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Best Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattresses



Introduction to Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Cooling gel memory foam mattresses have become very popular in recent years due to their ability to solve common problems that traditional memory foam is known to have. Specifically, they help sleep much cooler than normal dense foam. They also provide better pressure relief and spinal alignment.

Keep You Cooler at Night ” Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattresses ”

One of the biggest complaints about memory foam is that it tends to absorb and trap body heat, causing some to sleep hot. Gel memory foam aims to solve this:

  • Gel beads or infusions pull heat away from the body into the mattress so you don’t overheat while sleeping. This improved breathability and airflow keeps your sleeping surface cooler.
  • The gels used are designed to be more temperature-neutral compared to viscoelastic foam. This means they do less heat absorption overall.
  • Many gel foam beds have better airflow through designs like open-cell structures or ventilation channels. This allows more air circulation to whisk heat away.

Testing shows gel foam beds can reduce temperature increase during sleep by up to 3-4°F over non-gel options. This can make a big difference in sleeping cooler!

Hush Mattress Memory Foam Official Website

Provides Pressure Relief and Support

Gel itself does not affect pressure relief or support in a mattress – those come from the polyurethane foam and internal layers. However, cooling gels are often added to high-density memory foams that excel at:

  • Cushioning pressure points along the shoulders, hips, back, and sides
  • Providing even support for spinal alignment in all sleeping positions
  • Adapting to weight and body shape for personalized comfort

The combination means you get both the contouring and pain relief of memory foam with the cooling benefits gel provides. Just make sure to choose an option tailored to your sleep style.

Good Motion Isolation

Like traditional memory foam, gel foam also dampens motion transfer very well. This makes it suitable for couples where:

  • One partner moving or getting in/out of bed doesn’t disturb the other as much
  • You don’t feel as much vibrations if your sleep partner changes positions
  • Great for combination sleepers that shift around trying to get comfortable

The dense foam absorbs movement before it can spread across the mattress. It’s also less bouncy than similarly priced innerspring or latex models.

Types of Cooling Gel Memory Foam

There are a few methods used to make memory foam more cooling with gel. The type used can affect price, lifespan, and effectiveness in heat dissipation.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

This has tiny polyethylene gel beads infused directly into the foam layer itself during manufacturing:

  • Beads don’t change their feel – still adaptable & contouring
  • Gel evenly draws heat away from foam into air pockets
  • Usually open-cell or ventilated for better airflow
  • More expensive but the most effective cooling method
  • Lasts a very long time with proper care

Molded gel in the foam prevents beads from shifting so performance remains consistent over the years. Infusing gel is the most popular tactic.

Memory Foam with Gel Beads

Here liquid or solid gel components are formed into spheres of various shapes/sizes and added into the foam layer. Common traits when beads are used:

  • Gel balls tend to be on the larger side – over 3mm
  • Added on top or into cut sections vs infusion
  • Gel beads can shift locations over time
  • Still absorbs and disperses heat well initially
  • First to wear down in hot humid environments
  • Budget-friendly but may degrade sooner

Expect beads to soften, flatten, or deteriorate after 18-24 months of heavy use depending on density. Flipping and rotating extends their cooling lifespan.

Open Cell Memory Foam with Gel

Open-cell foam already has an interconnected structure allowing better airflow than closed-cell alternatives. Adding gel boosts that:

  • No other modifications – retains pressure relief
  • Gel was applied to cell struts during the creation
  • Air & heat move freely through cells
  • More budget-friendly option
  • Breaks down faster than infused beads
  • Works well initially but degrades faster

Open-cell gel foam works well at first but should be rotated often. Expect to notice deterioration after 12-36 months.

TypePriceCooling EffectivenessDurability
Gel-Infused Foam$Very GoodExcellent
Foam + Gel Beads$GoodModerate

Open Cell Foam + Gel | $ | Okay | Low |

Factors to Consider When Buying

With different types of cooling gels and foam densities available, it’s good to know what attributes to compare when shopping for the best bed.

Density and Firmness Level

Higher-density memory foam combined with gels excels at both contouring support and cooling. Density indicates:

  • How long it takes foam impressions to recover – Higher = slower to regain shape
  • Durability & lifespan – Denser foam lasts much longer
  • Support & alignment – Firmer is better for back/stomach sleepers
  • Pain relief – Softer is preferred for side sleepers

Density is measured in PCF (pounds per cubic foot). Cooling gels pair best with 4 – 5lb+ foam. This balances contouring with structure. Under 3lb foam wears out faster.

Look for medium soft to medium firm beds. Soft beds lack support while firm beds aren’t plush enough. The cooling gel makes up for density so the combination works well.

Temperature Regulation Ability

This covers both heat retention/circulation factors:

  • What type of cooling gel does it use? How is it infused?
  • Design elements like airflow channels and open structure
  • Cover fabrics that encourage breathability
  • Responses to reviewers about heat regulation

Gel microbeads, copper infusion, graphite, and specialty foams like Energex or Aquagel (seem trademarks) all help here too.

Type of Gel Used

As mentioned before, 100% infused gel beads tend to be the most durable and provide consistent cooling over time compared to other methods.

  • The infused gel works evenly and lasts longer
  • Gel pads or packets wear unevenly unless rotated
  • Liquid-applied gel can break down faster

Checking the exact materials used helps narrow options. Calling the manufacturer for clarification is wise too.

Warranty and Trial Period

Durability concerns? A robust warranty can allow you much-needed peace of mind.

  • Lifetime warranties are rare but great
  • 10-20 years is usually for total replacement
  • 5-10 years covers materials wearing down
  • 100-day trial periods ensure suitability

Be sure to understand what defects and impressions are covered, plus how much owners pay for repairs or transportation fees.

Price and Value

Costs are driven most by materials, densities, including technologies like cooling gels or copper, and brand name. Value depends on:

  • Personal budget – Fixed or flexible?
  • Combo choices – Cover, foam density & layers impact longevity & price
  • Heightened pain – More contour for agony is worth splurging
  • Comparing warranties for peace of mind

Just avoiding the cheapest picks with minimal warranties helps avoid low-quality/knockoff brands with exaggerated claims.

Top Brands and Models

The best cooling gel memory foam beds balance affordability with reliable performance and owner satisfaction long term. Here are top-rated options:

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Good value pick with basic but durable construction
  • Centered gel foam core conducts heat away
  • Medium soft feel supports average weights
  • Works best for side sleeping pain issues
  • Strong odor initially needs a few days to air out
  • Handles sinkage well for combination sleepers

Owners agree it helps sleep cooler on warmer nights. No serious heat complaints despite the low price range.

Casper Mattress Memory Foam Official Website

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

  • Very affordable gel foam-infused option
  • Green tea extract helps with some odor
  • Multiple densities from plush to firm offered
  • Strong edge support for stability
  • Firmer version for back pain
  • Warms slightly over time but is better than traditional

This budget line uses plant oils for freshness and is Costco-approved. Excellent starter pick that outperforms basic brands.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid

  • Luxury hybrid with cooling copper gel foam
  • Zoned coil support center third
  • Plushbut responsive pillowtop layer
  • Very attractive tailored style
  • Surprisingly great motion isolation given springs
  • Expensive but quality tested & recommended

This spring and foam combo gives plush pressure relief with better heat dispersion than most mixed types. It caters to sore joints.

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress

  • Legendary cooling abilities with airflow & proprietary materials
  • Features both gel and foam for contour
  • Very long warranty – 25 years!
  • Designed particularly for hot sleepers
  • Helpful customer service
  • Costs a lot but is worth the investment

Expect nearly perfect heat regulation if you run very warm and have the budget for Brooklyn Bedding’s cooling technologies.

Classic BrandsGel Foam$Medium SoftVery Good
Zinus Green TeaInfused Foam$MultipleGood
Nest Bedding Alexander HybridGel Foam + Pocket Coils$Medium SoftExcellent
Brooklyn Aurora HybridSpecialty Foam + Pocket Coils$Soft to FirmExceptional

Buying from any of these reputable brands nets far better performance and owner satisfaction over no-name budget picks.

Buying Direct vs Online vs In-Store

Direct brands are worth considering since their lower overhead costs often translate into savings for mattress buyers. Other pros:

  • Easy shopping from home
  • Always available customer service
  • Lower prices for better materials
  • Generous risk-free trial periods
  • Many offer free shipping

Just know restocking fees apply if you return a bed. And you must set up delivery received times for heavy packages. Customer reviews help identify any potential issues with orders or services.

Online options cover popular mattress-in-a-box companies offering compressed beds with many choices. Going this route you gain:

  • Convenient delivery in small boxes
  • No restocking fees typically
  • Lower prices but quality varies
  • Shorter trial periods average
  • Easy returns overall
  • Research helps avoid poor beds

Be sure to unpack quickly to maximize the trial periods specified by each maker. Allow full decompression. Ignore initial odors that fade shortly after.

For local stores, the advantages are:

  • Try models out in person
  • Immediate take home
  • Can avoid shipping fees
  • Includes old mattress haul-away
  • Support hometown jobs & economy

Just know there is more overhead so prices run 15-30% higher generally over online picks of equal quality. And many push their own brands that are not commonly reviewed or rated online by peers to help inform decisions. Shopping armed with consumer reports and ratings can help identify durable options in-store too.

Caring for Your Cooling Gel Memory Foam

All types of memory foam beds require a little special attention to prolong their support and effectiveness. Follow these tips once your gel mattress is delivered:

Use a Mattress Protector

Protectors defend against spills and stains. They also wick moisture away from sleepers allowing better airflow:

  • Encase mattress entirely
  • A waterproof layer blocks liquids
  • Cotton terry absorbs sweat
  • Many anchors are in place
  • Wash every few weeks

This is the best way to keep gels and foams intact for the full duration of warranties.

Rotate and Flip Regularly

To promote even wear and ward off impressions, rotate your mattress head to toe every 3 months. Flip over every 6 months to equal out compression areas.

  • Set alerts to remember
  • Makes the mattress wear evenly
  • Aids airflow through foam
  • Fights body grooves forming
  • Extends comfort lifespan

Let foam fully rebound between rotations. Expect some slight settling over the first month.

Spot Clean When Needed

For light stains on the cover, spot-treat the area immediately upon noticing with:

  • Diluted dish soap or detergent
  • Carbonated water helps lift staining
  • White vinegar tackles odors
  • Hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting
  • DIY paste with baking soda & water

Blot gently and avoid oversaturating layers underneath. Let fully dry before remaking bed.

Air Out and Rotate Monthly

Airing out your mattress prevents odor buildup from sweat or humidity:

  • Prop mattress vertically against a wall
  • Allow fresh air circulation on all sides
  • Turn over to fluff-fill layers
  • Use a fan to speed up air exchange
  • Freshens up materials fast
  • Monthly promotes hygiene & lifespan

This also allows any initial gassing from foams and adhesives to be released. Expect slight smells the first month.

By properly caring for your cooling gel memory foam, you’ll enjoy consistent comfort and support for years before materials degrade. Letting impressions set or failing to rotate will cut down on the mattress’s lifespan so consistency with care is key. Invest in a quality protector to shield foam too.

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