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Casper 10 Year Warranty Offers Long-lasting Comfort and Support



Casper is one of the most popular online mattress brands, known for their high-quality foam and hybrid mattresses. When shopping for a new mattress, one of the most important factors to consider is the length of the warranty. Customers want peace of mind knowing their mattress purchase is protected for years to come.

That’s why Casper stands out by offering an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty. This shows the company truly stands behind the quality and durability of their mattress designs.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore all the nitty-gritty details around Casper 10 year warranty coverage. Read on to learn:

  • What defects or flaws are covered under warranty
  • What voids the 10-year protection
  • Steps to file a warranty claim if issues arise
  • How Casper compares to other brands’ warranties
  • And if it’s worth paying more for the 10 years of coverage

Let’s start by looking at exactly what Casper promises to fix, replace or repair as part of their impressive decade-long mattress warranty.

What is Covered By Casper 10 Year Mattress Warranty

Casper aims to deliver consistent comfort and support for years after purchase through quality craftsmanship and durability testing. However, sometimes flaws and defects can arise despite best efforts in manufacturing and materials selection.

That’s where the 10-year warranty comes in — offering coverage in case issues pop up.

Specifically, Casper warrants each mattress to the original purchaser against the following flaws and manufacturing defects:

Mattress indentations and sagging: If indentations or sagging appear in your Casper mattress that are greater than 1” deep over the 10-year term, they will repair or replace your mattress. This typically only occurs if materials compress faster than expected.

Physical mattress flaws: If there are any cracks, splits, or holes that appear in the mattress foam or outer fabric cover, Casper will repair or replace your mattress under warranty. This includes issues like:

  • Splitting seams
  • Unraveling threads/edges
  • Pilling of mattress cover fabric
  • Cracking foam layers
  • Zipper malfunction/breakage

Essentially any physical structural or material defect in workmanship or quality over the 10 years falls under their warranty policy.

Now let’s look at what circumstances or damage types do not qualify for Casper’s 10 year warranty coverage.

What Voids Casper 10 Year Mattress Warranty

While Casper offers fairly comprehensive protection against premature defects and flaws, there are a few actions and damage types that will void your 10-year warranty:

Improper mattress foundation/base: One key exception is damage that occurs when a Casper mattress is not given proper structural support. Mattresses need to be placed on a flat, stable surface in order to maintain shape and durability.

If placed on an inadequate foundation, box spring, adjustable base, or other surface that does not continue solid support for all areas of the mattress, any damage that occurs will not qualify under the 10-year warranty.

Mattress handling and condition: Additionally, any damage that results from improper handling, cleaning or care will not be covered. This includes:

  • Stains, soiling, burns or tears from owner use
  • Mattress sanitation using harmful chemicals
  • Bent mattress due to improper storage or shipping handling
  • Mold, mildew or odors from unhygienic conditions

The warranty also becomes void if resold by the original owner to another consumer.

Body impressions: An important distinction around the warranty is that it does not cover normal slight softening and impressions that occur in any foam bed due to regular human body weight concentrated in certain areas. This is normal and expected in mattresses over time.

The threshold outlined in the warranty is impressions greater than 1″ for repair or replacement eligibility.

Now that we’ve clarified what Casper does and does not cover for 10 years, let’s look at some common questions around qualifying warranty claims.

Does Casper 10 Year Warranty Cover Comfort and Feel?

An important point that customers should understand regarding any mattress warranty (not just Casper’s) is that comfort, feel, and personal preference are not covered under any protection policy.

Warranties only apply when there is a clear, measurable defect in the mattress that compromises performance, such as deep impressions or split seams.

If your Casper mattress remains structurally sound but you personally find it uncomfortable or not ideally suited to your sleep position or body type, that would not be covered by the 10-year warranty.

However, this is why Casper and most online mattress retailers offer generous risk-free trial periods of 100 nights or longer.

Within that initial trial window, if you decide the mattress feel is not optimal for you, companies like Casper will allow a full refund so you can explore other mattress types without penalty. It pays to carefully evaluate comfort during that initial trial period when coverage for feel preference is available.

If your mattress does remain comfortable for many years then loses some softness or cushioning after the trial window ends, there are a few options to regain your preferred comfort level, even if the mattress itself does not have any defect:

  • Rotate the mattress periodically to allow different sections to recover the loft
  • Add a mattress topper for more plushness without replacing the whole mattress
  • Use thick mattress padding for cushioning and cloud-like feel

Now let’s walk through what actual warranty holders need to do in order to make a valid 10-year warranty claim with Casper if a defect arises.

Casper 10 Year Warranty Claim Process

If during your first 10 years of Casper mattress ownership, you discover an eligible flaw or manufacturing defect covered under warranty (like sagging, splits in foam or unzipped seams), begin the claim process by:

1. Contacting Casper customer service via email or phone to file a warranty claim.

2. Prepare proof of purchase for your mattress model within the 10-year warranty window.

3. Provide photos or video clearly showing the defect or damage to your mattress.

4. Carefully pack and handle any mattress inspected by Casper per the provided instructions. Repair technicians may also inspect mattresses onsite to validate warranty coverage.

5. Allow 2-3 weeks for your warranty claim review and mattress replacement or repair arrangement.

Casper handles all mattress return logistics if a replacement is needed, and will ship a new mattress model identical or comparable to your original.

For full policy specifics, reach out to Casper’s warranty department with any questions not answered here before submitting your claim. Their customer service team can clarify the timeline, needed documentation, and other requirements around successfully making a 10-year warranty claim.

Now let’s compare Casper’s protection to other leading mattress brands…

How Casper 10 Year Warranty Compares to Competitors

While 10 years is the standard mattress warranty term offered by most bed-in-a-box companies, Casper still manages to outshine competitors when it comes to:

1. Specific coverage of flaws and defects like foam compression, unraveling seams, and fabric pilling. Their detailed policy leaves little room for gray areas or disputes for common mattress problems.

2. Clarity around what voids the warranty, sparing customers unnecessary claim headaches from improper foundation setups or stains/damage from misuse.

3. Handling all logistics around replacements and repairs, never passing return shipping or other charges to the customer.

Here’s how Casper stacks up to key competing mattress brands when it comes to average warranty term length and coverage:

BrandWarranty TermDetails
Casper10 yearsStrong coverage, simple claims process
Purple10 yearsComprehensive manufacturing defect protection
Tempurpedic10 yearsExcludes coverage for impressions under 3/4″
Tuft and Needle10 yearsCovers impressions over 1″, some proration applies
NectarLifetimeTechnically lifetime but prorated, lowered over time
Avocado Mattress25 yearsOptional extension offered for total 25 year coverage
Bear Mattress10 yearsComparable coverage to Casper for first 10 years

Key distinction shoppers will notice is that while other direct-to-consumer online brands offer a standard 10-year warranty at no additional cost, Casper provides 10 years of coverage on all their mattress models with no option to extend.

For other brands like Avocado and DreamCloud, customers must pay extra upon checkout to upgrade their included warranty to span 15, 20 or 25 years total.

The takeaway? For Casper mattresses, all shoppers enjoy 10 years of coverage on any model with no added fees.

Now let’s discuss whether springing for that decade of included protection is worth it…

Is Paying More For a 10-Year Warranty Worth it With a Casper Mattress?

When deciding between mattress brands, it’s common to assume paying a higher price equates to higher quality components and craftsmanship, right?

In Casper’s case, their foam and hybrid mattresses span a wide range of price points and features, but any model you select will come automatically protected by an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty.

For customers, longer warranties equal extra years of security knowing your sizable mattress investment is covered against premature issues popping up. But longer warranties ultimately benefit the manufacturer too in their product development.

Here’s a breakdown of why Casper is justified in requiring a higher budget from shoppers to provide such generous and lengthy defect protection:

Higher costs of better materials – Using dense, durable foams and reinforced coils in mattress construction allows Casper to confidently back their beds for a decade under warranty. Cheaper materials would compromise longevity.

Advanced engineering and testing – Extensively researching how mattress materials withstand years of continuous use allows for sophisticated Casper designs fine-tuned for optimal durability and ergonomics.

Peace of mind for retailer and customer – Offering strong assurance against early quality issues means Casper avoids profit losses from mass returns and exchanges. Customers benefit from feeling their sizable mattress investment is protected.

Resale value – Having over 7 years of warranty coverage remaining adds value for original Casper owners who choose to re-sell a gently used mattress to recoup costs. Even resale sites provide higher quotes for modern beds with outstanding warranties.

Overall, paying extra for the quality engineering and components needed to uphold Casper’s 10-year coverage commitment pays dividends through added years of valuable defect protection compared to cheaper, inferior mattress brands.

In the cutthroat bed-in-a-box industry, standing confidently behind every mattress with an entire decade of coverage telegraphs “we prioritize craftsmanship and durability.”


A 10-year limited warranty is exceptionally generous in the world of bedding—and Casper pulls it off with flying colors. Compared to other leading online mattress brands promising just average coverage for typically 5-10 years, Casper manages to outshine rivals.

For all their mattress models, regardless of materials, technology, or price point, Casper includes a 10-year limited warranty that is dedicated to resolving:

  • Mattress sagging greater than 1”
  • Physical flaws like foam cracking or fabric tearing
  • Zipper and seam defects
  • And more…

Just be aware of fine print exclusions like improper foundation setup and owner damage from misuse or unsanitary conditions.

Within reasonable circumstances of normal wear and tear, if your Casper mattress shows physical defects compromising comfort and support during your first 10 years of use, they make the claims process straightforward.

Our overview of common customer questions proves Casper stands behind their impressive 10 year warranty using quality materials and transparency around coverage. This guides savvy shoppers on what extended defect protection truly translates to – and whether a longer warranty ultimately justifies paying a higher initial investment.

For more guidance on comparing mattress brands or deciding which Casper mattress model best suits your sleep needs after reviewing warranty coverage specifics, contact their friendly customer service team with any lingering questions unanswered here!

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