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The Best 60 x 80 Air Mattresses For Tall People and Couples



If you’re in the market for an air mattress that offers extra room to stretch out, a 60 x 80 air mattress is a great option to consider. These plus-sized air beds provide ample space for taller individuals, couples, kids’ play areas, and more.

What is a 60 x 80 Air Mattress?

A 60 x 80 air mattress refers to an inflatable mattress with dimensions of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. This oversized size sets it apart from more common twin, full, and queen air mattress dimensions.

With the expansive 60 x 80 size, these air beds give sleepers much more wiggle room to get comfy without worrying about feet hanging over the edge. They can comfortably accommodate tall people over 6 feet without feeling cramped. Many standard mattress sizes may be too small for taller folks.

The spacious surface area also makes a 60-inch by 80-inch air mattress a versatile pick that serves more purposes than just a temporary sleeping solution.

Ideal Uses for a 60 x 80 Air Mattress

  • Guest bedroom for couples
  • Kid’s play area or sleepover parties
  • Movie watching and lounge area
  • Camping with kids or pets
  • Accommodating multiple sleepers

Having ample space for families or groups to relax makes these oversized air mattresses popular in basements, playrooms, dens, lofts, and other multi-purpose areas.

Standard Sizes for Air Mattresses

60 x 80 air mattresses have dimensions larger than common air bed sizes like twin and queen. Here’s a quick overview of standard air mattress dimensions:

  • Twin: 38″ x 75″ (fits one sleeper)
  • Full: 54″ x 75″ (fits one or two)
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″ (fits two)
  • King: 76″ x 80″ (fits two or more)

With dimensions of 60″ wide x 80″ long, the 60×80 air mattress matches up closely with queen and king sizes.

The main difference compared to a queen is that 60 by 80-inch air mattresses offer 4 more inches of length. This extra space goes a long way towards giving tall sleepers enough stretch-out room.

King-size air beds are 16 inches wider but the same length. Kings offer more surface area for couples and families but demand more space for inflation.

Benefits of the 60 x 80 Air Mattress

Let’s explore why you may want to choose an oversized 60-inch by 80-inch air mattress instead of smaller options:

Plenty of Space for Taller or Larger People

The major perk of a 60 by 80 air mattress is the sizable surface area that gives sleepers room to sprawl out.

With 60×80 air mattresses, individuals over 6 feet tall don’t have to curl up or angle diagonally simply to fit. Couples can usually sleep more comfortably without bumping into each other.

Comfortably Fits Two People

While queen-size air mattresses technically fit two people, the dimensions can feel cramped and narrow. Couples often touch shoulders all night or risk someone falling off the side.

The 4 extra inches of length with a 60 x 80 mattress alleviates this issue so two people can maintain a bit more personal space.

Great for Kids’ Lounging Area

Consider using a 60-inch x 80-inch air bed as a play area for kids’ sleepovers or movie nights. The spacious surface provides ample crawl space for pillow forts, tumbling areas, or just sprawling out with snacks without worrying about falling off the edge.

No Worries About Feet Hanging Over the Edge

Standard-length mattresses stop at 75 inches long. This leaves many tall sleepers’ feet dangling. But with the 60 x 80 air mattress dimensions, even people over 6 feet tall can fully stretch from head to toe.

No more uncomfortable curling just to squeeze onto an air bed!

Key Features to Look for in a Quality 60 x 80 Air Mattress

A good 60 by 80 air mattress needs more than just expansive dimensions. Be sure to look for these features:

Durable, Puncture-Resistant Materials

The top surface and sides should be made of thick puncture-resistant material like PVC or vinyl. This prevents tears from rough surfaces.

Air coils or beams also add durable support. Avoid cheaper bubble/baffle construction prone to bulging and popping.

Air Coils for Better Support and Comfort

In addition to PVC or vinyl, the best 60 x 80 air beds contain air coils or vertical beams for structure:

air coils inside a 60 x 80 air mattress

Coil beam construction offers more substantial support and reduces sagging like you get with basic bubble/baffle models. This results in better, more customizable comfort for your body type and sleep preferences.

Built-in or External Pump

Look for a powerful built-in pump for inflating or deflating the spacious 60 inch by 80 inch mattress within just a few minutes. Quick inflation comes in handy when spontaneous sleepovers pop up.

Models with a separate external pump included also make set up fast and hands-free.

Carry Bag or Compact Storage

A quality 60×80 air mattress should come with a carry bag or storage system. This makes transport, packing, and storage much simpler when not in use.

Many fold down to compact sizes around 12 inches wide for stuffing in closets or under beds. Some storage bags also help the mattress hold its shape when deflated.

Top Brands of 60 x 80 Air Mattresses

Stick to reputable brands that manufacture durable, supportive air beds. Here are some top makers of 60 x 80 air mattresses:


Known for quality craftsmanship and customer service. Materials resist stretching and sagging better than competitors. Multiple 60 x 80 air bed models are available.


Budget-friendly brand with a wide range of air mattresses. Unique rectangular prism storage shape. Mixed durability feedback.

King Koil

Leading mattress manufacturer also makes Quality air beds with coil beam support. Luxury style 60 x 80 option.


Known for outdoor gear. Air mattresses focus On portability and affordability. Multiple size options.

Let’s explore one popular pick…

SoundAsleep 60 x 80 Dream Series Air Mattress Review

One of the highest-rated 60 by 80 air mattresses comes from SoundAsleep. Check out why their Dream Series 60 x 80 model shines:

Dimensions: 60″ x 80″ x 22″ high off the floor

Material: Durable, puncture resistant Eco-Friendly PVC

Comfort & Support: I-Beam interior construction (like coils) provides optimal firmness & posture for all sleep positions

Inflation: Powerful 1-click internal pump inflates the bed in under 4 minutes. Deflates just as fast.

Additional Features: Grippy bottom prevents sliding around on floors, Waterproof top

Warranty: 1 year limited

The SoundAsleep 60 x 80 air mattress earns praise for its simplicity coupled with sturdy design. The adequate 22-inch height prevents the “sleeping on the floor” feeling some lower-profile air beds have.

Thick vinyl materials resist stretching and sagging even with frequent use. And parent reviews love the level sleeping surface that comfortably fits their kids’ slumber parties.

While falling on the pricier end, the excellent construction, performance, warranty, and customer service make it a worthwhile investment.

60 x 80 Air Mattress Maintenance Tips

Caring properly for your 60×80 air mattress ensures it lasts for years instead of falling apart after just a few uses. Follow these tips:

Thoroughly Inflate & Deflate Before Storage

A common mistake is hastily rolling up and storing the mattress semi-inflated. Always utilize the pump to reach maximum or minimum PSI first. Otherwise, you risk popping air coils or creasing vinyl.

Patch Any Tears

Accidents happen. Use the included patch kit to mend tiny holes before they expand into bigger rips or leaks. Prevent rust from exposed metal coils spreading with waterproof tape.

Keep Bedding from Sliding Around

Deep pocket fitted sheets stay tucked in better than flat sheets. Or place a non-slip mattress pad between the sheets and mattress. This keeps bedding neatly in place instead of bunching up.

Alternate Between Upright and Flat Storage

Give the 60-inch x 80-inch air mattress a break by alternating storing it inflated upright or rolled up flat month to month. This helps the solid vinyl keep its shape better over time.

Regularly Sanitize Surfaces

Periodically clean all surfaces with gentle soap and water to prevent the buildup of oils, sweat, and dirt that wear down vinyl quickly. Don’t use harsh cleaners that degrade waterproofing chemicals.

Next, let’s review one of the best budget-friendly options under $100…

Best Value 60 x 80 Air Mattress

The Intex Pillow Rest Airbed offers impressive quality and comfort for under $70. See how it stacks up:

Dimensions: 60″ x 80″ x 17″ high

Material: Waterproof flocked vinyl top, Steel frame

Comfort & Support: Vertical integrated air coils, Built-in pillows

Inflation: Powerful electric pump (110-120V)

Additional: Carry bag included, Indented sides keep fitted sheets from slipping

Warranty: None

For the low price, reviewers praise this 60 inch by 80 inch air mattress for giving a comfortable, relatively durable sleeping surface. The built-in pillows provide welcome head and neck support missing from many cheaper models.

The sturdy steel framed construction prevents sagging in the middle like some cheaper bubble chamber air beds. Just be aware that like any budget air mattress, longevity past 1-2 years is hit or miss.

But for a kid’s spare room or once in awhile guests, the Intex Pillow Rest offers excellent short-term performance without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, for frequent use or more demanding sleepers, it may be worth investing a little more…

Best High-End Luxury 60 x 80 Air Mattress

On the luxury end, the King Koil Queen Air Mattress brings superior support and quality materials:

Dimensions: Extended queen 60” x 80” x 20” high

Material: Quilted top, durable PVC, Extra thick laminated vinyl

Comfort & Support: Advanced connector system encased coil beams and layers of padding

Inflation: External pump with automatic shutoff

Additional: Built-in pillow, patch kit, carry case

Warranty: 1 year

With a quilted top and fitted sheets staying neatly tucked around the rectangular shape, this 60 inch x 80 inch air mattress almost mimics a traditional bed. You feel more like you’re sleeping on stable padding vs ballooned-up air.

The durable construction easily handles repeated inflation and transport without leakage or bulging issues. It reliably keeps its shape and firmness thanks to the reinforced vinyl material and stability from the connector system encased coils.

While one of the more expensive 60 x 80 air bed options, reviewers overwhelmingly praise the King Koil’s luxurious sleep experience and durable performance holding up better than cheaper models. Look at is as an investment towards reliably comfortable temporary sleeping accommodations.


A 60 x 80 air mattress brings versatility beyond just a spare bed with its spacious surface area. The expansive dimensions comfortably fit single sleepers who need to stretch out as well as pairs who want to spread out.

Make sure to look for durable, puncture-proof materials, coil or beam construction for better support, and built-in or external air pumps for fast inflation and deflation. Storing the mattress properly inflated or deflated also preserves its integrity over repeated uses.

With high-quality construction and materials, a good 60 x 80 air mattress should reliably serve your overnight guest, kids’ sleepover, camping trip, and relaxation needs for years before needing a replacement. Sleep comfortably with all the extra wiggle room!


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