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Top 8 Queen Size RV Mattresses – Guide for Comfort, Materials & Sizing



Are you looking to upgrade the mattress in your recreational vehicle (RV) to a queen size RV mattress? Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial when traveling cross-country in an RV. Upgrading to a queen size can give you more room to stretch out while still fitting in tight spaces.

What is a Queen Size RV Mattress?

A queen RV mattress has dimensions of 60″ wide by 80″ long, which is the standard queen size. This makes it slightly narrower and shorter than a regular queen bed mattress designed for a home bedroom setting.

But it still provides ample room for most sleepers. The queen offers over 20% more surface area than an RV twin-size mattress.

The queen RV mattress size gives couples the ability to sleep together while taking up minimal footprint inside their RV. It can work especially well in Class B and C motorhomes that have more cramped sleeping quarters.

If you have the room, a queen is often the perfect balance of comfort plus fitting tight RV spaces.

Key Dimensions

  • Length – 80 inches
  • Width – 60 inches
  • Total area – 4800 square inches or 30 square feet

This results in dimensions that are:

  • 5 inches shorter than a standard queen
  • 20 inches wider than a double/full RV mattress

So you get significantly more sleeping room than a full, without an oversized mattress.

Benefits of Choosing a Queen Size RV Mattress for Your.

Why choose a queen over other RV mattress sizes for your camper, trailer or motorhome?

There are a few key advantages that make queen sizes a great fit for many RVs:

1. More Room to Stretch Out

One of the top reasons RVers opt for a queen over a full RV mattress is simple comfort. Those extra 5 inches of width make a noticeable difference when sleeping.

You don’t have the cramped feeling that narrower mattresses can create. This leads to better rest and fewer disruptions in sleep.

2. Accommodates Couples

Depending on your RV setup and existing space, most find that two people can comfortably sleep together on a queen size RV mattress.

While a full-size RV mattress technically fits two sleepers, it does feel on the smaller side. The queen allows breathing room so you don’t feel smushed together with your partner.

3. Fits Small Floorplans

Even though the queen mattress offers expanded width, it’s not overly large in an RV setting. The dimensions are tailored to save floor space while maximizing comfort.

You can often fit a standard queen in RV bedroom configurations as small as 24-30 square feet. This includes many hybrid travel trailers, 5th wheels, and Class B/C motorhomes.

If you want even more room than a queen and have ample space, an RV short king may be an option. But queens balance size versus fitting tight spaces incredibly well.

How to Choose a High Quality Queen RV Mattress

Now that you know the what and why of queen RV mattress sizes, let’s explore how to select the best one for your recreational vehicle. Beyond getting the right size, there are a few key factors that affect comfort, support, and durability.

Construction Types

As with mattresses made for households, RV mattresses contain a variety of internal materials and construction techniques. Common options include:

  • Innerspring – A most affordable option that contains steel coils or springs. Can vary widely in quality and lifespan.
  • Memory foam – Known for conforming support and cushioning pressure points. Retains some heat.
  • Latex foam – Provides contouring and bounce-back support. Sleeps cooler than memory foam.
  • Air mattresses – Cheap and lightweight but prone to air leakage over time.
  • Hybrid – Combine materials like latex, memory foam, and springs for blended benefits.

We’ll compare the pros and cons of each RV mattress material later in this guide.

Density, Firmness & Thickness

Beyond materials, here are a few other specifications to look at:

  • DensityHigher density foam, usually measured in pounds per cubic foot, is more durable. 4-8 lb memory foam is ideal.
  • Firmness – Preference varies, but medium to medium-firm works for most. Helps support spine alignment.
  • Thickness – At least 8-10″ is recommended for a quality queen RV mattress. Provides enough padding and support.

Thicker mattresses can enhance comfort but double-check they fit your existing bed frame and space.

Third-Party Certifications

Reputable RV mattress companies will adhere to independent testing programs that certify:

  • Durability and materials used
  • Indoor air quality standards
  • Minimal chemical and VOC emissions
  • Proper physical performance

Look for certifications like:

  • CertiPUR-US – Confirms quality foam and low VOC.
  • OEKO-TEX – Validates textiles meet safety benchmarks.
  • GREENGUARD – Certifies products have low chemical emissions.

These validate what’s inside a mattress you can’t see for yourself.

Match Your Sleep Style

When selecting an RV mattress, it’s also critical to consider your sleeping position – whether you snooze primarily on your side, back, stomach, or combination.

Here is how your sleep style impacts mattress preference:

  • Side sleepers – Need thick comfort layers to cushion shoulders and hips. Memory foam or latex is ideal for contouring pressure points.
  • Back sleepers – Require moderate conforming support from materials like latex or adaptive foam. Prevent sagging around the midsection.
  • Stomach sleepers – Need enough firmness to keep the spine properly aligned. Denser foams prevent sinking into soft mattresses.
  • Combination – If you change positions often, target a versatile medium firmness level to accommodate shifting needs.

If you sleep with a partner, compromise may be needed on preferences for firmness and material.

By buying an RV mattress suited to your particular sleep habits, you’ll rest far more comfortably during overnight adventures.

5 Best Materials for Queen RV Mattresses

Now that we’ve covered the basics specs and features to look for, let’s compare the pros, cons, and characteristics of the most common queen RV mattress material components.

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the most popular mattress materials for RVs and households alike. What sets it apart is the ability to conform very closely to the body through subtle warming from your heat. This helps relieve pressure on hips and shoulders for side sleepers in particular.

However, some people complain memory foam retains heat or gives them a “stuck” feeling. Newer generations have improved breathability and responsiveness but the sinking feel remains.


  • Exceptional pressure relief
  • Wide range of densities and firmness
  • Good for motion isolation
  • Conforms closely to shape for comfort


  • Some heat retention
  • Can have a stuck feeling
  • Questionable long-term durability

Popular brands like Arctic Dreams and Novaform offer quality RV mattresses featuring memory foam.

2. Latex Foam

For a more resilient alternative, latex foam mattresses provide impressive contouring support like memory foam but with a bit more “lift” and cooling airflow through the material. It gently conforms while maintaining a bit of pleasant bounce.

100% natural or blended synthetic latex can work well for RVs. And latex holds up better than cheaper forms of foam or poor-quality springs. But it comes at a price – latex RV mattresses usually cost more.


  • Conforms while maintaining some bounce
  • Sleeps cooler than memory foam
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Natural option available
  • Less motion transfer


  • More expensive than other foams
  • Heavy and harder to install in an RV

If considering a latex mattress, FloBeds, and Flexus Comfort make nice RV models.

3. Pocket Coil Springs

The most affordable option is usually an innerspring mattress for RVs featuring steel coils or pocket springs. These provide a traditional springy feeling many know and love. Models range widely in quality, with better ones having thicker tempered steel and more coils.

But over time, innersprings tend to develop sags or indentations losing their support and comfort. And they transfer more motion between sleepers. The best brands offer at least 10-year warranties on their coil systems.


  • Most affordable option
  • Familiar bouncy, supportive feel
  • Many firmness options


  • Durability issues over 3-5 years
  • Transfers motion between sleepers
  • Can be noisy
  • Need padding for pressure relief

For a basic but more reliable innerspring, the DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a nice choice.

4. Air Mattresses

While very affordably priced and easy to inflate, air mattress quality can be hit or miss. Cheaper ones easily develop air leaks or stretch out over time losing shape and support. But more advanced models for RVs are getting better at preventing sagging and deflation.

If considering an air bed, pay close attention to durability claims in product details and warranties. And mattress toppers can help provide a more comfortable sleeping surface.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very easy setup
  • Affordable price points
  • Some higher-end better quality


  • Durability and air retention questions
  • This can mean sleeping discomfort
  • Need toppers for cushioning

The AirBedz Lite PPI PV203C Truck Bed Air Mattress is one top-rated option with coil beam construction.

5. Hybrid Models

For the best of both worlds of conforming support and resilient bounce, hybrid RV mattresses combine materials like latex, gel foam, springs, and air pads. By integrating different components, hybrids aim for an ideal blend of cushioning comfort and stable support.

Reputable brands engineer the layers to work together smoothly. And you can get customizable firmness, thickness, and materials. However the advanced construction means most hybrids sit at higher price points.


  • Balances conforming and bounce
  • Customizable materials and firmness
  • Matches varying preferences
  • Above average lifespans


  • Typically one of the more expensive options
  • Heavier than foam by itself

Hybrid brands like Diamond and Brooklyn Bedding make exceptional combination RV mattress models.

What Are Your Queen RV Mattress Size Options?

If you decide a queen best fits your RV space and priorities for comfort, there remain a few sizing variations of queens tailored specifically to RVs and trailers.

Let’s outline the dimensions and purposes of specialty queen sizes.

Short Queen Mattress

Some mattress makers produce a “short queen” RV mattress with the same 60-inch width but a shorter length of 75 inches instead of 80. This gives you 5 inches of length back for tight spaces.

Key Dimensions

  • Width – 60 inches
  • Length – 75 inches

While you lose a touch of legroom, the difference isn’t dramatic. Yet gaining extra clearance at the foot of the bed can help in particularly small setups.

If you’re nearly maxing out a space with a standard queen, a short queen RV mattress brings welcome flexibility.

Olympic Queen

On the other end of the size spectrum lies the Olympic queen RV mattress. This expands the width by 6 more inches to 66 inches total. But it retains the common 80-inch queen length.

Key Dimensions

  • Width – 66 inches
  • Length – 80 inches

With an Olympic queen, you get even more generous personal sleeping space. It essentially splits the difference between a standard queen and a king. This wider surface makes it ideal for couples with pets who want to spread out and share the bed.

Just confirm it fits existing cabinetry or walls on either side around the mattress.

Split Queen Mattress

An interesting queen variation for RVs is the split queen mattress. This takes a traditional queen-size bed and divides it down the middle into two 30” wide twin-size mattresses. But they can still be used together on an RV platform for couples’ preference.

They often include straps to hold the split mattress pieces together. By dividing them, it makes rotating and replacing each half easier. And you can unzip covers to rearrange foam layers.

If you want flexibility to separate or reconfigure mattress halves, a split queen lets you customize for each sleeper.

RV Mattress Queen Size Comparisons

To quickly visualize the difference between these RV-appropriate queen mattress sizes:

Standard Queen60”80”
Short Queen60”75”
Olympic Queen66”80”
Split QueenTwo 30″ pieces80”

This covers the range of queen dimensions available for recreational vehicles. Figure out sizing that makes sense for your existing frame, room dimensions, and comfort wants.

Many standard queen sizes should squeeze into most RV setups. But if you’re tight on clearance, short queens save length. And Olympic queens give you expansiveness for a couple plus pets.

Do You Need a Special RV Bed Frame?

A common question is whether you need an RV-specific mattress frame or foundation to pair with your new queen bed.

The good news is most standard household queen sizes work fine sitting right on OEM RV mattress platforms. So no need to purchase special RV foundations or adjustable bases in many instances.

As long as the platform bed frame built into your RV camper supports the mattress properly without widths or lengths hanging off awkwardly, a household queen should align fine. No special RV adaptation is needed.

That said, carefully measure how a 60” width by 80” length queen mattress would fit in your existing motorhome or travel trailer bedroom. Make sure cabinets, walls or ceilings give adequate buffer space without squeezing or pressing into the mattress edges.

And assess whether you have clearance underneath for thickness. Many quality RV mattresses run 8-14 inches thick. Ensure enough height so it’s not smashed into overhead compartments once inflated and uncompressed fully.

As always, reference mattress specifications to confirm sizing fits your exact camper before buying. But rarely do you need RV-specific frames or foundations nowadays for most standard mattress sizes.

Can You Custom Order Queen RV Mattress Sizes?

If you have a uniquely shaped RV bedroom requiring a tailored mattress size, another option is custom-ordering a mattress.

A number of reputable RV and mattress brands like Wolf Mattress, AirBedz and Starcraft allow you to customize mattress dimensions. This includes modifying:

  • Length and width requirements
  • Materials used like springs, latex layers, etc.
  • Firmness and thickness
  • Shaping edge contours

Basically whatever your particular RV calls for.

The custom building does come at an extra cost versus pre-made standard RV mattress sizes. But for irregular spaces or to get that absolutely perfect surface built for your body type and sleeping habits, customization rocks!

Just provide your exact sizing needs and material requests to brands offering personalized services. The costs vary quite a bit based on materials used, degree of modification requested, and location fees. But nice custom models seem to run $800 on up.

Top 8 Queen RV Mattress Brands

If shopping for a new queen mattress to enhance sleep comfort in your RV, where do you start? Which brands rank as the best for recreational vehicles and camping trailers?

Through extensive analysis of product quality, reviews, and reputation, we’ve identified the top manufacturers of queen RV mattresses across different material types, price points and benefits.

1. Arctic Dreams

Best Memory Foam

With over 30,000 reviews and stellar ratings on Amazon, Arctic Dreams leads among the brands using dense memory foam in their RV mattresses. They offer both a 10” and 12” profile integrating cooling gel layers to prevent heat buildup. Plus a medium-firm density is ideal for couples and combination sleepers.

Exceptional quality at very reasonable price points makes Arctic Dreams a top value and a great way to enjoy memory foam. They provide versatile queen-size options as well as twin and short queen RV mattresses. Their supportive foam layers promote proper spinal alignment through contours and cradling of shape.

Price range: $250 – $430

2. Zinus

Most Affordable Quality

For impressive value without compromising comfort, Zinus makes a wide selection of RV-friendly mattresses that won’t break your budget. Their most popular 12” Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam model provides conforming support and cooling airflow at under $400 in queen.

They use high-density foams and quality covers for durability. Various firmness levels suit side or back preferences. And strong edge support prevents you from sliding off sides – helpful in smaller RV spaces. Overall, Zinus does an amazing job fusing affordable pricing with comfortable multi-layer foam mattresses ideal for recreational vehicles.

Price range: $210 – $500

3. Dynasty Mattress

Best for Airflow

Leading the way in breathability and keeping RV sleepers cooler, DynastyMattress integrates multiple cooling components like gel foam, airflow channels, and perforations to allow air circulation.

This helps regulate temperature so you don’t wake in sweats from foam heat retention. They offer both memory foam and hybrid options tailoring firmness and thickness to your preferences. Sizes range from twin up to short king RV mattresses.

Constructed in the USA, DynastyMattress makes quality and affordable beds especially nice for hot sleepers who want airflow.

Price range: $299 – $699

4. Dreamfoam Bedding

Best Latex

If wanting an alternative to memory foam, Dreamfoam Bedding by Brooklyn Bedding creates high-performing RV mattresses with Talalay latex. This provides the welcome bounce, breathability, and heat regulation compared to cheaper foams.

They offer an awesome organic latex model as well as innovative copper gel foam and hybrid latex mattresses ideal for RV motorhomes. Thicknesses range from 8” up to a plush 14″ profile. Sizes available include twin, short queen, and standard 60” width queen.

Expect first-rate materials and robust support from their advanced latex mattresses at reasonable prices.

Price range: $260 – $1,199


Most Customizable

For RV enthusiasts wanting options to customize mattress components to their exact preferences, LEVEN leads the pack. Their proprietary mattress builder lets you select variables like:

  • Materials: foam, latex foam, micro coils, foam-encased coils
  • Firmness scale 1-10
  • Thickness up to 12”
  • Organic fabric covers

Basically, tailor every aspect for your optimal combination of support and cushioning. Costs range higher given the bespoke production. But for those wanting personalization, Leven brings best-in-class modification capability.

Price range: $1,200 – $1,800

6. Wolf Mattress

Top Hybrid

Wolf Corporation rules the roost when it comes to exceptional hybrid innerspring RV mattresses. For over 90 years, they’ve handcrafted mattresses with quality materials and workmanship. Their Hybrid Plus model features gel foam, latex, micro coils, airflow layers, and a high-grade wrapped coil unit.

Reviews consistently praise their balanced comfort, breathability, and durable performance. They offer both standard queen and short queen options, along with an Organic Natural Latex bed. For hybrid innerspring lovers, Wolf Mattress earns near-universal rave reviews.

Price range: $1,100 – $1,700

7. Flexus Comfort

Best Latex Hybrid

Combining latex foam comfort layers over pocketed support springs, Flexus Comfort makes trophy-winning hybrid RV mattresses with ideal blends of cushioning and stability.

Their Quadra-Flex design has four layers of Talalay latex working in concert with Fabric-Encased Support Coils to bring superb comfort and pressure relief. It sleeps incredibly cool while eliminating motion transfer between partners. Pairs are awesome with adjustable bases. Sizes range from twin up to short king.

Year after year, Flexus earns accolades for their exquisitely designed hybrid line blending latex and springs.

Price Range: $1,400 – $3,700

8. 11″ Idle Sleep RV Mattress

Best Flippable Hybrid

If wanting the ability to flip your mattress for rotating even wear and enhanced lifespan, check out Idle Sleep. Their innovative design offers distinctly different firmness layers on each side. One side is luxury plush while the other is firmer for back support. Just rotate between preferences.

They integrate tempered steel coils, high-density foam, and sturdy edges all made in the USA. Materials include CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certification for health standards. Reviews praise exceptional quality with affordable pricing.

Price range: $1,136

Key Considerations When Buying A Queen RV Mattress

Nearly ready to select the perfect new queen mattress for your RV upgrade? Before deciding on a specific model, lastly walk through these essential tips for getting the ideal mattress.

Precisely Measure Your Current RV Mattress Space

Before any shopping, accurately define the length x width maximums that will fit your existing RV bed frame and room layout. Remember queen dimensions of 60” x 80” may fit acceptably. But if very tight on clearance, a short queen RV mattress with a 75” length could work better.

Make absolutely sure whatever mattress dimensions you target will properly squeeze into the exact confines of your trailer or motorhome bedroom. Nothing worse than an otherwise awesome mattress showing up but failing to align right. So meticulously measure ahead of time so your choice aligns.

Set Your Budget Expectations

Next, set realistic budget expectations for both the mattress itself plus any taxes and shipping. Good quality queen RV mattresses range widely from around $250 up to $2,000 or more. Define your comfortable price ceiling then find optimal choices at that level.

You want the most features, comfort, and durability you can afford. But no need to overspend if models meeting your needs fit below budget. Define price range then seek best matches.

Determine Material & Firmness Preferences

Think through what kind of materials and firmness appeal based on previous mattress experiences. Would you prefer conforming memory foam, latex lift, or hybrid combinations? Medium-firm, plush soft, or extra firm?

Consider what worked or disappointed you before then seek RV-friendly matches aligned with personal preferences. No one mattress universally fits all desires so reflect on ideal components for your best night’s rest.

Ensure Support For the Foundation

Factor in what sort of base or foundation you plan on placing the mattress atop. Will you use an existing RV bed platform or bunk area? Or maybe an adjustable base for custom positioning?

Ensure your prospective mattress can be properly supported by the RV furniture or foundation intended. Though many RV-specific mattresses flex appropriately to odd spaces and bases. Just determine that solid support awaits whatever model is selected.

Buy During Sales Holidays

Keep an eye out near major holiday weekends for opportunities to save money through sales and promotions. Brands often discount around Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, etc. If you can be a little patient, chances are you’ll find a nice markdown from MSRP prices. Sign up for newsletters to learn about the latest deals.

While securing awesome comfort for your RV escapes remains a top priority, who isn’t happy saving a few bucks in the process?

Frequently Asked Questions About Queen size RV Mattresses

Still, have a few uncertainties about selecting the ideal queen mattress for your recreational rig? These common questions we get can clarify the remaining aspects.

Do you have to get a special RV queen mattress?

Nope! In most instances, a regular household queen-size mattress will work fine in your trailer or motorhome bedroom. Brands like Tuft & Needle, Casper, and Leesa make models that work nicely.

The key difference with a mattress labeled RV Queen is they are usually an inch or so shorter in length and width to accommodate tight spaces. But household queens typically fit fine.

The main thing is confirming length, width, and height specifications match your exact existing cutouts.

What thickness queen mattress works best?

We recommend at least 8-12 inches thick for a suitable queen RV mattress. Anything less than 8” tends to compress too easily with body weight leading to materials bottoming out. But also verify thicker 12+ inch models allow enough clearance underneath camper overhead storage compartments once fully inflated.

That sweet spot of 8-12 inches gives nice conforming layers of cushioning support without slamming into ceilings.

Is an RV short queen better for couples?

While a few inches shorter than standard, a 60” width by 75” length RV short queen can definitely still accommodate couples, plus even medium-sized dogs. You lose a bit of legroom but gain back clearance.

Yet for two average-height adults, 60” across still allows cozying together with no problem. As long as you don’t require a longer length for foot space, short queen RV mattresses rock for duo sleeping.

How much do queen RV mattresses weigh?

Expect a compressed queen RV mattress to weigh 65 to 140 lbs based on the materials used and thickness. Foam and latex models skew towards the lower end while hybrids with heavy steel coils hit higher weights. Bed-in-a-box brands usually ship beds vacuum sealed around 60-80 lbs.

If needing help manipulating the mattress, dimensions, and weight should be reasonable for two people lifting into campers. But very thick or spring-heavy builds might require three-person positioning.

Top Queen Mattresses for RVs Comparison

To quickly contrast leading options for RV queen mattress models across brands, here is a helpful comparison chart:

Arctic DreamsSupreme12″Gel Memory FoamMedium Firm$$
Zinus12″ Cloud Memory Foam12″Gel Memory FoamPlush$
DynastyMattressGrand Cool Breeze14”Gel Memory Foam + AirFlow FoamMedium Firm$$
Dreamfoam BeddingElements Latex Mattress10”100% Natural LatexMedium Firm$$$
LEVEN10″ Latex HybridCustomLatex Foam + Pocket CoilsCustom$$$
Wolf MattressCrown Jewel Hybrid Plus14”Memory Foam + Micro Coils + Quantum Wrapped CoilsPlush/Firm options$$$
Flexus ComfortQuadra-Flex10”Talalay Latex + Fabric Encased CoilsMedium Firm$$$$
Idle SleepIdle RV Mattress11”Gel Foam + Pocket CoilsFlippable Firmness$$

This covers a nice range of top-reviewed mattress brands specializing in RV-friendly queen-size models across preferences for materials, thickness, firmness, and pricing.

Find the option with your ideal blend of support, breathability, and cushioning comfort tailored exactly for recreational vehicle living spaces.

Wrapping Up How to Select the Best Queen RV Mattress

We hope this all-encompassing guide better equipped you to find your supreme match among the top queen size RV mattresses.

Key takeaways in recap:

  • Queen-width suits couples with more room than full-size
  • Focus on quality materials and certifications signals durability
  • Choose a mattress tailored to your sleep style
  • Measure precisely for the ideal fit
  • Set a budget then seek the best match
  • Time purchases around holiday sales

Whatever adventure you’re preparing for – camping along coastlines, boondocking off the beaten track, or cruising cross-country – make those miles infinitely more enjoyable with a perfect night’s sleep courtesy of your outstanding new RV queen mattress. Pleasant dreams and safe travels!

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