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Finding the Right Memory Foam Mattress Hush



Introduction to Memory Foam Mattress Hush

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what’s so great about Hush memory foam mattresses and how to choose the best one for your needs. As someone who has lost a few too many nights of sleep on the wrong mattress, I get it!

Let’s start from the top and go through what makes Hush mattresses special, the different models they offer, and how to pick the perfect one for the way you sleep. I’ll even throw in some tips I’ve learned from my own trial-and-error mattress-testing adventures!

What Makes Hush Mattresses Stand Out?

Hush may not be as well known as some other mattress brands, but they’ve made quite a name for themselves in just a few short years. Hush only makes memory foam and hybrid mattresses, so they’ve really refined and perfected what they do best – cushioning comfort!

Here’s why Hush mattresses have been catching on fast:

  • They’re affordable – For the quality, their prices are pretty unbeatable. The company saves money by selling directly to consumers online rather than through stores. They pass those savings on to us!
  • Cooling technology – Hot, sweaty summer nights will be a thing of the past. Hush uses cooling gels, perforations, and other design tricks to prevent heat buildup.
  • Generous trial period – You get 100 nights to test out your Hush mattress at home. And they’ll pick it up for free if you don’t love it.
  • Rave reviews – Over 21,000 happy customers have given Hush mattresses 4.7 out of 5 stars. Those are some glowing reviews!

Now let’s take a look at the mattress lineup so you know your options…

Hush Memory Foam Mattress Models

Hush keeps their mattress selection streamlined with 5 core models ranging from budget-friendly to luxury. They all come in the typical sizes – single up to super king. Here’s a quick overview:

Gel Memory Foam – This contains a layer of gel-infused memory foam that adapts to your shape while keeping cool. Great for sweaty sleepers!

Classic Memory Foam – The simple, affordable choice with 3 layers of cushioning foam. Good for pressure relief and motion isolation.

Cooling Hybrid – Combines responsive pocket springs and cooling memory foam. One of their most advanced options.

Natural Memory Foam – Made from eco-friendly materials like organic wool and natural latex. A greener choice.

Pocket Sprung Memory Foam – Hundreds of springs reinforce the support while memory foam relieves aches. The best of both worlds.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty details for each model…

Hush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re a hot sleeper, the Hush Gel Memory Foam mattress could be a total game changer. It uses a specially engineered gel foam layer that allows more airflow and heat dissipation than solid memory foam. Those little cooling gel beads pull heat away from your body so you sleep cooler.

Beyond keeping you chill, the gel memory foam also cradles your curves to alleviate pressure points. Areas like your shoulders and hips get contouring support. The foam encasement around the edges keeps you supported when sitting on the side of the bed.

Who will get the best ZZZs on the Hush Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Hot sleepers who run warm or wake up in sweats
  • Side sleepers who need shoulder and hip cushioning
  • Couples since it isolates motion super well
  • Fans of that classic memory foam “sinking in” feel

Hush Classic Memory Foam Mattress

Maybe you don’t need all the fancy cooling features and just want a basic, comfortable memory foam mattress. Then take a look at the Hush Classic Memory Foam.

It delivers contouring pressure relief with 3 simple layers of adaptive memory foam. The top gently cushions, the middle provides transition support, and the base layer gives deep, durable support.

An ergonomic shoulder zone adds extra cushioning to promote proper spinal alignment. The edges are reinforced with foam encasement so they won’t compress when you sit on the side. It’s great for sharing since the foam absorbs movement.

Who’s suited to the Hush Classic Memory Foam?

  • Budget shoppers who want quality at a lower cost
  • All kinds of sleepers – side, back, stomach, combo
  • Partners who want minimal disturbance
  • People recovering from injuries that need gentle support

Hush Cooling Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are super popular right now for their responsive, buoyant feel. Hush combines contouring memory foam and over 1000 pocket springs to make a luxury hybrid that keeps cool.

Strategic perforations in the memory foam improve airflow. A plush bamboo cover wicks away moisture to keep you dry all night. Individually wrapped springs cradle your body’s natural curves. More springs in the lumbar zone offer exceptional spinal support.

Who will love the Hush Cooling Hybrid Mattress?

  • Those wanting a hybrid with the pressure relief of memory foam
  • Hot sleepers seeking maximum cooling power
  • People with back pain who benefit from targeted lumbar support
  • Couples since the springs reduce motion transfer

Hush Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Maybe you’re looking for a non-toxic, eco-friendly mattress. Then you’ll like the Hush Natural Memory Foam. It uses OEKO-TEX-certified foam made without harmful chemicals.

A natural wool top layer regulates temperature and wicks moisture better than synthetic fibers. Even the Celliant cover is specially woven to absorb body heat and reflect it back as infrared energy, promoting a deeper sleep. Pretty cool, right?

Who is the Hush Natural Memory Foam suited for?

  • Eco-conscious folks wanting responsibly sourced materials
  • People sensitive to chemicals or odors
  • Hot or sweaty sleepers due to the temperature-regulating wool
  • Kids and teens since it’s non-toxic and comfortable

Hush Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

This hybrid pairs over 2100 full-sized pocket springs with a luxurious layer of memory foam. You get the individualized support of the pocket coils along with the cushioning comfort of memory foam.

The springs are encased separately so they respond just to your body’s shape, not your partner’s tossing and turning. This creates excellent spinal alignment along with relief at pressure points. Reinforced edges provide stability getting in and out of bed.

Who gets the benefits of the Hush Pocket Sprung Memory Foam?

  • People wanting responsive support from pocket springs
  • Those who like the contouring of memory foam but don’t want to feel “stuck”
  • Partners since the coils absorb less motion
  • Hot sleepers thanks to increased airflow from the springs

How Do You Know Which Hush Mattress is Best?

With so many great options, how can you decide? Here are my top tips for choosing the ideal Hush mattress for YOUR needs:

Look at your usual sleep position – Side sleepers need more cushioning comfort. Back and stomach sleepers need extra support. Combination sleepers need responsiveness and ease of changing positions.

Consider your body type – Petite people don’t want to sink in too much. Heavier individuals need thicker comfort layers for sufficient support. Average body types are suited to a range of feelings.

Factor in sleeping hot – If you run warm or sweat a lot at night, prioritize cooling airflow from gels, springs, wool, and other moisture-wicking materials.

Evaluate pain points – Those with shoulder, back or hip pain should look for zoned support and pressure-relieving memory foam.

Think about motion transfer – Couples will want options with superior motion isolation like memory foam or pocket springs.

Prioritize natural materials – For an eco-friendly vibe, the Hush Natural has you covered with responsibly sourced materials.

The good news is that Hush offers free delivery and returns, so you can experience a mattress for yourself risk-free! Their 100-night trial is one of the longest in the industry.

I hope this guide helps you pick out the perfect Hush mattress for the best night’s sleep ever! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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