic zones cradle the shoulders, hips and back for pressure relief right where you need it most. And with durable edge support all around, you can sleep soundly from edge to edge without sagging or roll off.

For those not wanting to splurge over $1,500, Dreamfoam also offers more affordable all-latex and memory foam RV mattress options still expertly engineered for supportive comfort.

2. Best Cooling Memory Foam RV King

Brookstone Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress$699 with code RV75


  • Infused gel beads pull heat away
  • Breathable materials disperse body heat
  • CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD certified
  • The zippered mattress cover is washable
  • Stores compactly when rolled


  • Only one comfort option
  • Edge support is just okay


  • Height: 10”
  • Firmness: Medium Firm, 7/10
  • Sizes: Short King 72” x 75″

Brookstone’s mattress technology incorporates advanced cooling gels that pull heat away from the body into lower layers for all-night temperature regulation. Open cell foams further enhance airflow and dissipation of body heat.

This premium performance foam provides cushioned pressure relief while keeping an average sleeper up to 5 times cooler than standard memory foam. Less tossing and turning means deeper, more restorative rest even in hot and humid RV climates. And made right in the USA, Brookstone’s materials are certified safe from harmful substances.

3. Best Cooling Hybrid RV King

ARCTIC Cooling Hybrid Mattress$799


  • Phase change topper absorbs and releases heat
  • Individually wrapped coils offer superior support
  • Strong perimeter edge prevents sagging
  • Handles along sides for mobility
  • Designed specifically for RVs


  • Only one firmness rating
  • taller height may not fit folded sofas


  • Height: 12″
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sizes: RV Short King 72” x 75”

This Arctic Cooling mattress ingeniously leverages both advanced thermodynamics and premium mattress materials to deliver a temperature regulated sleep surface ideal for RV life.

The phase change molecule technology actively pulls heat away from skin by absorbing it. This heat gets released back out gradually as your body cools later in the night, preventing overheating in stuffy RV bedrooms.

Individually wrapped coil springs move independently for ergonomic alignment, while gel foams provide pressure relief at shoulders and hips for side sleepers. Strong edges prevent you from rolling out of this Arctic Cooling king bed as the RV rounds corners or bounces over bumps.

4. Best Innerspring RV King

Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice – $549


  • Continuous wire spring support
  • Mesh airflow between coils
  • Foam and fiber padding
  • Rail reinforcements brace edges
  • Hinged construction folds in half


  • Traditional springs absorb motion
  • Foam densities not specified


  • Height: 11” unfolding to 16”
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Sizes: 60” x 75” hinged RV King

The Doctor’s Choice from Denver Mattress supplies the familiar comfort of bonnell coils enhanced with high density foam cushioning for pressure relief at shoulders and hips. The hinged construction allows this RV king bed to fold down the middle – making storing and traversing tight spaces a breeze.

Over 900 resilient continuous wire coils flex to match the body’s natural curves while resisting body impressions to retain shape. Breathable layers between springs circulate air and wick moisture for cooling relief all night long. Mesh handles along the sides assist with positioning this mattress into your RV bedroom.

For durability, all foams and insulators used meet CertiPUR US standards for performance and content. And dual edge supports brace the perimeters from side to side sagging or roll off. Expect many years of tranquil rest ahead on this Doctor’s Choice innerspring.

5. Best Customizable RV King

Flexus Comfort Quilt Folding Mattress – $799


  • Personalized firmness – soft, med, firm
  • Quilted foam pad with phase change fabric
  • Antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites
  • Hinged to fold in half for compact storage
  • 5 year warranty


  • Split feel if using only one firmness layer
  • Adding firmness layers increases weight


  • Height: 8” folded, 16” with added layers
  • Firmness: Customizable
  • Sizes: 60″ x 80″ Short RV King

Flexus fills a unique niche by offering full customization of feel and height for RV owners wanting alternatives to either all-foam or innerspring mattresses. Choose from soft, medium or firm polyfoam inserts to stack in different sequences until your ideal firmness is reached.

Every Flexus mattress starts with a 2 inch quilted memory foam pad stitched to a phase change ticking that responds to body temperature for cooling relief. This proprietary cover material also resists allergens and odors – perfect for enclosed RV living quarters prone to moisture buildup.

Once your firmness layers are configured, simply fold the hinged Comfort Quilt mattress up and secure with attached straps. When you reach your destination, the Flexus unfolds quickly for luxurious rest and perfectly flush seating at the edges.

6. Best Hybrid Inflatable RV King

AirBedz LITE PPI PV203C Truck Bed Air Mattress – $299.99


  • Durable PVC construction approved for vehicles
  • Comfort coils maintain shape and support
  • Fits standard 6 foot truck beds
  • Inflates to desired firmness in minutes
  • Doubles as guest bed when deflated


  • Prone to punctures without protective bed liner
  • Shorter width not ideal for sleeping two
  • No separately inflatable pillow area


  • Height: 8 inches inflated
  • Firmness: Custom based on inflation
  • Sizes: 60” x 75”

The LITE PPI air mattress from AirBedz creates an extra guest sleeping space or mobile bed within a pickup truck camper in minutes. This inflatable truck bed mattress accommodates one adult comfortably while elevating them 8 inches off the corrugated truck bed floor.

Integrated comfort coils emulate the support of a traditional mattress with individual air pockets that maintain form rather than pancaking over time. Durable PVC vinyl approved for auto and marine use resists cracking. A flocked top layer prevents sheets from sliding around on the sleeping surface.

Deflate completely for storage behind truck seats or under tonneaus. The electric pump inflates a filled-size short queen mattress in under 5 minutes – adjustable to your personal preference of firmness or softness.

7. Best Affordable Innerspring RV King

Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress$399


  • Pocketed iCoil springs move independently
  • Copper-infused foams pull heat away
  • Better motion isolation than older springs
  • CertiPUR US-certified materials
  • Compression bag included for RV transport


  • Some off-gassing odors initially
  • Edge support lacks reinforcement


  • Height: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Medium Firm, 6-7/10
  • Sizes: 72” x 84” Short King

This Zinus hybrid combines conforming memory foam with an advanced iCoil spring system for cushioning pressure relief. Over 1,000 individually wrapped coils respond independently to weight and force rather than transferring motion across the mattress. This allows easy moving around and mid-sleep position switches without disrupting a sleeping partner sharing that RV king bed.

Infusions of cooling copper gel and phase change materials pull heat away from the body for a more optimal temperature all night long. Certified safe foams resist bacteria and odors even with pets joining you on this RV-safe mattress.

For a simplified setup, Zinus mattresses ship compressed in small boxes compared to cumbersome traditional bed-in-a-box brands. That compact packaging ensures stress-free transporting to your RV or camper.

8. Best Materials RV King Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress – $995


  • Proprietary T&N Adaptive foam
  • Advanced cooling features
  • Added lumbar support layer
  • Antimicrobial and dust mite resistant
  • Easy setup with just 2 foam layers


  • Higher price point
  • Rare complaints of body impressions


  • Height: 12”
  • Firmness: Medium, 5.5/10
  • Sizes: RV King 72” x 84”

The Mint mattress from Tuft & Needle utilizes their own patented foam with an innovative combination of graphite and cooling gel for temperature regulation. Two layers of high-density, high-resilience foam provide an ideal balance of comfort and support thanks to advanced pressure-relieving

8. Best Materials RV King Mattress

An extra layer of adaptive transition foam underneath provides reinforced support in the lumbar spine area, which is especially beneficial for back and stomach sleepers. The antimicrobial knit cover resists mold, bacteria, mildew, and dust mites – common hazards in humid RV environments.

As a leader in the bed in a box category, Tuft & Needle’s streamlined design ships in convenient compact boxes for quick, no-hassle delivery to your RV door. Given the exceptional quality foam materials and sturdy construction, expect over a decade of restful comfort from the Mint.

9. Best Odor Resistant RV King

Nature’s Novel Mattress-in-a-Box$799


  • Indoor air quality-friendly materials
  • Strategic zoning for ergonomic support
  • Handles along sides for positioning
  • Ships compressed 16” height fits RV sofabeds
  • Made in USA


  • Rare initial compression odors
  • Mandatory break-in period


  • Height: 10”
  • Firmness: Plush Medium – Soft, 3/10
  • Sizes: RV Short King 60” x 75”

Nature’s Novel uses certified clean foams and an organic cotton cover to create this RV king sized mattress option free from harsh chemicals. It meets rigorous indoor air quality standards for safer off gassing inside confined RV living spaces.

Strategically placed zones of varying firmness and support properly align the spine and cradle hips and shoulders for side sleeping comfort. And dual perimeter edges stay sturdy for full mattress usage.

Compressed and rolled for convenient shipping in narrow boxes, the wrapped mattress expands quickly once unrolled in your RV bedroom. Enjoy restful relaxation in any season knowing Nature’s Novel resists dust mites, mold and bacteria flourishing in warm humid temps.

10. Best Pillow Top RV King Mattress

DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress – $419


  • Multiple foam layers relief pressure points
  • Sleeps cool with gel infusions and airflow
  • 4 Way stretch knit fabric cover
  • Luxurious feel at lower price point
  • Compressed in box for RV deliveries


  • Some initial off-gassing odors
  • Rare complaints of sagging over 5+ years


  • Height: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Medium Plush
  • Sizes: RV Short Queen 60” x 75”

This DynastyMattress hybrid combines the body contouring benefits of gel infused memory foam over high density polyfoam for cushioned comfort and support. The quilted top panel with foam encasement hugs your body like a classic pillowtop for luxurious pressure relief.

Within the stretch knit fabric, innovative cool airflow channels guide heat downward and out for a relaxing and comfortable sleep climate even during hot humid nights. DynastyMattress certifies all foams used are free from PBDE flame retardants and heavy metals for indoor air safety.

Convenient compressed delivery allows transporting this RV king mattress easily to your destination. Expect cool and soothing comfort lasting over a decade before any materials begin to degrade or soften.

11. Best Slide-Out RV King Mattress

Wolf Pillow Top Slide-Out Sofa Mattress – $274


  • The 5-inch profile fits slide-out beds
  • The plush memory foam layer
  • The zippered mattress cover was removed for cleaning
  • Ships vacuum compressed 14” high
  • Custom for RV hide a beds and folding sofa beds


  • Not thick enough for standard bed frames
  • The single foam layer lacks support springs


  • Height: 5 inches
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Sizes: 48” x 70”

These specialized Wolf Slide-Out Replacement mattresses are made to perfectly size inside RV convertible sofas that fold out into beds. The streamlined 5 inch thickness leaves clearance space for folding mechanisms to operate without jamming. Yet offers cushioning comfort superior to overly firm standard sofa mattresses.

A plush 2 inch memory foam comfort layer contours gently. While 3 inches of high resilience base foam adds durability and prevents bottoming out the thinner profile. The zippered knit cover allows easy removal for cleaning and maintenance between guests.

Shipped vacuum compressed for compact 14 inch thick delivery boxes, this RV sleeper sofa mattress will outlast cheaper uncomfortable foam pads. Say goodbye to metal bars poking into your back at night!

12. Best Value Coil and Foam RV King Mattress

Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – $274.99


  • CertiPUR-US validated foams
  • Individually encased coils prevent transfer
  • High density base foam for durability
  • Smartly ships compressed for easy delivery
  • Microfiber cover is removable and washable


  • Some initial off gassing possible
  • Questionable long-term lifespan 5+ years


  • Height: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sizes: RV King 72″ x 84”

Best Price Mattress supplies exceptional quality at budget-friendly pricing. This 12-inch hybrid pairs contouring memory foam for pressure relief over an innerspring unit with fabric pocketed coils to reinforce support. The foam and spring layers work together to cushion areas like the shoulders and hips while properly aligning the spine.

The breathable knit cover and airflow between individually wrapped coils promote ventilation to keep you cool. Little to no motion transfers across the mattress if your partner switches positions or gets up during the night.

CertiPUR-US certifies all foams used pass rigorous standards for performance, emissions and material contents for safety and indoor air quality. Shipped conveniently compressed straight to your RV door at sizes to fit your king bed.

Where to Buy RV King Size Mattresses

While regular king-size mattresses fit some large RV bedroom spaces, the best selection for recreational vehicle-specific mattress lengths and widths are found through these sources:

  • Local RV Supply Stores – Shop in person to experience comfort levels by lying down on floor models. Ensure your precise needed dimensions before purchasing.
  • Direct from RV & Mattress Manufacturers – Many top brands now engineer RV-specific mattresses with enhanced features to withstand temperature extremes, humidity and road vibrations.
  • Online Retailers – Amazon ships a wide variety of compressed RV mattresses in all sizes and budgets, however, quality varies greatly. Stick to well-reviewed options.

Measure carefully and compare construction quality in addition to dimensions when shopping locally and online. All foam beds generally ship more compactly for easier installation than traditional innerspring options.

How Much Does a King RV Mattress Cost?

Pricing for King RV mattresses ranges widely based on materials, sizes, and features:

  • Budget Foam Mattresses – Basic all-foam mattresses start around $250-$350 for a king RV short size. These use cheaper polyurethane foam layers without specialized cooling gels or springs. Potential for faster breakdown but still an affordable upgrade.
  • Mid-Range Hybrid Options – Combining foam with coil springs improves support and durability over all foam. Expect to invest $400-$900 for a quality mid-range king. Great balance of comfort and value.
  • Luxury Brands – Top manufacturers using proprietary foams, latex support layers and hybrid materials can cost anywhere from $1,000 up to $2,500+ for a king RV mattress. But materials are exceptionally high-quality for comfort that lasts over a decade.

When comparing prices, also consider the usable surface area and price per square foot. An oversize residential king spread out over 76 inches by 80 inches means about 6,080 square inches of sleeping space. Some RV short kings at just 72” x 75” tallies to 5,400 square inches. Dividing the price by the square footage gives you the cost per inch – a helpful metric for weighing options.

And don’t assume higher prices guarantee superior quality or comfort. Carefully examine each mattress brand’s materials, certifications, and layers to make your own judgement on value versus budget picks.

Steps for Installing a King Mattress in an RV Bedroom

Once you select the ideal king size mattress for your RV model, follow these tips for smooth and proper installation:

  1. Remove Old Mattress & Clean – Take out existing mattress and thoroughly wipe down platform frame surface and surrounding bedroom walls/ceiling to eliminate any mold, mustiness and dust.
  2. Check Dimensions – Unroll your new mattress and allow plenty of time to fully expand width and length if compressed for shipping. Double check to confirm perfect fit in frame space before unwrapping fully.
  3. Position Mattress – For hybrid mattresses, orient coils and solid foam sides correctly before sliding into place according to packaging guidance. Many RV mattresses include helpful handles along the sides for easier maneuvering into tight spaces.
  4. Consider Mattress Pad – Placing a 1-3 inch mattress pad or topper adds extra surface cushioning and protects your investment. Look for waterproof fabrics since spills and accidents happen, especially with kids and pets camping along.
  5. Make the Bed – Apply sheets and bedding to finish your new luxury king bed setup! For RVs, choose fitted sheets with deep pockets and elastic all around to cling tightly to the mattress when driving over rough roads.

Now relax and enjoy peaceful nights with plenty of wiggle room to spread out and get cozy. Don’t forget to budget for new king size bedding when purchasing your mattress to adorn your new luxurious RV retreat.

Finding the Best King Mattress for RV Comfort

Investing in a high quality king size mattress lets you fully utilize those large RV bedroom spaces for exceptional comfort. Making the upgrades to sleep a couple more comfortably or have kids pile in on chilly camping mornings is priceless.

Hopefully this extensive RV mattress king size buying guide gave you all the research needed to select the perfect model suited to your recreational vehicle make and dimensions. Finding an expertly engineered durable construction ideal for temperature regulation, humidity resistance, compression and travel shock absorption ensures restful relaxation for years of adventures ahead!

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