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The Ultimate Guide to Iyee Nature Mattresses – Organic, Sustainable Mattresses



Iyee Nature Mattresses are temperature-regulating natural mattresses that are handcrafted in the US using only organic and natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable mattress option that has gained popularity for their breathable design and ability to adapt to individual comfort needs.

Iyee Nature Mattresses have several certifications vouching for their use of:

  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Organic and natural components like wool, cotton, latex
  • Production methods that reduce waste and toxins

This article will explore Iyee Nature Mattresses more in-depth including their key features and benefits, different models available, buying considerations for shoppers, sizing options, care recommendations, frequently asked questions, and where you can purchase these organic mattresses.

Main Features and Benefits of Iyee Nature Mattresses.

What sets Iyee Nature Mattresses apart?

There are several reasons why shoppers may opt for one of these natural mattress options versus a traditional spring, foam, or hybrid mattress:

  • The breathable design allows increased airflow which helps regulate temperature and humidity levels as you sleep. This moisture control promotes more restful sleep.
  • The materials like wool and cotton used are naturally moisture-wicking which pulls sweat away from the body and towards outer layers where it can evaporate.
  • Between the breathability, moisture control, and adaptive materials used, Iyee mattresses offer superior temperature-regulating abilities compared to synthetic mattresses.
  • All the hypoallergenic materials make them suitable for those with allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivities. No harsh fire retardants are used.
  • As a made-in-USA product using strict quality control checks, they offer exceptional handcrafted quality with tightly sewn seam work and reinforced edges so the mattresses hold their structure and shape over years of consistent use.
  • Instead of harsh fire retardant chemicals, natural fire barriers like wool are used to meet safety standards.
  • Organic, natural materials that are ethically and sustainably sourced are used in these mattresses like GOTS-certified organic cotton, wool from humanely raised sheep, latex tapped from rubber trees without harming the environment.
  • Customization is optionally available so each sleeper can fine-tune the firmness and materials used on their side of the mattress. This personalization ability is unique.

In summary, if you want an organic, natural mattress that allows better temperature regulation for a comfortable sleep climate, Iyee Nature Mattresses are worth considering. Their breathability, moisture-wicking abilities, hypoallergenic, and customizable nature make them a quality choice.

Types of Iyee Nature Mattresses

Iyee Nature offers shoppers, several mattress models, to choose from. By using different material configurations and layer heights, they are able to create mattresses suited for varied needs and budgets.

The Iyee Basic

  • 6” core height
  • 2 layers of organic cotton surround the core
  • Affordable, budget-friendly option
  • Firmer feel

The Iyee Basic uses fewer materials to create a thinner, firmer model that is an inexpensive way to try one of their natural mattresses. With fewer material layers, it still offers moderate contouring for side sleepers along with alleviated pressure points.

The Iyee Hybrid

  • Taller 8” or 10” profiles
  • Zoned ergonomic support core
  • Top layers of wool and cotton
  • Mixed core heights for adjustable comfort

This hybrid has a zoned innerspring core tailored to heavier and lighter body zones along with foams for pressure point relief. It uses more materials allowing for better cushioning and a balance of support with slightly less firmness than the Iyee Basic.

The Iyee Plush

  • 8” thickness
  • Organic wool and cotton comfort system
  • Extra breathability and cushioning
  • Better pressure point relief

With additional wool and cotton layers added to enhance the comfort system, this is their plushest feeling mattress using contouring materials for side sleeping along with pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.

The Iyee Latex

  • 6” or 8” options
  • 3” Dunlop latex comfort layer
  • Zoned ergonomic support core
  • Natural bounce from latex layer
  • Contouring support for spinal alignment

This mattress has a thick, supportive latex layer atop the core allowing exceptional contouring to the shape of your body. Latex offers great pressure relief while having some bounce and breathability.

The Iyee Custom

  • Split king size
  • Customizable firmness, materials, and thickness for each side
  • Accommodates partners with differing needs
  • Half the mattress can be changed out later if needs to evolve

The split king model has separate firmness dials allowing customization down to the half. If you can’t agree with your sleeping partner on feel preferences, this caters to each side especially. Only half needs to be replaced if needs to change over time.

As you can see, Iyee Nature offers mattress models choosing from different core support types, latex or wool comfort layers, various thicknesses, and firmness tunings. This range means shoppers should be able to find an Iyee mattress matching their needs whether that is soft plushness, latex bounce, a basic firm budget option, or a fully personalized bed.

Buying Considerations for an Iyee Nature Mattress.

Navigating all the Iyee Nature Mattress choices, several factors come into play when deciding which model may suit you best:

What Sleeper Are You Shopping For?

Consider your age, body type, weight, and any health issues like back pain, arthritis, or allergies. Needs can vary:

  • Young children often prefer ultra-plush comfort.
  • Heavier individuals require thicker support cores and firmer feels.
  • Side sleepers need shoulder and hip contouring with enough give to cushion protruding joints.

Iyee Nature’s breathable, hypoallergenic design avoids moisture buildup and allergens making them suitable for a wide range of ages and health conditions. Those with sensitivity to chemicals can rest easy.

Do You Have Any Sleep Quality Issues Currently?

Those struggling with overheating, sweating, tossing, and turning due to pressure points or improvement needs in spinal support can benefit from the Iyee mattress’s specialized materials and customizable options that help tailor the bed’s feel.

Consider if you struggle with:

  • Night sweats or heat retention
  • Aches and soreness upon waking
  • Frequent waking up in pain or numbness
  • Tossing and turning and difficulty getting comfortable
  • Mattress sagging, loss of support

An Iyee mattress improves many of these sleep quality issues that affect restfulness.

What Are Your Sleep Habits and Preferences?

Factor whether you more often sleep on your side, back, or stomach. Side sleepers need more plush comfort for shoulders and hips. Back sleepers require lumbar support. Stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer, flatter surface.

Do you like to feel cocooned in softness or do you prefer sleeping “on” vs “in” your bed? This guides decisions between plush and firm. The Iyee custom line allows personalizing firmness so couples can choose a different firmness on each side.

What Temperature Do You Keep Your Bedroom?

If you keep your sleeping quarters warm, moisture-retaining memory foam, heat-trapping synthetics, and thick fluffy top layers may cause night sweats. The wool and cotton used in Iyee mattresses have natural cooling abilities, moisture-wicking, and breathability. Even latex allows 25% better airflow over the foam and adapts as you move.

For those sleeping hot, the Iyee options avoid heat retention. Even the basic Iyee model still uses breathable cotton.

Do You Have Back Pain or Other Pain Issues?

With zones that support heavier and lighter areas of the body, along with gently contouring materials, the Iyee mattresses provide necessary back support while still cushioning pressure points prone to numbness or reduced circulation like hips and shoulders. Customers report pain relief.

If you have chronic back, hip, or shoulder aches, consider the improved spinal alignment and contouring care Iyee Nature mattresses offer.

What Frame Will You Use?

Unlike traditional spring mattresses with coils that easily sag when used without adequate underlying support, Iyee mattresses are designed for platform beds, adjustable bases, or slat foundation use. The latex and foam cores provide durability and structure without dependence on a box spring. This gives you flexibility if using them on an adjustable frame or platform bed popular today.

Do You Have a Set Budget?

Ranging from on the low end for the basic model up to $ for the premium custom bed, Iyee Nature Mattresses span budget to luxury tier pricing given their use of organic certified, ethically produced materials and handcrafted quality. Compared to other natural mattresses, they provide competitive value especially when factoring lifespan and durability from quality components that won’t sag or get lumpy.

Do You Want Accessories Like Adjustable Frames or Pillows?

Bundling one of Iyee’s adjustable bed frame or mattress protector options with your mattress purchase allows you to optimize the benefits. For those wanting to elevate the head or feet, pair with an adjustable base. Adding a waterproof protector safeguards your investment against spills, stains, or other damage.

Iyee also offers custom-sized pillows using their breathable, moisture-wicking materials to complement the mattresses.

Trial Periods and Return Policy

Iyee Nature Mattresses come with 100 night trials allowing you to test out your selected model within your own bedroom to decide if it meets your needs and preferences. If you choose to return the mattress, they coordinate pickup and issue a full refund. This reduces the risk that the model you choose online doesn’t live up to expectations.

Keep these buying considerations in mind when picking the right Iyee Nature Mattress for your situation and sleeping needs. Factor in who the mattress is for, what sleep issues it may help alleviate, your sleep style preferences, bedroom environment, health considerations, bed frame, budget, and preferences around trial periods.

This guides you in selecting the best Iyee mattress variation for you from the types available.

Iyee Nature Mattress Sizing and Dimensions Guide

Iyee Nature Mattresses come in all the typical mattress sizes. Use this sizing chart when picking your preferred dimensions:


  • 38” Width
  • 74.5” Length
  • 6” High Basic Model
  • 8” High Hybrid and Plush
  • 10” High Latex and Custom Models

Twin XL

  • 38” Width
  • 79.5” Length
  • 6”-10” Height Options

Full Size

  • 53” Width
  • 74.5” Length
  • Starts at 8” Thick


  • 60” Width
  • 80” Length
  • Starts at 10” Thick


  • 76” Width
  • 80” Length
  • 8” Basic Height
  • 10”+ Hybrid and Above

California King

  • 72” Width
  • 84” Length
  • 8”+ Thickness Options

Split king models come in two separate halves for dual personalization. Dimensions are slightly smaller per half.

Take your room size and preferred thickness level into account when choosing between this standard sizing selection. Consider traffic flow if tight on space. Height off the ground is a factor for those with mobility challenges getting in and out of bed.

Iyee Nature mattresses work on adjustable frames, slated bases and platform beds providing you flexibility on foundations. Reinforced edges keep perimeters sturdy over years of use so you get full functionality of sleep space without sagging or crowding toward the center.

How to Care for Your Iyee Nature Mattress.

What kind of maintenance is required for Iyee Nature mattresses?

Caring properly for these eco-friendly mattresses ensures they retain structure, comfort, and qualities over many years of consistent nightly use. Here are the key care recommendations:

Use a Waterproof Protector

  • Gives a moisture barrier against spills, sweat, and other fluids
  • Aids stain protection to keep materials clean
  • Easy to remove and launder

While the outer fabric of Iyee mattresses is treated to repel liquids, a high-quality waterproof protector provides inexpensive added insurance against leaks, bacteria, and staining over the long run.

Rotate Regularly

  • Extends lifespan of support and comfort layers
  • Avoids creating body impressions that affect comfort and support
  • Easy to do every 6 months when changing sheets

By rotating the mattress head-to-toe a few times per year, materials won’t get compacted only in certain areas which helps durability and performance.

Spot Clean Stains As Needed

  • Use mild soap and cold water
  • Pat gently, don’t scrub intensely
  • Allow to fully air dry

Spot treat spills right away by gently dabbing soiled areas with a damp cloth and very mild detergent. Harsh cleaners could ruin the fabric or strip the treatments.

Allow Mattress to Air Out If Wet

  • Stand upright to dry
  • Point a fan to circulate air
  • Sprinkle baking soda to absorb moisture and odors
  • Vacuum up baking soda once fully dried

If ever fully soaked, stand the mattress upright while using fans to accelerate drying time. Baking soda pulls out lingering dampness and smells so materials won’t get musty.

Follow Initial Off-Gassing Safety Steps

  • Unpack and allow the mattress to air out for 48-72 hours
  • Keep pets and small children away during initial off-gassing
  • Use in well-ventilated room if any odor is detectable

When first unboxed, some natural smell is normal. Allow the mattress to air out after unpacking. Fumes should dissipate within a few days. Odors signal something is off.

Take General Care Precautions

  • Use a suitable, supportive foundation
  • Don’t jump or stand on the mattress
  • Protect from sharp objects and edges that could tear fabric

Take basic care in how the mattress is lifted, moved and used over time to prevent damage that shortens usable life.

By using these mattress care tips for moisture protection, rotation, spot cleaning, air drying capabilities and general handling precautions, an Iyee Nature Mattress will give many years of healthy restful slumber while retaining showroom plushness and support.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iyee Nature Mattresses.

Common buyer questions and answers about Iyee Nature Mattresses:

Q: How long can I expect an Iyee Nature Mattress to last?

A: With quality construction and durable materials not prone to getting lumpy or sagging plus proper care, you can expect at least 8-12 years of consistent comfort and support from an Iyee mattress. Taking steps to rotate, protect, and spot-clean the mattress extends its usable lifespan.

Q: Is customization of firmness an option with Iyee Nature mattresses?

A: Yes, customization of firmness, materials, and thickness is optionally available with the Iyee Custom model which uses a split King design to accommodate partners. This allows personalizing each side’s configuration. Only half needs replacing later if needs evolve over time.

Q: Do any Iyee Nature mattress models off-gas unpleasant chemical smells initially?

A: Iyee uses natural wool, cotton, and latex materials free from harsh fire retardants or adhesives so chemical off-gassing smells are highly unlikely. Some natural scent upon unpacking is normal which airs out within 48-72 hours. Lingering odors may signal an issue.

Q: Are Iyee Nature mattresses considered good options for those with back pain?

A: Yes, between the conforming ability of materials used, zoned support areas on some models, and fully customizable firmness or thickness, these mattresses help tailor the right balance of gently contouring to the body’s natural curves while supporting proper spinal alignment. This combination aids in reducing back pain.

Q: Do Iyee Nature mattresses ever go on sale or have bundle deals offered with accessories like pillows or protectors?

A: Periodic sales discounts around holidays are common on Iyee’s official website along with combo deals bundling items like their adjustable base, mattress protector or custom-sized pillows to match each mattress model using their proprietary materials. Bundles enhance value.

Q: Can I finance the purchase of an Iyee mattress if needed?

A: Yes, installment financing options are available as needed allowing buyers to break full payment into interest-free monthly installments. Plans through third-party lenders help buyers afford the mattresses.

Please contact Iyee Nature directly for any other questions not covered here related to their green mattresses. Their customer service team is happy to advise shoppers on picking the best mattress.

Where to Buy an Iyee Nature Mattress.

What purchase options are available for Iyee Nature mattresses?

You can buy Iyee Nature mattresses through a few different channels:

Iyee Nature’s Official Website

  • Order any model directly online
  • Oftentimes the best sales and bundle deals
  • Free, fast shipping
  • 100-night trial period

Ordering directly from Iyee is the most popular choice given competitive pricing with extra discounts plus included white glove delivery right to your bedroom. Try within your own space.

Select Mattress Showrooms

  • Try before you buy option to test on the show floor
  • Added cost of retail margins factored in
  • Ask about price-matching direct Iyee deals

Some third-party showrooms carry Iyee Nature’s mattress lineup across the US. You can test out feelings before

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