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Mattress Outlet – How to Find the Best Deals & Brands



Shopping for a new mattress can be an expensive endeavor. Premium mattresses from leading brands often cost over $1,000 for a queen size. However, visiting a mattress outlet offers an affordable alternative to get a high-quality bed at a fraction of the normal price.

Mattress outlets specialize in selling brand-name mattresses at steep discounts. They offer many benefits beyond just the lower prices. Read on to learn all about mattress outlets, what sets them apart, and how to find the very best deals.

What Are Mattress Outlets and How Do They Offer Such Discounts?

Mattress outlets are stores that exclusively sell mattresses, typically at significantly reduced prices compared to traditional retailers. These warehouses or showrooms carry an ever-changing inventory of factory closeouts, discontinued models, floor samples, and returned items.

The mattresses are often the same brands sold in furniture stores and national chains. However, outlets acquire them straight from the manufacturers or distributors at a heavy discount. They then pass those savings directly on to you.

There are a few main types of stores that are considered mattress outlets:

  • Factory Direct Outlets – Owned by mattress manufacturers to sell overstock and imperfect products directly to consumers. Since there is no middleman, prices stay very low.
  • Furniture Store Outlets – Offer excess floor model stock and customer returns from their main furniture showrooms. Items are used but usually only briefly.
  • Independent Mattress Outlets – These standalone stores specialize exclusively in liquidating mattress warehouse inventory, factory seconds, older models, floor samples from other retailers, and more.

The common theme across outlets is volume. To keep overhead costs down and profits up, they aim to constantly turn over inventory. Mattress availability will vary week to week as hot deals come and go. Call ahead to check on current promotions or models.

5 Key Benefits of Buying From Mattress Outlets

Beyond the alluring markdowns, mattress outlets provide quite a few advantages over other retailers. Consider the perks:

  • Deep Discounts – The number one benefit is obviously the discounted prices, usually 20-60% less than MSRP.
  • In-Person Testing – Have you ever buy a mattress online only to find it feels completely different at home? Outlets let you test in advance.
  • Huge Selection – From memory foam to latex and hybrid, various brands, materials, and price points are under one roof.
  • Immediate Availability – Take it home right away instead of waiting on delivery timelines.
  • Flexible Policies – Many outlets offer perks like free shipping or old mattress removal along with more lenient return timeframes.

What Should I Know Before Heading to an Outlet?

To make the most of your mattress outlet shopping experience, arm yourself with information beforehand about the products, policies, and negotiation strategies.

Learn About Mattress Types, Sizes, Materials

There will likely be options from basic budget picks all the way to higher-end beds. First, know the terminology and components to understand what you’re buying:

  • Types – Memory foam, latex foam, innerspring, hybrid
  • Sizes – Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king dimensions
  • Materials – Memory foam density, coil gauge, and counts, certifications like CertiPUR-US®
  • Construction – Number and purpose of layers, quality of materials, etc.

Doing this prep work helps you hone in on the best match for your preferences, room, body type, and budget.

Read Mattress Outlet Reviews

Reviews provide transparent feedback from fellow bargain hunters on outlet service, quality, selection, and overall experience. Search for the top-rated ones in your area to maximize your chances of satisfaction.

Key aspects shoppers typically comment on:

  • Customer service responsiveness
  • Store cleanliness and organization
  • Delivery timeframes and service
  • Product selection and discount levels
  • Return/exchange process ease
  • Recommendations of best deals they found

What About Warranties and Returns?

One common misconception is that outlet mattress purchases have zero warranties or guarantees. While each store sets its own policy, many stand behind what they sell.

Returns tend to be more restrictive than buying straight from a mattress brand store. Usually, outlets provide comfort guarantees anywhere from several weeks up to 100 nights. Carefully check trial period terms since they vary greatly.

Manufacturing defects are normally covered per the original warranty. However, outlets can be iffy on accepting returns for other reasons like comfort. Ask sales associates to explain outlet-specific policies before purchasing.

Smart Strategies for Finding the Best Deals

Now let’s get into tactics for scoring epic savings at mattress outlets:

Time Your Visit Strategically

Major holiday weekends like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are prime times outlets launch their biggest promotions. Black Friday and Cyber Monday also see major markdowns both in-store and online.

Sign up for email lists to receive advance notice of upcoming sales events. Pay attention to new model launch times too since retailers deeply discount older versions.

Stack Savings Strategies

Take advantage of stores’ savings guarantees and bonus incentives on top of already slashed prices:

  • Price match policies – Many outlets allow you to match and beat a competitor’s current lower price.
  • Open box and floor model discounts – Lightly used display mattresses see significant extra markdowns beyond brand-new ones.
  • Bundle deals – Scoring a mattress and adjustable base together sometimes locks in better pricing.
  • Gift cards – Credit card points, retail gift cards, etc. effectively lower out-of-pocket costs. Don’t forget rewards programs too.

Haggle Respectfully on Discontinued Models

If your heart is set on an older model, respectfully ask if there is any additional wiggle room on the price. Maybe you’ll score an extra 5-10% off!

Inspect Carefully Before Buying

While many floor samples and customer returns were barely used, carefully check the condition since outlets sell as-is. Red flags include:

  • No visible law tags or identifiers
  • Strong chemical or musty odors
  • Noticeable sagging, damage, stains, etc.
  • Attempts to cover flaws with strategically placed decor

Testing in advance prevents getting stuck with a dud!

Key Questions to Ask Before Buying an Outlet Mattress

Don’t be shy about asking outlet sales associates plenty of questions before completing your purchase. Essentials to address:

  • Who is the manufacturer and where was this mattress made?
  • What materials are used and are they certified safe by CertiPUR-US® or other standards?
  • What are the layers and dimensions – thickness, foam densities, coil gauge, etc?
  • What type of foundation or base works best with this specific mattress model? Does using an incompatible one void the warranty?
  • Is there an option to add a mattress protector and what size do you recommend?
  • Do you offer old mattress removal or haul-away services?
  • Are there any fees if I need to return or exchange the mattress? How long is the comfort guarantee period?
  • Can I see a copy of the warranty details in writing? How do I go about submitting a claim if needed?

Getting answers in advance prevents unwelcome surprises down the road! Don’t hesitate to ask for a manager if the sales associate seems unsure or you want a second opinion.

What Should I Absolutely Avoid?

While scoring screaming deals in outlet bargain bins may be tempting, heavily scrutinize products with these red flags:

❌ No visible law tag or product identification details
❌ Noticeable sagging, depressions, or loss of shape
❌ Strong chemical or musty odors emitting from the mattress
❌ Visible stains, rips, holes, tears or other damage
❌ Attempts to disguise flaws by layering on mattress pads or bedding
❌ Sales associates giving pushy, high-pressure tactics to make an immediate decision

Remember – you’re making a long-term investment expected to last 7-10 years. Don’t waste money on damaged goods with reduced lifespans that void warranties. Patiently wait until one in acceptable condition pops up.

Bottom Line on Mattress Outlets

For bargain shoppers, visiting mattress outlets allows you to stretch your dollar significantly further than almost any other retailer. The tradeoff is having patience and doing research since inventory varies so widely.

What you sacrifice in customizability and delivery times, you gain back tenfold in discounts and immediate take-home convenience. Limit risk by inquiring about generous return timeframes and inspecting closely before buying.

Arm yourself with information to navigate the plethora of options in confidence. Now rather than paying full price for a mattress barely meeting needs, outlets make higher quality brands more attainable.

Maximize chances of scoring the perfect bed match by visiting outlets armed with knowledge and flexible timing. Sweet dreams and happy deal hunting!

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