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Best Metal Queen Bed Frames for Durability and Support



Introduction to Metal Queen Bed Frame

If you’re in the market for a new bed frame to fit your queen-size mattress, a metal queen bed frame offers unbeatable structural strength and support compared to other frame materials. Metal like steel and iron create a solid, durable base for your mattress that avoids annoying squeaks and motion transfers that can disrupt your sleep or your partner’s.

What is a Metal Queen Bed Frame?

A metal bed frame is exactly what it sounds like – a sturdy bed base made from metal to provide support for your mattress. Metal frames for queen beds are specifically designed to fit a standard queen mattress dimension of 60” wide by 80” long.

The most common metals used to construct bed frames are steel and iron. Both offer exceptional strength and durability to handle the demands of daily use for years. Alloy blends combining different metals are also sometimes used.

Benefits of Choosing a Metal Queen Frame

Metal bed frames provide a number of advantages over wood, adjustable, or platform bed frames:

  • Sturdy support – Metal is unmatched in its weight-bearing capacity and structural integrity. It provides firm, rigid support for your mattress and resists bending or buckling under pressure.
  • Durability – Properly maintained metal frames can easily last 10-20 years or longer. They resist cracking and loosening like wood frames may.
  • Noise-free – With no joinery or connections like a wood frame or moving parts like an adjustable frame, metal frames prevent squeaking or motion disruptions.
  • Cost – Simple metal frames tend to be very budget-friendly, costing far less than more complex platform beds or solid wood frames. You can invest the savings in a premium mattress instead!
  • Aesthetic – Metal frames have an appealing contemporary, trendy look. They seamlessly fit modern, industrial, or minimalist decor styles.
  • Mobility – Lightweight construction makes most metal frames easy to move and flip for cleaning or rearranging.

Clearly metal offers a lot of practical advantages as a bed base. But not all metal queen frames are created equal. Next, let’s go over what specifications to look for as you shop.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Metal Queen Bed Frame

While shopping for a metal queen frame, keep the following characteristics in mind:

Type of Metal Used

The type of metal impacts durability and risk of rusting or corrosion:

  • Steel – The go-to choice for strength and affordability. Can be alloy-coated like zinc or powder-coated to resist rust. Avoid unprotected low-carbon steel.
  • Iron – Slightly more prone to rusting but very sturdy. Wrought iron has a charming look. Cast iron is exceptionally heavy-duty.
  • Alloys – Blends of metals like steel, aluminum, and copper. Resilient and resistant to corrosion. Zinc and aluminum alloys prevent rust.


Frame height impacts accessibility and mattress support. Consider standard bed heights vs low profile or extra tall options:

  • Standard: 6”-18” – Works with most mattresses. Easy to get into. Fits existing sheets.
  • Low: Under 6” – Easier to get in/out of. Harder to use under-bed storage.
  • Extra Tall/Storage: Over 18’ –Storage drawers under mattress. Higher to sit on the side of the bed.

Design and Style

Beyond height, frame design varies greatly in terms of shape, accents, and flair:

  • Simple – Just metal bars or rails. Allows you to accessorize to your taste.
  • Elaborate – Unique shapes, curved lines, and decorative metalwork accents.
  • Industrial – Exposed nuts/bolts, metal cross beams, riveted joints.
  • Upholstered – Padded fabric overlaying metal base for softness. Tufted or channel-style stitching.

Additional Features

Consider convenient extras like storage, adjustability, mobility, and compatibility:

  • Storage drawers – Underbed drawers or side cabinets for maximizing space.
  • Adjustable height – Hydraulics allow custom height configurations.
  • Wheels – Built-in casters to roll frame for cleaning or rearranging.
  • Headboard/Footboard brackets – Attachment points to add decorative boards. Ensure compatibility.

Now that you know how to assess the critical specifications of metal queen bed frames, let’s look at reviews of the top-rated models available…

Reviews of the Best Metal Queen Bed Frames

Below I’ll provide in-depth reviews of my top picks for metal queen bed frames across budget, luxury, storage, industrial, and other categories based on testing and reviewer feedback.

1. Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

Zinus faux leather bed frame Best Metal Bed Frame With Headboard

The Zinus Gerard faux leather upholstered platform bed is my #1 pick for best metal bed frame with a stylish headboard integrated into the design.

  • Faux brown leather padded headboard, footboard, and side rails integrated in the frame create a warm, luxurious look. No need to purchase a separate headboard!
  • 14 inches high – great height for sitting comfortably with back support from headboard
  • Sturdy steel frame and support slats include plastic caps to prevent noise
  • Easy tool-free assembly in under an hour
  • Available in queen, king, and cal king sizes
  • Dimensions – 66 x 87 x 14 inches; weighs 121 pounds

With its rich, tufted leather padding embellishing the strong steel base, the Zinus Gerard bed achieves a striking balance of contemporary elegance and support. The faux leather gives off premium vibes without a lofty price tag. With noise-eliminating construction and a perfectly livable 14 inch height, it checks all the boxes as an exceptional metal platform bed.

2. Best Choice Products Platform Metal Bed Frame

Best Queen Metal Bed Frame With Storage

Best Choice Products metal bed frame with storage

For maximizing underbed storage space, the Best Choice Products platform metal frame is a top pick thanks to built-in drawer storage on roller wheels.

  • Includes 3 spacious underbed storage drawers, 1 on each side and 1 at foot of bed
  • Drawers have safety stops and non-slip lining along with convenient side handles
  • Durable steel frame with center support leg and foam padded tape to prevent noise
  • Reinforced steel slat system supports weight up to 500 lbs
  • Skid-resistant cap feet prevent floor damage
  • Easy assembly – no tools required
  • 5 year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Bed dimensions – 80 x 60 x 11 inches
  • Drawer dimensions (each)- 11” (H) x 26” (W) x 19” (D)

The Best Choice Products metal frame offers ample, smooth-gliding underbed storage drawers to help maintain a tidy room. At an affordable price backed by a 5-year warranty, it’s an excellent foundation to build your ideal bedroom setup.

3. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Olee Sleep extra tall bed frame Best Extra Tall Metal Queen Bed Frame

With its towering 14 inch height and reinforced steel construction to support over 1500 pounds, the Olee Sleep 14” bed frame is purpose-built for extra tall mattresses.

  • Made from 100% cold rolled steel with interlocking steel slats
  • No box spring needed – works with most mattress types
  • Reinforced bars and center legs prevent sagging; noise-reducing tape
  • Impressive 1500 lb weight capacity
  • 14” height helps taller people sit comfortably on edge of bed
  • Easy assembly in minutes with no tools required
  • Available in twin, full, and cal king sizes too
  • Frame dimensions – 81 x 61 x 14 inches; weighs 50 pounds

There’s no need for a box spring with this durable heavy-duty steel frame. The generous 14 inch clearance gives sufficient height for storage drawers or for taller occupants. It can also accommodate plush mattresses like pillow tops. For heavyweight support and lift, the Olee Sleep metal frame is a standout choice.

4. Murray Platform Bed Frame

Murray platform bed frame

Best Industrial Metal Queen Bed Frame

Channel rugged warehouse vibes with the Murray Platform bed frame. Its riveted steel channels and exposed hardware look straight out of a Brooklyn loft.

  • Made in USA – 100% US & imported steel construction
  • Textured black or silver powder coated finish
  • Multiple height options from 6” to 18”
  • Heavy-duty 2”x 2” steel tube side rails and cross bars
  • Optional headboard/footboard brackets sold separately
  • Impressive 500 lb weight capacity per side beam
  • Quick assembly with included tools
  • 5 year limited warranty

The Murray frame combines exceptional American craftsmanship with a tough-as-nails industrial aesthetic. While mimicking an old factory cart, it boasts thick premium steel construction with cross bar reinforcement. Sweat the small stuff in the bedroom no more with this ultra-sturdy metal foundation built to handle big loads.

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

I hope this detailed guide and queen metal bed frame reviews give you confidence to choose the ideal metal foundation to meet your budget, storage, height, style, and mattress support needs.

Here’s a quick summary of my top recommendations:

  • Best Overall Metal Frame – Zinus Gerard Upholstered Platform Bed
  • Best Storage Bed Frame – Best Choice Products Underbed 3 Drawer Storage
  • Best Industrial Look – Murray Platform Bed Frame
  • Best for Tall Mattresses – Olee Sleep 14 Inch Reinforced Frame

Ultimately metal bed frames beat wood alternatives for rock-solid support, sleek aesthetics, and affordability. Be sure to select the optimal height for your bedroom furniture and check that any headboard or footboards match up to the frame width.

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