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The Best Queen Wood Bed Frames – A Detailed Comparison by SleepBetter



A queen wood bed frame offers numerous benefits that make it a top choice for many bedrooms. The natural, timeless style of wood suits both traditional and contemporary decor. Wood’s natural grain patterns and colors add warmth and aesthetic appeal difficult to match with metal or upholstered frames.

Other prime advantages of a wood frame include:

  • Sturdy Support – Quality wood offers durability and structural integrity to reliably support mattresses for years. The stability prevents sagging, increasing the mattress’s lifespan.
  • Cost-Effective – Although prices vary widely, wood frames generally cost less than metal frames with fewer bells and whistles. Solid wood construction often outlasts less expensive particle board frames.
  • Noise-Free – Unlike metal bed frames, wood does not creak and squeak when bearing weight. The silent operation allows for undisturbed and peaceful sleep.
  • Matches Existing Furniture – The natural material seamlessly complements existing nightstands, dressers, headboards and other wood furnishings.

With so many clear benefits, it’s no wonder wood remains a beloved frame material choice for queen beds. But several factors determine whether a wood frame performs up to expectations and provides the best rest possible.

What is a Queen Wood Bed Frame?

First, let’s clarify exactly what constitutes a queen wood bed frame. These frames have set standard dimensions to fit common queen-sized mattresses and foundations.

  • Queen Mattress Dimensions: 60” wide x 80” long
  • Queen Frame Dimensions: Range from 58″-62″ wide x 77″-83″ long

Queen wood bed frames provide support for the mattress through either a solid platform surface or a grid of wooden slats. Unlike metal frames with flexible slats, wood slat systems often feature a center support rail for added stability.

Wood bed frame with slats

A popular wood slat bed frame style sold at Anthropologie

The frame base consists of side rails and end rails typically made from solid wood or plywood. Optional components like a headboard, footboard, and storage drawers can attach to the rails to expand functionality.

Wood frames can stand on short legs or lift the mattress higher off the floor on tall legs or a built-in pedestal. While metal frames often fold conveniently for moving and storage, wood frames assemble on site with screws and bolts and remain stationary.

Now that we have a general idea of what constitutes a wood bed frame for queen mattresses, let’s examine the positive and negative factors of wood as a frame material.

Pros and Cons of Wood Bed Frames


  • Natural Beauty – The unique grains and textures of wood create an inherently attractive look difficult for other materials to imitate. Finishes enhance and protect the aesthetic qualities.
  • Structural Integrity – Properly joined wood components create an exceptionally strong and rigid base able to withstand routine use without loosening or sagging.
  • Value – Although pricing varies for both imported and domestically-produced wood frames, wood generally offers an appealing balance of cost and quality.
  • DIY-Friendly – Basic woodworking skills allow do-it-yourselfers to build their own custom bed frames out of standard lumber. Pre-cut frame kits also simplify home assembly.


  • Heavy – Complete wood frames can weigh over 100 pounds, making them extremely difficult to move or haul up stairs once assembled.
  • Scratching – Exposed wood surfaces dent and scratch more readily than metal or upholstered frames when knocked into.
  • Moisture Issues – Damp basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms can damage wood frames over time unless specially sealed or treated for moisture resistance.
  • Squeaking – If not properly constructed with tight joints, wood frames develop annoying squeaks and croaking sounds from use.

Now let’s dive deeper into the specifics of selecting the best type of wood for queen bed frames, must-have features, where to shop, costs and setup tips.

Best Types of Wood for Bed Frames

Choosing a suitable wood type enhances aesthetics, durability and pricing. The five most common options include:


  • Dense, heavy and naturally resistant to scratches and dings
  • Substantial look suits Mission and Arts & Crafts decor
  • Ranges from neutral tones to a reddish hue


  • Very hard North American native species
  • Attractive fine, straight grain looks clean and refined
  • Takes darker stains well
  • Costs more than some domestic woods


  • Moderately dense, strong domestic wood
  • Ages beautifully as color deepens to a rich patina
  • Smooth texture looks great unfinished
  • On the expensive end of wood choices


  • Very affordable, widely available softwood
  • Country casual appearance fits shabby chic or farmhouse
  • Multiple varieties including Southern Yellow Pine offer decent durability
  • Most budget-friendly option for wood frames


  • Tropical luxury hardwood imported from Southeast Asia
  • Highly resistant to moisture, weathering and insects
  • Expensive but extraordinarily long-lasting material
  • Golden brown color and beautiful grain

Most Important Features to Consider

Mattress Support System

Wood frames provide underneath support for a mattress in two basic ways:

  • Platform Beds – A solid, flat deck with an integrated headboard replaces box springs to form an all-in-one platform bed. These work well for memory foam, latex or platform mattresses.
  • Slatted Beds – Slatted systems allow use of conventional mattresses and foundations. But not all wooden slats automatically ensure adequate support. Center support beams and limited slat spacing under 3 inches prevents sagging and increases mattress lifespan.


Squeaky wood bed frames disrupt sleep and intimacy. High quality joinery and wood choices like oak and maple minimize unwanted sounds. Gluing and securing slats also prevents shifting and squeaking.

Storage Drawers

Integrated underbed storage drawers maximize room for extra linens, clothes, books and other bedroom essentials. Convenient to access and on casters, the drawers become an invaluable asset for constrained spaces.

Adjustable Height

Legs adding height make it easier to get in and out of bed as needed. Being able to alter leg extensions assists in customizing bed height for individual comfort and accessibility.

Matching Nightstands

Wood nightstands that coordinate with or match the frame pull the whole bedroom together. Convenient charging stations with power strips and lighting expand nightstand utility.


Either attached or freestanding, padded headboards allow comfortable upright reading and TV viewing. But even simple wooden headboards add aesthetic interest and design flair.

Where to Buy Quality Queen Wood Bed Frames

The best sources for attractive and durable wood bed frames span:

  • Online specialty retailers like Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon. Sort by popularity and read reviews.
  • Direct from reputable furniture manufacturers. Companies like Zinus, Alwyn Home and WE Furniture offer a range of frames at reasonable price points.
  • In the bedroom department of local and national furniture chains like Rooms to Go, Raymour & Flannigan, Havertys, Ashley Furniture, and Value City. Inventory varies seasonally.
  • Big box retailers like Walmart, Costco, Target and IKEA provide budget frames acceptable for guest rooms or as starter beds.

Wherever you opt to purchase, don’t assume two similarly styled frames share equivalent construction and materials. Closely compare provided specs and descriptions to gauge which unit better suits your needs and bedroom setup.

What Does a Queen Wood Bed Frame Cost?

As a natural material subject to market fluctuations, wood prices shift constantly based on species, origin and stock levels. Highest demand woods like teak and mahogany fetch premium pricing few can afford. Conversely, budgets and decor favor affordable domestic pine for everyday use in most households.

But for the majority eyeing wood’s middle ground, expect queen wood bed frames prices*:

TypePrice Range
Basic pine frame$200 – $400
Mid-range mixed woods$300 – $600
Solid oak frames$500 – $800
Wood slat frame with headboard$400 – $900
Storage bed frame package$600 – $1,200
Handcrafted solid maple frame$800+

\Prices may be higher for sellers marking up MSRP like smaller boutiques or design showrooms.*

These numbers merely provide rough estimates subject to frequent sales, promotions and availability. Mass market brands regularly discount prices on older stock to keep inventory moving. Special holiday weekends and clearance events also usher in temporary price plunges.

The key lies in defining must-have features and identifying desirable elements within reach. Rather than fixating on a single frame style, considering multiple options meeting prioritized specs and budget makes finding the ideal wooden frame far simpler.

Setting Up Your New Queen Wood Bed Frame

Unpacking and properly assembling a new bed frame prevents damage and accidents after the initial excitement of arrival. Safety should take priority over rushing the process while attempting to haul bulky wood components around solo. We advise taking time to:

Review Assembly Instructions First

Identify and group together necessary parts to simplify construction. Using hardware bags labeled for each step facilitates the process. Refer back to diagrams and reread directions before advancing if anything seems unclear.

Protect Surfaces

Safeguard existing flooring and walls from scuffs and dings by laying down mover’s blankets, old sheets or thick towels during assembly. The padding also prevents dropped tools and hardware from harming wood pieces.

Have Help

Attempting assembly singlehandedly poses unnecessary injury risks even for smaller frames. Enlist a partner to provide an extra set of hands when lying out parts, stabilizing sides for fastening, and flipping the frame.

Level Properly

Check for a perfectly flat, even installation surface. Tweaking leg extensions or placing shims under legs on uneven floors helps the frame sit solidly without rocking.

Allow Off-Gassing

New manufactured wood products emit strong odors initially from adhesives, stains and finishing treatments. Prevent lightheadedness during assembly by working in a well-ventilated garage or outdoor space. Allow the unfinished frame to air out in the room for 72 hours before adding your mattress if strong smells persist.

Ultimately a quality wood bed frame forms the foundation for restful sleep and sturdy mattress support for years on end. While requiring a larger upfront investment than lower-priced metal frames, wood’s charming aesthetic and reliability justify added costs for discerning shoppers.

By carefully evaluating your needs, preferences and bedroom decor, securing a queen-sized wood bed frame fulfilling expectations within budget becomes much simpler. Then all that remains comes down to enjoying effortless, endless nights of truly sweet dreams upon your chosen frame.

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