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Hush Mattress Review – Unbiased Guide To The Affordable Memory Foam Mattress



The hush mattress has been gaining popularity as a comfortable, supportive, and affordable mattress option. In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the materials, construction, pricing, and overall performance of the Hush mattress.

Overview of the Hush Mattress Brand

Hush is an online mattress brand that launched in 2018 and sells directly to consumers. Hush focuses on hybrid and memory foam mattresses at budget-friendly price points compared to other online mattress brands.

Some key things to know about Hush:

  • Based in the UK and ships to the UK and EU
  • Part of the Silentnight Group, a leading UK sleep brand
  • Offers memory foam and pocket spring hybrid mattresses
  • Mattresses are competitively priced, ranging from £350-£700
  • 100-night risk-free trial and 10-year warranty

Hush aims to provide quality mattresses that help customers sleep soundly without spending thousands. Read on for a complete review of their most popular mattress.

Hush Memory Foam Mattress Construction

The flagship Hush mattress is an all-foam, medium-firmness mattress with a simple three-layer construction:

  • Top layer: 3cm memory foam – Provides comfort and contouring
  • Middle layer: 5cm reflex foam – Adds support and responsiveness
  • Base layer: 15cm high-density foam – Provides durability and structure

The foam layers provide cushioning and pressure relief while keeping you lifted and supported. The mattress is encased in a soft, breathable cover to help regulate temperature.

Here are the full dimensions and specifications:

Mattress Thickness23cm
Mattress CoverPolyester, breathable
Firmness RatingMedium, 6/10
Warranty10 years

This simple foam construction allows the Hush mattress to be competitively priced while still providing conforming comfort.

Unpacking and Setup

The Hush mattress arrives compressed, vacuum sealed, and rolled into a manageable box. Just follow these simple steps to unbox:

  1. Move the box to the bedroom
  2. Carefully cut the outer plastic wrapping
  3. Pull the rolled mattress from the box
  4. Carefully unroll and position on the bed frame or foundation
  5. Remove the inner plastic wrap
  6. Allow 24-72 hours for full expansion

Once unboxed, there may be some mild off-gassing odor from the foams. This is normal and will air out over a few days.

Overall, setting up the Hush mattress is quick and hassle-free compared to traditional box spring mattresses. It works on all standard bed frames and foundations.

Hush Mattress Firmness and Feel

The Hush mattress has a medium firmness level, rating around 6/10 on the firmness scale. This provides a balance of cushioning softness and underlying support.

Lying down, there is an initial soft sensation from the memory foam that provides pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. The second layer firms up to keep the body lifted and prevent too much sinking.

For back and stomach sleepers, the Hush mattress strikes a great comfort balance. Side sleepers may find it slightly firmer than ideal, but the memory foam does cushion pressure points.

The Hush mattress has good motion isolation, meaning you won’t feel a partner moving on the other side. The foams absorb movement and prevent disturbances.

Sleeping Positions and Body Types

Here’s how the Hush mattress may perform for different sleeping positions and body weights:

For back sleeping: Excellent spinal alignment and lower back support. The medium firmness prevents excessive sinking while supporting the lumbar area. Provides relief at the shoulders and hips. Best suited for average weight and lightweight back sleepers.

For side sleeping: Side sleepers need extra cushioning to prevent pressure build-up in the shoulders and hips. The memory foam comfort layer helps here but some heavier side sleepers may find it insufficient. Works best for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers.

For stomach sleeping: One of the best sleeping positions on the Hush mattress. Its medium firmness keeps the torso lifted in proper alignment and avoids hammocking of the hips. Recommended for lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers.

For combination sleepers: The Hush mattress performs well for people who change positions during the night. Easy to move around on and switch positions.

For lightweight sleepers (under 130lbs): Provides conforming pressure relief and support for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers. The foam cushion without excessive sinking.

For average weight sleepers (130 to 230lbs): The ideal weight range for the Hush mattress. Provides a balance of comfort, support, and pressure relief for all sleeping positions.

For heavyweight sleepers (over 230lbs): Support may be insufficient for larger body frames, especially for side sleepers. Heavyweights who sleep on their back or stomach may be satisfied but others may experience sinkage.

The Hush mattress accommodates a wide range of sleepers under 230lbs. Heavier individuals may prefer a firmer option.

Temperature Regulation

A common concern with all-foam mattresses is heat retention, but the Hush mattress does a good job here.

The breathable cover allows airflow into the mattress. The memory foam and reflex foam infusions also help draw heat away from the body and prevent overheating.

Compared to other foam mattresses, the Hush mattress sleeps relatively cool and comfortable for most people. If you tend to sleep very hot, a hybrid spring or latex mattress may be a better choice.

Responsiveness and Bounce

All-foam mattresses don’t have the same bounce and responsiveness as innerspring beds. The Hush mattress has moderate responsiveness due to the reflex foam layer.

There is some pushback against the body when changing positions but with a slower response time than hybrid mattresses. The mattress regains its shape fairly quickly after pressure is removed.

Couples may find the Hush mattress has less bounce than desired during intimate activities. The foam absorbs movement rather than propelling it across the surface.

Edge Support

A common shortcoming of all-foam mattresses is the lack of edge support. Without reinforced coils around the perimeter, the edges can compress when sitting on the side of the bed.

The Hush mattress has better edge support than most foam beds but will still compress more than a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

Sitting on the edge may cause the mattress to dip several inches before firming up. This can make it harder to put socks on or get in and out of bed. Heavy individuals may want to avoid sitting near the edges.

Hush Mattress Motion Transfer

The dense foam layers of the Hush mattress prevent excessive motion transfer. When your sleep partner moves or gets up, you are unlikely to feel disruptive vibrations across the bed.

The Hush scores well for couples in motion isolation. Tossing and turning is less likely to disturb your partner during the night.

Mattress Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Hush mattress is quick and easy:

  • Use a mattress protector to prevent stains
  • Rotate the mattress head-to-foot every 6 months
  • Vacuum the cover occasionally to remove dust and debris
  • Spot clean and cover with mild soap and cold water
  • Don’t remove the cover for cleaning
  • Allow the mattress to fully air and dry before putting sheets on

With its moisture-wicking cover and antimicrobial treatment, the Hush mattress will stay fresh and clean for many years.

Hush Mattress Trial Period, Warranty, and Returns

Hush offers a 100-night risk-free trial:

  • Try the mattress for at least 30 days
  • Contact customer support if unsatisfied
  • Full refund available for returns within 100 nights

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty protecting against manufacturing and material defects. Impressions greater than 20mm qualify for a free repair or replacement.

Returned mattresses are recycled or donated to charity. Hush coordinates all mattress removals and covers return shipping costs.

This hassle-free trial and return policy allows you to test out the Hush mattress risk-free.

Hush Mattress Prices and Sizes

Here is the pricing for the Hush mattress in all standard UK sizes:

Mattress SizeDimensionsPrice (MSRP)
Single90cm x 190cm£375
Small Double120cm x 190cm£425
Double135cm x 190cm£495
King150cm x 200cm£550
Super King180cm x 200cm£695

Hush frequently offers discounts and sales around holiday weekends which drop prices £50-£100 lower.

This affordable pricing rivals other budget foam mattresses like those from Eve, Simba, and Dormeo. The Hush costs much less than premium online brands like Brook + Wilde and Leesa.

For the quality and performance offered, the Hush mattress is very competitively priced and provides great value.

Hush Mattress Reviews and Feedback

Reviews of the Hush mattress are generally quite positive:

  • 81% 4-5 star ratings on the Hush website
  • High marks for comfort, support, and value for money
  • Most say it provides a perfect balance of cushioning and firmness
  • Positive reviews from side, back, and combination sleepers
  • Some report issues with heat retention and edge support
  • Complaints of sagging are rare

Based on reviews, the Hush performs consistently well across all sleeping positions for sleepers under 230 lbs. Heavier individuals may require a firmer option.

Here is a sampling of verified customer reviews:

Alice, 5 stars: “Unbelievably comfortable mattress! It took a week or so to get used to my old spring mattress, but now I’m hooked. My partner says it’s helped with his back pain. Great quality for a reasonable price too. Would definitely recommend it.”

Ryan, 4 stars:
“Happy with my Hush mattress so far. Great value and is very comfy for front and back sleeping. My only small complaint is it sleeps a little warm some nights. Not a deal breaker though.”

James, 3 stars: “Reasonably comfortable but not as supportive as I’d hoped. I’m a side sleeper and a bit heavier. My hips sink in too much and I get some aches. Wish it was slightly firmer.”

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable memory foam mattress, the Hush is one of the best options on the market based on customer experience.

Is the Hush Mattress Right for You?

The medium-firm Hush mattress is ideal for:

  • Sleepers under 230lbs
  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers
  • People want a memory foam feel without the premium price
  • Couples looking for motion isolation

You may want to consider a different mattress if:

  • You weigh over 230lbs and need more support
  • You are a strict side sleeper and want plusher comfort
  • You sleep very hot and want advanced cooling
  • You prefer responsive coils over slower foam

Hush Mattress Alternatives

Some other mattresses that offer a similar feel and price point to compare include:

  • Emma Original: Another foam mattress with three layers and a medium feel. Slightly more expensive but advanced zoning for ergonomic support.
  • Dormeo Memory Plus: Budget memory foam option with a basic two-layer design. Less contouring and pressure relief than the Hush but very affordable.
  • Leesa Original: Higher-end foam mattress with premium foams for more bounce, cooling, and edge support. Around 2.5x the price of the Hush.
  • The Simba Hybrid: Popular pocket spring and foam hybrid. More durable support and airflow than the Hush. Mid-level pricing.

The Bottom Line

The affordable Hush mattress earns high marks for its pressure-relieving yet supportive performance. With quality foams, good construction, and broad appeal for most sleeping styles, it provides an excellent overall sleeping experience for a very reasonable price point.

Side sleepers and those over 230 lbs may want to consider alternatives with softer or firmer feels. However, the vast majority should find the Hush mattress suits their comfort, support, and budget needs for restful slumber.

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