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If you routinely wake up drenched in sweat, you know how disruptive night sweats can be to getting restful sleep. Night sweats occur when your body overheats while you sleep, causing excessive perspiration.

While night sweats can affect anyone, they are especially common in women going through menopause, people with certain medical conditions like lymphoma or tuberculosis, and those taking medications that alter temperature regulation. Environmental factors like high ambient room temperature or thick bedding can also trigger sweating at night.

Experiencing night sweats regularly takes a major toll on your quality of sleep and leaves you feeling chronically fatigued. It also disrupts your bed partner’s rest. Damp sheets are no fun to sleep on!

The good news is choosing the right mattress can help reduce or prevent night sweats and overheating while you sleep. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about picking the best mattress for keeping your body temperature regulated and staying comfy all night long.

What Causes Night Sweats?

Night sweats have a diverse range of potential underlying causes:

  • Hormonal shifts – Women going through perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause commonly experience hot flashes and night sweats as their estrogen levels decline. These can come on suddenly at night.
  • Medical conditions – Tuberculosis, lymphoma, and HIV are examples of illnesses that may result in severe night sweating. Hypoglycemia and hormone disorders can also trigger excessive sweating.
  • Medications – Antidepressants, hormone medications, and several other drugs have increased perspiration and temperature dysregulation as side effects.
  • Environment – Sleeping in a room that is too warm or using too many blankets traps body heat, leading to sweating.

Pay attention to any lifestyle factors or symptoms you experience along with night sweats, as they can provide clues to an underlying condition that needs medical attention.

Signs You Need a Mattress for Night Sweats

How can you tell if your night sweats are disruptive enough to warrant a mattress upgrade? Here are some telltale signs it’s time to shop for a more cooling, sweat-wicking mattress:

  • You wake up drenched in sweat multiple times per week.
  • Night sweats interfere with your sleep quality; you feel chronically tired.
  • Your partner or family members complain about having to sleep in damp sheets.

If you experience any of the above on a regular basis, temperature regulation is likely a major issue that is interfering with restorative sleep. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a mattress to combat night sweats.

Mattress Materials to Reduce Sweating

The materials used in your mattress have a major impact on airflow, heat diffusion, and moisture management. Some retain heat much more than others.

Here are the best and worst mattress materials for sweaty sleepers:

  • Latex foams naturally stay fairly cool and allow for airflow to dissipate body heat.
  • Gel foams infused with cooling gels pull heat away from your body. Similar copper infusions act as heat conductors.
  • Innerspring mattresses leave space for air circulation and prevent heat-trapping.
  • Avoid memory foam if possible, as the dense material tends to retain heat near your body.

Now that you know what to look for in terms of mattress construction, we will cover some specific mattress types and explain why they work well for hot sleepers.

Best Mattress Types for Night Sweats

Any of these 4 mattress types can help reduce night sweats when made from the right materials:

1. Latex Mattresses

All-natural or blended latex foam mattresses sleep exceptionally cool. The aerated structure allows air to flow freely to wick away warmth. As a bonus, latex contours gently to alleviate pressure points.

The responsive feel also makes latex mattresses easy to reposition on throughout the night when hot flashes strike.

2. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrids combine supportive innerspring with cooling memory or latex foam comfort layers for fantastic temperature regulation. The coil base has bounce and airflow while the top comfort foam offers cushioning.

Many hybrids also incorporate gel or copper infusions to actively pull heat away from the body into lower layers.

3. Innerspring Mattresses

Thanks to their lightweight coil construction with tons of open space for airflow, traditional innerspring sleep is incredibly cool. They prevent sinking in and feeling “stuck in the mud” like some dense foam mattresses.

Budget-friendly innerspring mattresses are a great pick if the minimalist feel doesn’t bother you. Add a plush topper for comfort if needed.

4. Copper Infusion Foam Mattresses

Mattresses featuring copper-infused memory or latex foam offer superior cooling capabilities. Copper acts as a thermal conductor to dissipate body heat deep within the layers.

This keeps the comfort layer supremely chill while still providing cushioning and contouring abilities superior to traditional memory foam.

Now that you understand the best mattress types for combatting night sweats, let’s explore what makes these options so adept at temperature regulation and moisture management.

What Makes These Mattresses Effective for Night Sweats?

All the mattresses covered so far share a few key attributes that let them sleep cool while absorbing moisture away from your body if sweating occurs:

Cooling Properties

  • Gel foam, latex, and copper infusion materials actively pull heat away from your body so it can’t build up in the bed.
  • Having an internal structure with airflow space lets cool air circulate and dissipate trapped warmth.
  • Some mattresses have specialized covers to wick moisture from the mattress surface into lower layers.


  • Cushioning in pressure point areas like the shoulders and hips reduces contact with firmer core layers underneath. This prevents “hot spots”.
  • Responsive latex, memory foam, and pocket coil layers adapt to your movements so you stay comfy switching positions.

Temperature Regulation

  • Graphite, clay, and titanium-infused foams absorb heat energy and resist heat buildup altogether.

Other Important Mattress Considerations for Night Sweats

In addition to cooling technologies, prioritize these performance criteria when mattress shopping for night sweats:

Mattress Firmness Level

Choose your preferred firmness setting based on sleep position (back, side, stomach). This ensures even spinal alignment and minimal pressure. Too firm can create pressure; too soft allows sagging into the layers.

Pressure Relief

Aim for at least 3″ of foam comfort layer for ample cushioning and pressure relief if you have joint pain or arthritis.


Bouncy latex or similarly responsive foams make it easier to reposition away from warm spots.

Strong Edge Support

Reinforced edges prevent uncomfortably sliding off the bed if you scoot away from inner “hot zones”.

Moisture Wicking Covers

Covers made from cooling fibers like Celliant wick sweat away from the skin.

Natural Materials

Wool, cotton, and other organic materials allow for increased breathability.

The 6 Best Mattresses for People Who Sweat at Night

Here are my top picks for the best mattress options for hot sleepers based on temperature regulation technologies and overall value:

1. Best Overall Cooling Mattress: The WinkBed

  • Luxury hybrid combines contouring foam layers and responsive pocketed coils
  • Gel foam lumbar pad and moisture-wicking Tencel cover keep the center third ultra-cool
  • Unique 7-zone support system with firmer coils along the edges

2. Best Mattress for Cooling and Back Pain Relief: Helix Midnight LUXE

  • Features a dynamic blend of memory foam crafted using different densities
  • Wrapped coils and gel visco foam comfort layer gently cradles the body while preventing overheating
  • Perfect balance of cushioning pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers

3. Best Budget Mattress for Night Sweats: Cocoon by Sealy Chill

  • Affordably priced memory foam mattress enhanced with cooling features
  • Phase change material cover absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Suits hot sleepers seeking pressure relief under $1000

4. Best Mattress for Couples with Different Cooling Needs: Layla Hybrid

  • Flippable firmness levels (soft and firm) with copper gel memory foam on each side
  • Reinforced support core and coil system prevents sagging or sinkage issues
  • Great for partners with mismatched firmness preferences

5. Best Natural Organic Mattress for Night Sweats: Birch Natural Mattress

  • Features organic New Zealand wool moisture wicking and temperature regulation
  • Natural Talalay latex offers a resilient lift without trapping warmth
  • Natural materials perfect if synthetic foams make you sleep hot

6. Best Luxury Cooling Mattress: Saatva HD

  • Graphite-infused Talalay latex comfort layer carries heat away from the body
  • Advanced lumbar zone technology enhances back support and alignment
  • Very durable luxury mattress made from quality organic materials

Conclusion: Key Takeaways for Picking a Mattress to Prevent Night Sweats

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand all the factors that go into choosing a mattress optimized for cooling and sweat reduction.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Opt for latex, innerspring or hybrid mattresses over dense foam
  • Prioritize gel, copper graphite infusions that dissipate heat
  • Consider responsive latex or similar foams for easy repositioning
  • Evaluate edge support and durability
  • Moisture wicking covers help absorb sweat
  • Natural fibers like wool also regulate temperature well

With the right mattress tailored to keep you chill, you’ll finally be able to achieve restorative, uninterrupted sleep without pooling sweat. No more waking up irritable on soak sheets!

Any of the quality mattresses covered here will help reduce or prevent unwanted night sweats to restore your sleep hygiene and leave you feeling recharged daily.

I hope this detailed buyers guide gives you confidence picking out your ideal cooling mattress for eliminating night sweats and staying comfy in bed. If any questions come up during your purchase, please drop us a note. We are always happy to offer personalized mattress recommendations based on your sleep habits and preferences.

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