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Affordable Comfort – Discover the American Star Mattress



If you’re searching for a new mattress, you’ve probably come across American Star. They’ve become one of the most popular mattress brands on the market by making premium quality beds at affordable prices. I recently learned more about American Star’s history, mattress designs, technologies, and what makes them stand out.

Here’s an in-depth overview of the brand so you can decide if one of their mattresses is right for you.

Background on American Star Mattress

American Star Mattress was founded in 1991 by Johnathan Morris, who had over 10 years of experience working in the mattress industry. Based in Los Angeles, Morris wanted to create his own company aimed at making exceptional comfort available to every shopper, not just the wealthy.

The company started small, selling mattresses locally in the LA area. However, word quickly spread about the superior comfort and support American Star’s beds provided. Within just a few years, American Star expanded distribution nationwide and started selling through major retailers like Mattress Firm, Macy’s, and Costco.

Today, 30+ years later, American Star operates factories across the country and remains family-owned, which is rare in the mattress industry. Morris’s son Mark now runs the company, sticking to his dad’s vision of bringing quality beds to consumers across America.

Unlike some brands that seem to jack up prices and then market “discounts”, American Star focuses on passing savings on to you by selling directly to consumers online and partnering with select stores. I really appreciate their transparent pricing without all the ridiculous sales gimmicks.

What Makes American Star Mattresses Stand Out

There are a few key things that differentiate American Star from other mattress brands:

Premium Materials – American Star uses high-end materials like memory foam, pocketed coils, dense polyfoams, and plush quilted covers. This allows them to make comfortable and supportive beds that hold up for years. Some specifics on what you’ll find inside their mattresses:

  • Memory Foam – Provides cushioning and conforms to the body. Also helps isolate motion which is great for couples.
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam – Just like traditional memory foam but infused with cooling gels to help regulate temperature.
  • Pocketed Coils – Hundreds of individually wrapped coils provide bounce and edge support. Allows airflow to keep the mattress breathable.
  • High-Density Polyfoam – As the base layer, dense polyfoam prevents sagging and increases mattress durability.
  • Quilted Outer Cover – Usually a mix of foam and fiber with a fabric cover that’s removable and washable. Available in different colors and patterns.

Innovative Designs – Their R&D team holds over 15 patents on original mattress designs that solve common sleep issues. For example:

  • Free Fall Mattress – Features pocketed coils and foam that work together to absorb movement between sleep partners. This prevents disruption when your partner moves or gets in and out of bed.
  • Arctic Chill Mattress – Uses a layer of gel-infused memory foam to help sleep cool. The gel foam pulls heat away from the body and increases airflow.
  • Adjustable Constant Air Mattress – This high-end airbed system allows fully customizable firmness on each side of the mattress. Great for couples with totally different comfort needs.

Broad Selection – With over 20 different mattress models, American Star has options for every preference and budget. They offer:

  • Memory foam mattresses – Known for contouring closely to the body
  • Hybrid mattresses – Combine foam and coils for a balance of comfort and support
  • Innerspring mattresses – Classic spring styles that offer bounce
  • Adjustable air beds – Custom firmness for each side
  • Pillow top mattresses – Extra-plush cushioning comfort

Having this diverse lineup ensures customers can find an American Star mattress tailored to their needs.

Budget-Friendly Pricing – Despite using quality materials, their mattresses are very competitively priced thanks to the direct sales model. Most models range from $600-$1600 in a queen size. That’s hundreds less than brands charging retailer markups.

Industry-Leading Warranties – Most American Star beds come with a 20-25 year limited warranty. This protects against defects and sagging greater than 1.5 inches. Their warranties are double what some other brands offer.

Stand-Out Mattress Models from American Star

With over 20 mattresses to choose from, deciding on the best American Star mattress for you can seem overwhelming. To help narrow it down, here are some of their most popular beds:

Ortho Dreams Hybrid – This is American Star’s firmest mattress, with a thick coil system and dense foams. It rates around 8 to 9 on a 10-point firmness scale. The sturdy design provides excellent back support with very minimal sinkage. So it’s great for back and stomach sleepers who need extra support. The pocketed coils also absorb motion nicely. And the firmer feel makes it easy to move around on top of the mattress.

Ocean Breeze Memory Foam – A medium plush memory foam mattress infused with cooling gel to reduce heat retention. It rates around a 5 on the 10-point firmness scale. The supple memory foam cushioning allows close body contouring and pressure point relief. This makes the Ocean Breeze ideal for side sleepers or anyone wanting that “body hug” feel of memory foam. The gel infusion regulates temperature so you don’t overheat.

Heavenly Dreams Pillow Top – The indulgent pillow top provides luxurious breathable cushioning with foam and fiberfill. Underneath is an individually wrapped innerspring system for support, bounce, and airflow. The plush pillow top places this mattress around a 3 on the 10 point firmness scale, so it has more of that “sleeping on top” feel. The combo of pressure relief and support makes Heavenly Dreams great for side sleepers and lightweight persons under 150 lbs.

Crystal Clear Hybrid – A medium firm hybrid with foam and pocketed coils rated around 7 for firmness. It has a special layer of graphite-infused foam designed to keep the mattress cool and comfortable. The responsive coils add bounce while the foam provides contouring. With good cooling and bounce, this model suits combination sleepers who flip positions during the night. The coils also reinforce the edges for good edge support when getting in and out of bed.

Salvation Latex – This unique mattress features 4 inches of natural Talalay latex in the comfort layer. The buoyant latex relieves pressure points but has more springiness than memory foam. And it sleeps very cool and breathable. Underneath is a zoned coil system that provides customized support by having firmer coils in the center and softer coils in the shoulders and hips. Together the latex and coils create a gently firm feel medium suitable for most sleeping positions. The eco-friendly materials also appeal to shoppers wanting a more natural mattress.

Total Relief Adjustable – One of American Star’s high-end adjustable air beds, this model has two separate air chambers. This allows customized firmness for each side of the mattress, making it great for couples with different comfort needs. Using the included remote, you can adjust the firmness on each side from plush to ultra-firm. The mattress can also raise and lower the head and feet to make reading, watching TV, or reducing snoring more comfortable.

How to Choose the Right American Star Mattress

I know it can still be confusing to pick the perfect American Star mattress with so many options. Here are a few tips to guide you in finding the right model:

Consider Your Usual Sleeping Position

This is key since your sleep position determines what firmness and support works best:

  • Back sleepers need medium-firm to firm support to keep the spine aligned. Look for models rated between 6-8/10 on the firmness scale. The Ortho Dreams hybrid or Total Relief air bed set to firmer settings would be suitable.
  • Side sleepers need a softer mattress to cushion the shoulders and hips. Aim for models rated between 3-6/10 on the firmness scale. The Heavenly Dreams pillow top or Ocean Breeze memory foam provides great pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers need ample support and firmness (7-10/10 on the firmness scale) to prevent the hips from sinking in. The Ortho Dreams or Crystal Clear hybrid would be good picks.
  • Combination sleepers can benefit from a medium feel of around 5/10 firmness. This balances conforming comfort with ease of movement. The Salvation latex or Crystal Clear hybrid works nicely.

Factor in Body Type

Your body weight and shape should also help guide your mattress selection:

  • Lightweight persons under 130 lbs need a softer mattress so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress. Models like Heavenly Dreams provide that plush feel.
  • Average weight sleepers between 130 – 230 lbs are suited for medium to medium firm mattresses that cushion but don’t overwhelm. Ocean Breeze memory foam or Crystal Clear hybrid offers great comfort for average-weight bodies.
  • Plus size persons over 230 lbs require a thicker, denser mattress that provides proper support. Ortho Dreams or Total Relief is adjustable and would be supportive options.

Consider Your Partner

If you sleep with a partner, minimize motion transfer and accommodate different comfort needs:

  • Memory foam and hybrid mattresses absorb movement so you don’t disturb each other tossing and turning. Ocean Breeze or Free Fall mattress help isolate motion.
  • Adjustable air beds like Total Relief allow customizing each side’s firmness. This works great for couples with vastly different firmness preferences.

Think About Cooling

If you tend to sleep hot or sweat at night, focus on options that sleep cool:

  • Gel-infused memory foams (like Ocean Breeze) pull heat away from the body and increase airflow
  • Coil mattresses (Heavenly Dreams) allow more air circulation and heat dissipation
  • Latex (Salvation) sleeps cooler than foam and has moisture-wicking properties
  • Mattresses with graphite or copper infusions (Crystal Clear) draw heat away from the body

Match Your Base

Make sure to choose a mattress that works with your bed frame or base:

  • Adjustable air beds (Total Relief) require an articulating base to raise and lower.
  • Standard mattresses work fine with basic bed frames, box springs, and platforms.
  • Hybrids and innersprings pair well with adjustable bases for incline and zero gravity.

Following the above guidance based on how you sleep and your body’s needs will go a long way towards choosing your best American Star mattress match. But their customer service team is also there to provide personalized recommendations if you have any questions.

Why Choose an American Star Mattress?

Here are the key reasons I think American Star is a great option if you want a quality mattress for an affordable price:

Proven Durability

  • American Star mattresses are made to high standards in their US-based factories using time-tested techniques.
  • They hold up extremely well compared to compressed bed-in-a-box brands.
  • The sturdy build prevent sagging and loss of support, so no more sinkholes!

Pressure Relief

  • Foam and latex layers provide close contouring to cushion pressure points.
  • Great for side sleepers and anyone needing pain relief.
  • Gel foams also help reduce motion transfer between partners.

Quality Materials

  • Durable high-density foams, supportive pocketed coils, and breathable covers.
  • Natural materials like cotton, wool, and latex available.
  • None of the cheap polyfoam layers used by lower-end brands.

https://bestmattresschoice.com/hush-natural-latex/Cooling Comfort

  • Gel infusions, latex, and coil designs allow airflow and reduce heat retention.
  • Unlike some all-foam beds that can trap heat.

Maximum Value

  • Significantly undercuts the prices of mattresses sold exclusively in stores.
  • Foam beds starting around just $600 compared to $1200+ for brand name competitors.
  • Frequent sales make the mattresses an even better bargain.

Flawless Delivery

  • Ships free nationwide right to your door in a box.
  • Quick delivery in 3-6 business days.
  • White glove in-home setup optional.

Peace of Mind

  • 120 nights trial period to ensure you love your mattress.
  • 20-25 year limited warranties.
  • Excellent reputation for customer service.

Considering the reasonable prices, quality materials, and rave reviews, American Star seems to offer hotel-style luxury comfort without the huge markup. I’d say they deliver the perfect balance of comfort, support, and affordability that today’s mattress shoppers want. Learn more about their mattress selection and trial at AmericanStarMattress.com.

American Star’s History & Heritage

Although American Star has grown into one of the country’s largest mattress manufacturers, they take pride in remaining a family-owned business after over 30 years.

Current CEO Mark Morris took over from his father and company founder, Johnathan Morris. Mark actually began working for American Star on the production floor right after finishing college. This hands-on experience taught him the mattress-making process from the ground up.

After a decade of learning the ropes, Mark took the reins as head of the company, while upholding his father’s vision. Together, their leadership spanning three decades has shaped American Star’s values of craftsmanship, customer service, and providing affordable luxury.

American Star also has a long-standing relationship with the communities their US factories call home. The company is one of the largest employers in several small towns and cities where their manufacturing facilities operate. American Star works closely with local workforce development agencies to provide jobs and opportunities in these areas.

Unlike brands that import all their mattresses from overseas, American Star sees their concentrated US production as a competitive advantage. They feel closer proximity to their factories results in higher quality control and more flexibility. If a new design needs tweaked or an issue arises, their engineers can quickly make updates on-site.

Many buyers also appreciate that purchasing an American Star mattress supports domestic manufacturing. When you buy one of their beds, you know it was made ethically right here in the USA by dedicated American workers.

Overall, American Star’s commitment to their people-focused values are a big part of what makes them stand out in the mattress industry.

Inside the American Star Mattress Factories

American Star operates over 1 million square feet of mattress production facilities across six states. All their mattresses are proudly made in the USA.

Raw materials like foam, coils, wood, and textiles are sourced from American suppliers. These materials are shipped to their factories where skilled workers turn them into luxury mattresses using time-tested techniques.

Each factory specializes in certain mattress types and technologies. For example, their Pennsylvania site focuses on pocketed coil innerspring production while their Oregon factory is equipped for cutting-edge adjustable air bed assembly.

To provide a peek inside their process, here are some details on how an American Star mattress is constructed:

Layering Foams

For models with foam comfort layers, workers layer and bond different foams to achieve the desired feel. These foams are cut using presses or hi-tech laser cutting for precision.


After foam layers are stacked, the quilting machines sew the outer fabric cover to foam or fiberfill. This provides plush, breathable cushioning.

Pocketed Coils

Their proprietary machine systems wrap fabric around each steel coil then connects them into a flexible matrix. This allows coil mattresses to contour precisely.

Edge Support

Foam or mesh sides are added for reinforced edges that allow you to sleep right up to the end without sagging.


Finally, the comfort layers, support core, and cover are combined then compressed and vacuum sealed for shipping.

While each factory utilizes slightly different equipment, all American Star mattresses meet the same stringent quality standards. Many production team members have decades of experience expertly crafting mattresses.

This behind-the-scenes look showcases the care that goes into every American Star mattress made in their US facilities.

American Star’s Green & Eco-Friendly Practices

With heightened awareness around sustainability, more mattress buyers are considering the environmental impact of their purchase decision. Here are some of the ways American Star aims to operate responsibly:

Eco-Friendly Materials

Many American Star mattress use eco-friendly materials like:

  • Natural wool – renewable and biodegradable
  • Organic cotton – grown without pesticides and chemicals
  • Natural latex – derived from the sap of rubber trees
  • Pocketed coils – highly recyclable steel
  • Bamboo, soy, and cornstarch foams – clean renewable sources


Production scrap foam and steel is recycled back into other consumer goods. Retired mattresses are broken down into reusable components whenever possible.

Reduced Emissions

Their US factories utilize processes that minimize VOCs and air pollutants. All facilities meet OSHA indoor air quality standards.

Local Sourcing

They source over 90% of raw materials from within 500 miles of their US factories. This reduces transportation emissions.

Charitable Efforts

Returned customer mattresses in good condition are donated to groups like Goodwill and homeless shelters.

American Star has also received certifications related to health, sustainability and social responsibility, including:

  • OEKO-TEX – Confirms products are free from harmful substances
  • GreenGuard Gold – Certifies low emissions safe for sensitive individuals
  • CertiPUR-US – Verifies flexible polyurethane foams are made without PBDEs, heavy metals, and formaldehyde

Of course, no company is perfect. But the steps American Star takes around materials, recycling, emissions and manufacturing demonstrate their commitment to more eco-friendly operations. Their US-based facilities also give them more oversight over supply chain impacts.

Ultimately, keeping old mattresses out of landfills by investing in one built to last like American Star’s is one of the

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